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I was perusing some sites on line and found an article about the U.S. government tracking several objects that were moving in a linear fashion toward Earth.  Apparently, they were able to cover millions of miles in the span of a few short weeks.  After they passed Mars, NASA apparently lost track of them.  However, their presence and deliberate movement toward Earth rallied some mothballed programs and they put more satellites into orbit around the moon for a better look.  Apparently, they were located by an amature researcher combing the googlemoon site.  The link to the full article is:

For those that want to check for themselves, the coordinates are listed in the attached article.  I hope this inspires a lively discussion, and perhaps we have some folks who can shed some more light on the photos.

In Lak'ech

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Keep an eye on it over a few weeks or so...that way in a months time if it's gone or it's moved or it's blinking yellow,green,blue,orange,pink lights at yah then it's a ship for sure. 

Ahh. . . .words well spoken oh wise one. 

I have seen some pretty weird effects on the google earth site.  I zeroed in on my own home on google earth and saw my camper in my yard, the house and even my roadside mailbox and my dog in the yard, but also I saw a HUGE boat in my yard.....odd thing is that I do not now and never did own a boat (we are talking the size of bayliner, lol) in my front yard....thought that was very weird....I am wondering if the image in this post is an artifact of the program google moon?  Certainly don't know but I trust Google programs about as much as I trust Jack the Ripper.  How do we know it was not put there to mislead people who saw it.....We don't.....Wait and see is definitely in order....very interesting to say the least.....maybe my "ark" took off to the moon, haha....I checked google earth yesterday to look at my "ark" and send the link to my friend, but now it is not there in my yard on the google earth program at all.....hummmmm, weird to say the least.....

Hahahaha Feather...gotta love google earth.....

haha...not that big....but as large as most of my front lawn....a definite WTH

It's impossible to have a serious discussion with someone who believe that pixel-errors in pictures are actually objects. ;)

funny how toddlers like to wear bowls of food as hats

Have you noticed that the resolution on the "object" is much higher than the resolution is on the pic itself? ;)

I think that's what is called an "artefact".

Yup AO...that was my first impression as well...Glad I am not the only one who takes nothing as the truth just by seeing a picture.....

Thanks Feather. But I do consider that a serious discussion. Just because it's honest doesn't mean it can't be funny.  Someone else suggested NASA put it there to justify bringing some old programs out of mothballs. 

Yup nighteyes...I thought of that as well, as I indicated in my comment...very fishy to say the least.  Thanks for sharing this.



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