Begining from March of 2009 till january 2010 I had many visions.
1)The first one was about the great solar flair...Iwas near my house in Belgrade and animals started running aroun like crazy,every animal that exists :).The people started to be disoriented and traffic  colapsed,i get out of the car with my friend and everybody looked at the horizont.The big solar flair was accross the the horizont something like from the movie The knowing but not the perspective from air but from my eyes.It was enourmous!Everybody started running from it,i just looked at it and some kind i knew that that was the solair flair that was meant to happen in order to change our frequency.Ilooked straight at it and said i am ready for 5 d,take me!!
2)The secon one is about an asteroid,i was in my room and looked in the sky and something brighta fireball was aprouching it hit in the centre of my city,but maybe it's just not belgrademaybe it some other city,because i had visions of cunamies in america and europe,i don't know.There was that same feeling that fire which was all over and coming to me,and i said some similar word,don't reccal.
3)The third vision was so clear,me and my friend were in the streets racing with our cars and all of a sudden there was thousands of ships in the sky,a great fleet,what a great view,nothing like that.Iwas screaming to my friend ''Itold you,Itold you!!!'' ,they were astonished,and scared,but somehow i knew that they are not the bad ones :).But in one visions something similar happen,and i was telling everybody not to believe this aliens ,that they are conected to illuminati.
4)The last was most vivid of all,and so crazy. I was on my balcony,and something was strange,i turned my had to the right and on the horizont there was a cenong sun,so big,blue colred,and white also.Somehow i saw a great ship in front of it,it was enouromus,undecribible! And the next thing i knew i was in that ship looking through the window,and saw planet earth from the amosfere,they were circling the planet,i thought maybe they save me,some catastropfhe is gonna happen.And then i woke up...

Comments???Someone had anything similar to this??

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  • Wow Stefan! You really are opened to much higher vibrations when receving such things ;)

    I haven't had such intensive and clear visions like you but some of them were very simple an lovable and in one blink, just quickly recieved.

    For example, once i was doing some ordinary things in my room and i got this colorable, joyfull and truthfull image or video of people ALL people huging Mother Earth, just laying down and holding her and grasping her tight with simplicity and love!

    And then a picture of Her from space when She is happy and laughing about it :D

    Sorry because I type in English, it is so other people could underestand.

  • Reanne, what do you mean by resources, slaves and food .The human burger, after all thats all we are to them our lives are worthless.
  • do your dreams nomally come true , I had a dream a while back and I was else where with wild rabbits hopping round my feet and looked up and could see planet earth in the distance but the land was black and the sea was red blood red ,but on some level it is said it will end by fire , but bwe light workers are supposed to end that fate.
    • Shelly I so agree with you and have had dreams and visions that support major earth changes, with six billion + on the planet and the lower vibrations there has to be a thin out . I am not bible bashing but revelation can't be completely wrong there is always a grain of truth in what you read.
    • Interesting, if i recal a friend astrologer once told me there was a second moon that is for now invisible. And that they are aware of it.
    • Yes my dreams usually come true,usually they come true about smaller things then this, but this events i don't know to many visions to many signs,I think this is gonna happen. That solar flair that i seen bugs me,it was to real,and you are talking now about blackness,fire,red sea....Too much :)
      • Sorry Stefan, has it added a bit more to the possible reality. I also had another vision years ago, I was in bed and it was dark and then I was outside and it was early evening I think enormous big red sun south west and I floated up the road , sheep were dead in the field and the few buildings were shaking apart. from Mo
        • Cannot believe it,same here,I was also in bed and something told me to look through the window.I looked and over the horizont was The Sun,soo red,and soo huge,like 3 suns i n one.And everything was black arrround....It was scary as hell....
          • My sun was also a great monster. Stefan there must be something in it , I don't believe in coincedences.

            peace from Mo
            • Manny prophecies state there will be a 3 day darkness upon the earth, even the Hoppi indians speek of this.
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