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Understanding The Universal Mother and Resonating In Love With Her - Part 2 of Nature of The Universe


Dear chelas,


This is a refresher lesson upon part one, of this very same topic, titled; "Nature of the Universe" and one provided in a spirit of divine right timing.


Understanding the structure of the Universal Logoic body is a highly difficult task and requires more than basic logic, to glean all the details....One basic way to simplify your understanding of the concept, is to appreciate where our own "Milky Way" galaxy fits into the greater scheme...We can look upon the Universe as a living extension of ourselves, as cells within the greater body, and to remember that as with the human aetheric body, which currently possesses seven chakras, and developing six more, the Universe likewise posseses chakras, which are vortices on it's higher correspondent aethers, and these vortices we know as spiral galaxies, one of which is our own, the Galactic Logos, Lord Surea, who holds a special communicative postion at a chakra vortex singularity, within the greater universal body...


Because the Sirians are responsible for stepping down all energies propagated for distribution, from Lord Surea, energies we know as the great blue light of creation, which includes the divine will of the Logos.....they have a special relationship with creation.....As the Logos him/herself has a special relationship with his creation. It is at the Surean "aktaiwa" stargate, equi-distant, between planets Atarmunck and Samanet, within the Sirius B star system, that the CROWN CHAKRA of this galaxy resides....And where the galactic will of the Logos, is known and distributed across cosmos, to various heavenly councils, including Shamballa on earth....Who then in turn become custodians of the Divine will, and the Divine Plan for this system...


Now, our task on Earth is to receive these divine impulses and sacred instructions and likewise step them down, for distribution to all sentient beings...


In my own Earth ashram, I am trained for such work, by the Mahachohan (Master R,) himself and this connection also dovetails with my Sirian starseed contactee role, in the lighted creation of a new civillisation on Earth, one that forms a new star nation and one open to union with the wider cosmos and one seeking ever greater connections, within areas higher in spiritual exultantance, than those of the galaxy......To connect with the universal body, of which the galaxy form parts.....highly energetic parts, to be sure.


Earth is a unique seed planet and possesses a special role in revitalising wider creation....And as stated, this Milky Way galaxy forms the very heart chakra of the Universal body....Thus a special opportunity is offered....a connection made.....


Can the Universe communicate with it's own creation....?? Yes, but only in a language even higher than that used by the most advanced Logoi and Ascended Masters in the galaxies....A language more akin to singing or toning....a song of creation, and the music of the great heavenly bodies...that traverse dimensions beyond imagining...


So the universe must use it's great powers to communicate a message, using emissaries who will, for the most part, be highly misunderstood, by the logical mind of mankind...but nevertheless, will be understood, by the exertion of heart logic, by chelas focussed and attentive.


When I sometimes make reference to the universe sending back to us what we each send out, under universal law, we must remember that it is a vast multi-dimensional living entity, which comprises  multi-dimensional bodies and an oversoul, made up of all the galaxies, stars, planets and ourselves....

We are subject to Universal Laws because we are part of the Universal body....


But to truly define the Universe's body is highly complex, so I'll provide Semjase's description from her Plejaren contact notes.....


Intro by Commander Drekx Omega




Semjase said:

"To answer your question, I must be somewhat detailed:


The Universe is divided into seven units, i.e. rings or belts that, entirely together, form the whole Universe, and all of these rings are rotating against each other and have different diameters and an ovoid shape.

These seven rings, which we call belts, are the following:


i. Central Core,

ii. Ur-Core Belt,

iii. Ur-Space Belt,

iv. Solid-state Matter Universe Belt,

v. Transformation Belt,

vi. Creation Belt,

vii. Displacement Belt.


And we also call the Creation Belt the Creation Matter Belt or the Expansion Belt, and the Displacement Belt, the last and extreme, embodies, according to your sense, a bumper belt.

Now, the Solid-state Universe is that part of the Universe in which the new births exist, so the nascent stars, etc. with all their life forms.


This real Solid-state Universe is calculated from the end of the Creation Ur-Core's outer wall up to the beginning of the outer wall of the Transformation Belt, which exhibits a half diameter of 7,869 octillion light-years and is, thus, the next largest belt after the Creation Belt.


In addition, the outer wall of the Transformation Belt is where this belt collides with the inner wall of the real Creation Belt, also known as the Expansion Belt or Creation Matter Belt.

So this is that space which embodies the Solid-state Universe and is so called because in these three areas, the coarse-material becomes existent and is existent, and the course-material becomes existent in the Transformation Belt only by a transformation from remains of the penetrating Creation Belt, which are converted into course-material from immaterial energy.

This is the real Solid-state Universe, which consists of the Transformation Belt, the Universe Belt, and the Ur-Space Belt.


In addition, the Transformation Belt exhibits such a gigantic mass and is the next largest belt to the Creation Belt because it is responsible for ensuring that in the space created by the Expansion Belt, the transformation of fine-material energies into course-material takes place, and at the same time, time itself appears and becomes existent.

