August 17

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Intersest in Alien species,Psychic abilities

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  •      Život da Život bude,

         Ljubav samo da ljudi budu,

         Zdravi ko šume,

         Kao paprat bujna

         Da se raskrupnjamo

         Da čovek ljubav

         Kao hleb razume.

         U Zemljinom se krilu

         Nedozrelo klasje njiše.

  • Stefan, hvala ti na prijateljstvu. Nadam se da ćemo uskoro razgovarati...
  • Thanks for getting back to me, was your dream like mine , I have often said when they appear how can we be sure they are the Galactic Federation, it is strange your friends have had the same dream, we will have to follow our heart. Love and peace.
  • Stefan, I was looking at your profile and must share a dream I had , It was last year sometime and thesky was black with ships ,everyone was running towards them thinking they were good , I kept shouting they were not the galactic federation but no one was listening, so I ran in the opposite direction and found a farmhouse to hide in, and that was it.
  • Hi!Do you like what is said Alaje? Tell something about your lifestyle
This reply was deleted.
Stefan replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Serbia
"E izgleda da mi se izbagovao face ali nema mi add-a kad dodjem do tvog profila aj ti dodaj mene umesto,Stefan Alcyone Vulovic."
Mar 3, 2011
Stefan replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Serbia
"E imas li skype ili msn ili facebook,kako bi mogli da chatujmo ili pricamo?"
Feb 27, 2011
Stefan replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Serbia
"Umojim snovima i vizijama sam sebe video u tri zivota do sada,nikad nisu bili skroz jasni ili ti do detalja da znam gde kada i sve ostalo. Manje vise tokom vremena kao da dobijas samo mali deo slagalice ponovo i ponovo. Na kraju sam odlucio da vidim…"
Feb 27, 2011
Stefan replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Serbia
"Zadivio si me,a to nije lako :) Tai Chi,QI Gong savrsene stvari za razvijanje psychic abilities,au koliko bi mi dobro doslo aktiviranje nekih starih sposobnosti koje sam imao u proslim zivotima :) Sad bi dosao do vas :)
Moramo se upoznati, steta sto…"
Feb 24, 2011

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"Ha, Q is also into gardening and has been giving advice to Billy on soil cultivation, for maximum plant growth, in one of the farm's meadows....
Yeh, he loves the simple life on earth....I think he should stay here...;-) I'll be happy to use his…"
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"A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

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"Yes, the Sirians use telekinesis in sports.....It's a type of mental focus in which a ball is co-operatively moved....But, maybe we could make our own Solarian adaptions and develop our own culture for sports...?
Sirians also dance telekinetically,…"
30 minutes ago
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"I wrote my comments after a soccer match was won and realized that humanity loves this game too much, so I assumed that it will still be played occasionally for fun, of course without hooligans and riots, after Ascension. If a large majority of…"
34 minutes ago
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"Well, ascension does change one's priorities and we move into a phase of consciousness, that derives a greater satisfaction from serious services rendered....But, there will be time travel allowed, back to past events which we seek to re-explore, as…"
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"time is relative...because some don't see it and others see that the cherry blossoms are falling at a rate of 5 millimeters per second
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"I guess it’s those who stay after Ascension who will (re)create a new society and that this will be done in a more democratic way than now. Democracy in alignment with Spirit. Does that make sense? Maybe everyone living here is already contributing…"
1 hour ago