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Begining from March of 2009 till january 2010 I had many visions.
1)The first one was about the great solar flair...Iwas near my house in Belgrade and animals started running aroun like crazy,every animal that exists :).The people started to be disoriented and traffic  colapsed,i get out of the car with my friend and everybody looked at the horizont.The big solar flair was accross the the horizont something like from the movie The knowing but not the perspective from air but from my eyes.It was enourmous!Everybody started running from it,i just looked at it and some kind i knew that that was the solair flair that was meant to happen in order to change our frequency.Ilooked straight at it and said i am ready for 5 d,take me!!
2)The secon one is about an asteroid,i was in my room and looked in the sky and something brighta fireball was aprouching it hit in the centre of my city,but maybe it's just not belgrademaybe it some other city,because i had visions of cunamies in america and europe,i don't know.There was that same feeling that fire which was all over and coming to me,and i said some similar word,don't reccal.
3)The third vision was so clear,me and my friend were in the streets racing with our cars and all of a sudden there was thousands of ships in the sky,a great fleet,what a great view,nothing like that.Iwas screaming to my friend ''Itold you,Itold you!!!'' ,they were astonished,and scared,but somehow i knew that they are not the bad ones :).But in one visions something similar happen,and i was telling everybody not to believe this aliens ,that they are conected to illuminati.
4)The last was most vivid of all,and so crazy. I was on my balcony,and something was strange,i turned my had to the right and on the horizont there was a cenong sun,so big,blue colred,and white also.Somehow i saw a great ship in front of it,it was enouromus,undecribible! And the next thing i knew i was in that ship looking through the window,and saw planet earth from the amosfere,they were circling the planet,i thought maybe they save me,some catastropfhe is gonna happen.And then i woke up...

Comments???Someone had anything similar to this??

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I haven't been on this site for long..but one of the things that I was interested in was the dreams section and I was here previously but had not the time to post anything. Tonight I got the chance to come back and take another look with the intentions of posting maybe and new post on dreams. Surprisingly you posted about one that is very simular to mine with number 3. I had two individual dreams one the first one was: I was standing outside on a porch I cannot place what porch or where but it was a front door that I walked out of..Looking not too far up into the horizon towards my right I saw something strange comming down my way ..when it (they) got closer I could see that they where some sorta ship, starship I would call it..sorta dark metal colors like tin, copper, dark gray metalic some parts of them and others not so shiny but still looked metal like..I say they because at first it was one but as it came more where behind it and to the side of it..they sorta came in like a flock of birds but not in any formation and they all where diffrent looking..they moved very slow sorta floating along. There was a very low machien like sound to them but not loud at all sorta a hum mmmmmmm.
Enough that you really couldn't hear it unless there was no sound or very quiet out. I felt fearful..but not totally scared.
I paid attention to them for a while as they moved around the skys..they didn't seem to be doing anything but being up there ..and I remember saying that to someone, that must have been standing there with me..At the time I felt that these where not here with good intentions but my dream ended at that. I woke up thinking wow what was that? It seemed very real while I was in it.

A couple of months after that I had another dream...In that I started as if I was driving down a long road from the town that is about 14 miles from where I live..there is a long streach that there is about nothing as I was comming into town I saw comming from behind me a streach of white fluffy clouds to my I got into town I had to make a left turn so I was looking straight at them for a few min and they seemed to be changing slowly to something else..I had to make another turn to go up the hill to where my house was or something and as I did the definitly where turning or decloaking into a disk shaped sauser like ufo not very large but big enough to see in plane sight..I would guess that they where about 2/3 to a full football fields length across. I rememebr seeing about a dozen or so...but I was still driving and when I got to my house I was more worried about finding my family than anything at that point..possablly that I wanted to show or tell them that the circle ones are our friends..

I have for the last 10 years keep hearing in my head at time it is time to come full circle..or just full circle. I think that the circle thing means something but I am not totally sure.

I guess the reason that I am replying to your post is because...I wanted to let you know that you are not alone with these visions or dreams and hopefully someone might read these and give us and idea of what is going on..Our we being sent these things in our dreams.for a reason..I have had trouble sleeping for quiet a few years with no vivid dreams and now all of a sudden I get dreams and they are so vivid that they feel real.??????
Your dreams/visions are astonishing :) The one thing that i feel is that the first ones to make contact are not gonna be the good ones.Even in my visions i somehow feel the time of each contact,the good ones are gonna come a little later :)
Your describence of the shape,colour movement of their ship is totaly the same as in my visions to every detail you wrote.
Do not worry I know that we are not alone in this visions,every day i read for half hour the dreams the others have,accross the globe.Some people have just identical dreams as mine and yours,100% identical.
There is just one thing that scars me and that's leaving my body before that beam of energy,before the changing of frequency,i got to escape all the catastrophes till then :)))))
Hmhmhmh very interesting i found out what full circle means:
''Our universe is a fractal Holograph and the cycle is coming full circle once again''
This is what you been hearing all this years :)
hello Stefan, please post your third vision, or a link to it on general forum listed THEY CAME, it matches everyone elses exactly,and the number is growing, absolutely about the good ones not coming first stefan stick with it!!
It is very interesting that just 2 days ago I had a vision again about hundreds of ships and everyone blindely looking at them and again i saw sometnhings wrong,i thought ''These has something to do with illuminati and the project bluebeam'' Iwas screaming ''don't listen to them!!!''. And today after a while a looked at this site and there's you with that message! So many signs,i am certain that this one is gona happen!!!
Reanne, what do you mean by resources, slaves and food .The human burger, after all thats all we are to them our lives are worthless.
do your dreams nomally come true , I had a dream a while back and I was else where with wild rabbits hopping round my feet and looked up and could see planet earth in the distance but the land was black and the sea was red blood red ,but on some level it is said it will end by fire , but bwe light workers are supposed to end that fate.
Yes my dreams usually come true,usually they come true about smaller things then this, but this events i don't know to many visions to many signs,I think this is gonna happen. That solar flair that i seen bugs me,it was to real,and you are talking now about blackness,fire,red sea....Too much :)
Sorry Stefan, has it added a bit more to the possible reality. I also had another vision years ago, I was in bed and it was dark and then I was outside and it was early evening I think enormous big red sun south west and I floated up the road , sheep were dead in the field and the few buildings were shaking apart. from Mo
Cannot believe it,same here,I was also in bed and something told me to look through the window.I looked and over the horizont was The Sun,soo red,and soo huge,like 3 suns i n one.And everything was black arrround....It was scary as hell....
My sun was also a great monster. Stefan there must be something in it , I don't believe in coincedences.

peace from Mo
Manny prophecies state there will be a 3 day darkness upon the earth, even the Hoppi indians speek of this.



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