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Greetings this is Raheem,



As mentioned in our previous messages, it was mentioned that negotiations with the Assentians and the Galactic Federation of Light have been discussing a Universal Peace Treaty.  This is not only to save and repair planet Earth, but also to reconstruct the entire Universe. 


Why would this be necessary?  I will explain a little further why this is necessary. As mentioned in a previous message, back in the 2007-2008 period, the ongoing polarity war between the dark forces and the light forces of the Universe came to a climax.  This climax resulted in the death of Source (the being we knew as God).  This may be hard for people to accept on “this” planet, but I assure you that it has become a well-known fact off planet.  This was all according to the Assentian agenda.


The dark forces of this Universe joined long ago for the control of this Universe.  This was part of the polarity experiment.  The Orion syndicate (which we term the Illuminati on this planet) became the pioneers and leaders of the dark forces.  There were many technologies used to control and destroy this Universe.  The same technologies were used to destroy Source.  The main source of technology the dark used for control was“timeline technology”.  To make a Universal long story short, the dark used these timeline technologies to destroy the Universe and Source.  The Universe as well as this planet is in an extremely death-like state.  It may not look that way from the outside but it surely is the case.  The timeline technology has left the Universe in a very dark state with the polarity of the Universe turned totally to the dark side.  This causes many problems such as sicknesses, mind control, activations of sickness and death, activation of implants and alien technology within people and many other problems (individually and universally). 


In the Universal Peace Treaty between the Galactic Federation of Light and the Assentians is an agreement to reconstruct the timelines of the Universe.  This cannot be done within this Universe, it must be done outside this Universe by the Assentians.  In the past, the timelines were guarded over by Source, the angelic realm and the Keepers of the Timelines.  However, since Source does not exist anymore, the angelic realm does not exist anymore, and the dark solely controls the timelines, the dark still controls this Universe.  This also includes slowly destroying the people of the light and what is left of this Universe.  In fact, the Universe is so destroyed, it has been said that the only way to repair it, is to destroy it.  However, the Assentians say that the Universe is salvageable. 


The Universal Peace Treaty provides for the entire restructuring of the timelines.  This includes the reconstruction of the Universal timeline, the Galactic timeline, as well as the Earth timeline.  This also provides for the rebalancing of polarity within the Universe.  Eventually the polarity in the Universe will be tilted to a higher light quotient so that there will be a more flourishing of the light in the Universe as opposed to the dark.


The re-engineering of the timelines and correcting of the polarity of the Universe will be done gradually.  In the future it has already taken place.  Also, in the future there are actually Assentian members (from outside the Universe) that sit on the Council.  The relationship between Assentians and this Universe is more understood and a better harmony and balance exists.  The one thing that the Assentians fear is how the people of this planet as well as the Universe will respond to their control.  In the past, they have created this whole polarity Universe for a reason and under the ruse that the hierarchies (starting with Source down to the bottom) were in control.  Now, they wish to start revealing the truth of what this Universe actually is.  However, they are cautious and reluctant in doing this, but they have decided that it is time for people to understand who they are and what the real truth is.   


Planetary intervention is also a part of the Treaty.  As previously said in the messages, global revolution and Nuclear “already” has occurred.  Plans by the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) and hierarchies are planning for an intervention before the year 2015.  It is our deepest wish to implement such a plan in order to avert the disasters that are Earth timeline is currently on.


However, global revolution is still an inevitable part of this timeline.  Do not be mistaken.  The people of the Earth must make a stand to separate themselves from the control of the dark.  We will assist you and help bring you to the goal of liberation.  A lot of courage will be needed within the next few years.  Learn to stand up and fight for your freedom as the founding fathers of The United States of America have taught you..  It is a time of revolution.  Don’t be afraid to get into the spirit of it.  Also, start thinking about ways to use free energy in your lives, and in your communities, for such technologies this year will be coming available.  Start thinking SEPARATION  from your Governments andUNITING  together as a people, for this is the only way you will succeed against them.


One last comment about intervention and change.  When intervention does come from our side.  It has been decided that a RULERSHIP will be instituted.  This is what the Assentians wish and have decided from the past.  This will not necessarily bad, but in fact good.  The rulership will be based on Love and freedom for every single person.  This is something no form of government on this planet has ever attained.  It will be the finest form of Government and the most prosperous time the planet has ever experienced.  It is both a chaotic time and a transformational time for planet Earth.  Our goal in the end is to give you life happiness.  In the mean time.  Be Strong!




Yours Truly,

Raheem ,

on behalf of the

Galactic Federation of Light

High Council

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Nice to know such a nice, strong, knee-jerk reaction resulted from what's probably a lie anyways.

But remember:  every perspective is valid, even though it may not be correct.

And of course, there might be a reason behind saying this:  maybe it's intended to throw you off guard?  Breed distrust?

Look at the message between the lines, between the lines, between the lines.

Thank you for all your post , wandering WHO IS THIS PERSON?

