2 Imix, 19 Yax, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! Be joyous! Much is now happening for the better. The ancient families and their earthly allies have brought the dark cabal to its knees! This fact is made known by the simple act of a beginning of a vast transfer of monies by those who serve this most noble cause and its wondrous mission. Over 13 millennia ago, your ancestors started a great adventure, which began with the fall of Atlantis and the overlordship of the Anunnaki. This trail has led your ancestors through three “golden ages” in what is called recorded history. In all of this, your ancestors remained true to their cause and set the stage for what is presently occurring. What is happening are merely the last steps in your long journey back to full consciousness. We salute you and those of you who are relentlessly carrying out the divine decrees of Heaven. This reality is undergoing great changes, to permit you to end your debt slavery, bring back your natural sovereignty and allow you to experience a grand prosperity. All of this is preliminary to new governance and a global disclosure of your spiritual and space families.

   The great changes that is ready to manifest for you are a gift, which was graciously granted to you by AEON. It is time for each of you to be readied for a return to full consciousness. This is a grand undertaking by Heaven. The first steps were to begin to alter your chakras and RNA/DNA. This, in turn, was added to by the daily adjustments by our various medical teams in association with your many body guardians. These angelic Beings have a plan for you, which was detailed by the soul groups and heavenly administrations that you are assigned to. These sacred groupings are aiding us in our observations of your nightly condition. Each adjustment is really a tuning done to the vibrations given to us by Heaven. You need to be part of a massive awakening process, which is a portion of the general steps to prepare you for the crystal chambers. This, after all, is the primary point to everything. You need to let go of this reality and, with Heaven, forge ahead with one more suited to your newly reclaimed abilities.

   The new governments are, at first, to be temporary instruments for separating you from the vestiges of cabal-run regimes and to arrest all of those who have over the years set their policies. Elections were mostly a sham, mainly designed to put in power those who did not overtly challenge the real status quo. The ancient families and their allies have the ability now to install a new financial system and to eventually reset the world’s currencies back to a prosperity-driven precious metal standard. This is how you are to transition out of a monetary system, which caught you up in global debt slavery. Technology exists in your world that we can easily modify, to give you a way to produce your own food, shelter and clothing. In addition, there is to be a new transportation system, which aids Gaia and gets you to your destination quickly. This is only the start of a whole host of wonders for you. Your cabal possesses wondrous devices that can cure chronic diseases and provide a great many things.

   The Galactic Federation is waiting to be formally announced. We intend to give you not only mentors, but also even more wondrous technology. Before some of these devices can be introduced we need to give a broad overview of what we have. We strongly believe our technology can easily show you the cabal’s hidden devices. This needs to be done only after you are further along on the steps to full consciousness. This is because these sets of devices are built to aid individuals or groups who have very advanced telepathy and telekinesis abilities. In addition, the technology takes a special individual who is extremely competent in the ways of galactic society. Right now, many who understand the implications of artificial intelligence are debating how it is to be applied to your current reality. We are far beyond such beliefs and have forged a sacred link between Heaven, these devices and ourselves. We intend to discuss this more fully once formal disclosure occurs.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Rejoice! Rejoice! Those who seek our wisdom have informed us that a number of technical issues, the last of many, are resolved and the final set of countdowns can at last commence. Each of these different sets of blessings had a number of important matters to resolve. It is necessary to report that our many associates are providing applicable solutions to these various matters. We ask you my dear, dear ones to remain confident and positive. A number of most welcomed blessings are to descend upon you. Be in joy as you watch the transformation of this reality into a much different one. Heaven has indeed blessed us and provided numerous miracles to aid our glorious work! Together, we are to be triumphant and see the rise of governance that is to permit the end to debt slavery and a return to prosperity and your precious personal sovereignty!

   This new divine environment is merely a prelude to one where you can easily discover your origins and history. This is being done by Heaven to allow you to clearly see the arduous path you took to freedom. Long ago, the dark cabal instituted methods to prevent you from successfully treading this path. Indeed, my children, at times, it seemed quite bleak. The Light of the Lord has truly come and made it possible for a victory to happen. This is all that can be said now. Be ready to feel this inside you and around you. The dark attempted to find allies in this galaxy and others. Their efforts were rebuffed and now a great joy is settling across this galaxy. Only the Light spreads its wonders and the dark converts to this wondrous reality. We have achieved a most precious event. Be positive and know that a great series of announcements are near!

   Right now, you stand at the very tip of some great changes. Even the Anunnaki, long the overlords of the dark, now rejoice at the Light’s grand victory. We are finally playing out the scenario prophesized by Lord Michael eons ago. This operation was long in coming. Many millennia passed before the present time. You are here both from other worlds as well as this one. We salute those who used their resources and their abilities to dedicate to you victory against the dark. This divine play is reaching a climax. The Light is soon to come forward and describe in detail what you have truly done. We, as a divine group, stand ready to make a number of quiet announcements to you at that time. These are to be from the many who bring our words to you. Listen to us and then be free! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, we have addressed what is now happening. We simply ask your patience and support. This world has been through much in the last few decades. The time is swiftly approaching for the final denouement. Be positive, and be ready to aid us in this most sacred cause. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




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  • It looks like someone is setting that guy on fire with a magnifier lol.. :-)

    • ~Got me to laugh out loud with that, Ogdoo... I needed that. Too funny.