Reading this text is like walking in heavy mud. Whoever it is, saying all this he/she have a completely different agenda then what love and light have.


This certainly does not resonate at any level for me.  I am not angry at you posting this Cici, but it does come off as a crock of horse kakah....smells just as bad.  Who is this Raheem and who pray tell are the Essentians???? There is no reference anywhere at all on the net about them.....something that Raheem made up.  If Raheem represented the GFOL then there would be mention of him somewhere on the net too, which of course there is not.  Another delusional trying to muddy the waters for whatever reason.  It does so not resonate with me in any way. But I read it all the same, just needed a life raft and hip waders to get to the end.  He is not spreading light, and what is this about being RULED?????? We are sovereign souls and do not need someone to RULE us.  I rest my case. Love to you gave me something to look up on the net.  I love to research and in this case it was a quick dead end.

Hahaha......I love it. I love Stargate...good one!!
thank you no need to say more
second that


I mean, everyone of them just had a knee jerk reaction, It's BS!  So did I, it does smell slightly dungy, but after I look at the consensus and saw not ONE opposing voice, I went, waitta minute, something's wrong here... there should be at least one person defending it... or at least recognizing how dutifully like sheep you plunged in and without any consideration just said it's BS.

I mean, how do you know?  It could be true.  Or maybe some part of it is true.  Or maybe (gasp!) it's a test!!  To see how obstinate you are.

Although, if there hadn't been so many replies saying it's BS, I probably woulda said it's BS too.

I agree Rae, you never say that something should be taken off the forum just because you do not agree with what is being said.  If you did then the forum would not have too much on it, hahaha....only know I think a lot like you actually and that is scary, haha....I am a questioner too and often have been accused of being a dark worker when I have been myself when talking about abduction, which is a poo subject here, lol...I actually do not mind when differing views are aired here.  I enjoy debating and throwing out thoughts to ponder.  I have never been accused of being a sheeple and I would never accuse you of being one ever....I did not resonate with the claims made by this post, but do not regret reading it and debating about it...


Revelations from The Creator God Horus

With Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum


The Eye of Horus


The Complete Text and Updates

First Published 2005 by Green Willow Publications of Candler, NC 28715, USA



by Elora Gabriel


Yes it sounds familiar and fits in with this book i read about what happened in this universe and why it is taking so long to beome the christed beings that we have been waiting.


Also in the once we master the seventh sense we can go back into time and remove the thoughts the created the negative thoughts before it manifested into reality in the eye of the beholder.


However Horus the name for god explained what had happened in the past and this experiemiment we came into duality was an experiment that went awry and required brave souls to come to this universe from the outside to hold up the universe with our light like atlas done to the earth. We knew our mission before we came and that is why we are reknown throughout the universes of being of the bravest of the brave. We owe it to ourselves to be the victory we already knew how to become.


so if you want check out the Dr Neruda interviews letters one 2 four.

and the maybe it could be this domain.


in her contents of the book Horus or {Heru} or better said as Hayruu mentioned this.

The Darkness was essentially created by accident. It was an attempt, on the part of the Prime Creator of that System, to reverse the Codes of Life. Unfortunately that attempt succeeded. Heru stated: "It was an experiment that went wrong and then ended up consuming him in insanity." We asked about the purpose of this experiment and Heru responded, "It may have been just to see if it could be done." Subsequently, the entire Creation System made by this Creator became Dark.



So you want to encompass your request to include everything: all Dimensions, all time, all space, all levels, and you may add parallel existences and realities as well. Therefore you don't need to find them, but if you request a broader cleansing it will be done.

You would specifically look for the Beings who have, in a sense, been assigned to or are directly benefiting from that person's involvement. We are speaking here of Dark Spirit Entities, and you would look for a rather vampiric energy in this instance. Then ask the Light Warriors to go after those Entities. You could simplify the process by just saying, "I have these limiting beliefs. If there is a Consciousness of Darkness behind these limiting beliefs, and which is supporting these limiting beliefs, then I ask the Light Warriors to go after them."

Can you protect more intangible entities such as businesses, including those which operate mostly on the Internet?

Oh yes. Basically the mechanism for doing that would be to call forth the, Over-lighting Devic Beings, and call for protection around that Devic Being. Then also ask that the protection surround the entire business entity.


But5 be the guinding light that you are and just keep soldiering on of course with the eyes of god guiding your way without each other it would be hard to march into anything soundly.


Life is like a box of jigsaws? You never know where your next thoughts leads to. Unless you create it yourselves.

Put the pieces together. Knowledge is powerfully accurate.



Yeah, right, whatever.... 

Well I echo the sentiments of my fellows in here, and say a word I haven't used in years, ''B*******!'' lol Who does this Raheem think he is fooling? I knew from the minute I heard of Raheem that he was not to be trusted. The Source has been destroyed? The Federation will come down and RULE us? My goodness gracious sakes alive. Thank you everybody for having the discernment to see this for what it is, ludicrous...except for Rae of course. Unfortunately, it isn't surprising that she would be the one and only person defending this message lol




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