      Then again, I suppose... what goes around, comes around ;-)


  • Bring it ;-)

  • It's over a month ago when Sheldan's message said January was the months things would happen, and I remember remarking that was a rather bold statement, and as usual wait and see.

    Well, not much have happened since and the messages almost sound the same as always with very obscure information about when and how these changes are to occur, instead I feel there's alot focus on re-telling the story we've heard over and over again in each message instead of only focusing on right now in this world, not eons ago or what are going to happen after the initial stages in every single message.

    I can't say that I put my stocks in these messages, however much wishful thinking it might be for this to come true, I still can't denie that I want this to happen. Or at least anything that transforms our world into a more evolutionary promoting place to live rather than this currently world of complete lockdown of every individual. There seems to be nothing but struggle for everyone, and everything is mostly due to our economic slavery. There has to be a way out of this.. 

    Sure some may argue that this current situation is promoting a lot of soul growth too, and that we humans can't see the big picture. But there is a feeling that Earth has had enough and I want to believe that there is life in the universe more in tune with how we live as souls in between lives. Now this is just as opposite as it can be, and many feel they are so out of place they can't stand it any longer. It's really tough keeping a positive attitude and high vibration when nothing ever seems to be changing around you.

    • ~I hear you, Ogdoo... these are challenging times indeed. & I count myself among those who were surprised to see Nidle fall into the trap of writing a significant 'event' would happen last month. A shame to see him continuing a trend among many who put out similar dates: when nothing happens, just forge ahead without even mentioning it. I also put next to zero stock in specific projected timelines... nonetheless, it's a bit strange to see Nidle set himself up, yet again, for more ridicule. He wrote with a level of assuredness that would imply he fully expected to see something happen... so in that sense, he's probably frustrated as well. Undoubtedly, he's also keenly aware that his overall readership in the last couple of years has dwindled, to say the least. Perhaps he figured if he threw out another date at the beginning of the year he would draw renewed interest? Hard to say? Either way one dissects it, we all have our roles to play... & more will be revealed. Like anything else within the fading veils of duality: take what resonates & leave the rest. That's how I've always navigated with 'Channeled' material. I post Sheldon's work, not because I resonate with all of it... I don't. I post it because I respect his commitment to his message over the years... & despite many 'inaccuracies', he's relaying what he perceives to be the truth. Something we all signed up to do, in one way or another. So, at the very least, ole Sheldan's added some  interesting pieces of the Multidimensional Puzzle... just like everyone else trying to decode the smoke & mirrors of a fading paradigm that no longer serves the masses. ~InLight555 

      • Thanks for expressing your views on this Stick :)

        I also felt that he was very reassuring this time more than before so I became more curious than I usually am reading Nidles messages, but I'm not surprised or let down when nothing still has happened since that early January statement.. The "just around the corner" comments won't work here, because we've heard that since long before 2012 now.

        It's just an amazingly thrilling time to be alive and witness how this reality will turn out. Undoubtedly there are changes taking place all over the world and have been accelerating very fast since we entered 2000. Alot of things can happen before 2020 even.

        Just try to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what, there's always things to appreciate and things to grow from.

        • Thanks, also, for your expression, Ogdoo!  :)

          I hear what your saying.  Most spiritual people would say "Change within and your change without", but we are still under the cabal control.  There has to be something, some sort of event that will physically change the way we live, puts the cabal out of business, give us our suppressed technologies, and start living our lives the way it should be.  WHAT that event or action is I can't say or even when it would happen.  All I can tell you is I, along with others, was told that this would be my last earthly incarnation, as earth will be free and our mission would be complete.  So I would say SOMETHING is going to happen within the next few years.  2017 is what I heard that the 5D energies (the Christ Consciousness) will enter the hearts of humanity and 2020 would be an all new era of living.  Those are from many different sources.  So SOMETHING has to happen within this timeframe.  What that SOMETHING is, remains to be seen.  But you can bet it will shock us to our core as to change the way we live now, to the way we want it to be...an enlightened spiritual society and then part of the intergalactic community.  

          • Thanks Darryl :)

            That's also just my intuition how I feel, you put the nail on the head with your words..

            I don't know why I said 2020, but intuitively it feels as if large steps will be taken, leaps even, with the planetary evolution. And alot of it I think has to do with the fact that we are in a cycle and have just taken off for the massive influx of energy when we are beginning to pick up speed in our orbit around this supposed star we orbit. I listen very much to David Wilcock and he had a picture along with his presentation


            The end of the Mayan calender was the completion of a cycle or a "great year" that takes 25,900 year to make and the yellow dot illustrates where we are now and in for a big ride if the closer we get to this other star actually means more energy influencing our solar system.

            It's interesting to say the least :)

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