Already in this Transformation Belt, time begins to run into the past, from which aging originates.

This means that in this Transformation Belt, chronons begin to exist, then are aging and becoming tachyons and are representing the past. By the way, tachyons may be proven by the terrestrial scientists in a short time.

At the same time, the speed also decreases from the Transformation Belt in an irregular manner but in a certain half-life.


The irregular decrease in speed, which amounts to 147 times the speed of light in its starting point and expansion point, comes about through mutually self-influencing and different time streams that have already changed in their speed.


In the interior center of the Universe is the real Ur-Core, which grows with each fall-back of the Creation, so of the whole Universe, doubling itself in size.

Thus, the Ur-Core will be twice as large with the next fall-back as it is today.

From this Ur-Core, referring to the energy field resting in the Ur-Space Belt, which is the fallen-back Creation, new energies form for the renewed expansion to the next universe, whereby at the end of the slumber time, a new Big Bang takes place and a new expansion creates a new universe, generally all things of a much more refined form, which means that all coarse-material will not be so stable any more as in this Universe.

The Ur-Space Belt itself is that part of the Universe from which the expansion of the Creation occurs, in which the Creation energy also slumbers and, on the other hand, after every fall-back, develops itself and takes up new fundamental forces from the Ur-Core, just to expand again through a renewed Big Bang.


Of course, the dimension of the Ur-Space Belt also grows from fall-back to fall-back because through every expansion of the Universe and through the associated unchangeable effects and the extreme expansion that again follows contraction, the mass of the entire Creation grows, always doubling itself in size.


So thus, it becomes evident from this that in the becoming and passing of the Universe, a cycle of Big Bang expansion – contraction – Big Bang expansion, etc. is arranged.


Now, the Central core embodies that belt which consists of the real Ur-Matter, which carries out its existence as generative material and life material of a pure, spiritual form, as real idea energy, created from an Ur-Creation, by whose strength alone this Universe was able to create itself.

This Central core resembles an immense and continually loading accumulator block, which exhibits a magnetic energy that is immeasurable to us up to now, which binds the existing Universe to itself and prevents too great of an expansion.


This power guarantees that with the start of approximately 47 trillion years of expansion, the expansion speed starts to decrease from 147 times the speed of light and slowly drops until the expansion comes to a halt after 155,520 trillion years and, thus, begins the fall-back, the contraction.

Thus, the Central core forms the real power and life center, while the Ur-Core can be seen as a real energy storage.


But this Central core, the Ur-Core and the Ur-Space, are only an infinitesimally small fraction of the size of the whole Universe.


The most gigantic belt is embodied by the Creation Belt, which further spreads itself into the gaps of the surrounding universes and creates a new Universal space.


This Creation Belt is the real Creation and the Creation center, while the Central core, with its diameter of seven light-years, as well as the Ur-Space Belt, with its half diameter* of 103 trillion light-years, and the Ur-Core Belt, with its half diameter of 103.5 trillion light-years, represent those structures known as the Universe's Central Sun and the Universe's Central Galaxy, respectively.


In addition, the Central core represents the central sun of the Universe, while the Ur-Space and the Ur-Core carry out their existence as a central universe-galaxy.

Now, the outermost belt, with its half diameter of 14 million light-years, which we do not count with the actual Universe, is the Displacement Belt.


This has the task of displacing outwardly and against adjacent universes and against the nothing-space of the Absolute Absolutum, so to speak, as the ramming force, which pushes everything away from itself and displaces outwardly, so that, after knocking against it and before pressing itself behind it, it can provide the Universe the necessary space for expansion and, therefore, the expansion itself." End quote..



Also, you can see that the commonly accepted expression among Earth scientists (and so used by us,) "big bang," is actually a process of expansion and it's contrary phase is that of contraction...Or, akin to breathing in and breathing out, as we do with the lungs...inhaling and exhaling....the sign of life and confirmaton that the Universe lives and breathes..


Selamat majon...!


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)

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Yes indeed I once said this about my own work, which was and still is mainly behind the scenes...HOWEVER, now we are both much more public domain than once was the case....Service does force us all to become more known and less behind the scenes than we naturally would like, or prefer to be....

Simply by you stating your case on public new age forums and by posting status comments here on ACC, makes your offerings much more public than maybe they once were....It goes with the territory....I know as I've travelled the route also...

To truly help educate the world will always entail some degree of fame....

This was an extremely informative blog, I can fully appreciate this data as my cosmic lineage ties directly to Lord Surea and his counterpart Lady Mother Assyria. Thank you very much Drekx.

Part of my job is to ground Surean energies on this planet and solar system, (the will of logos).

"Earth is a unique seed planet and possesses a special role in revitalising wider creation....And as stated, this Milky Way galaxy forms the very heart chakra of the Universal body....Thus a special opportunity is offered....a connection made....."

That is extremely important to understand and explains why the divine plan is so important to be fulfilled on earth, because in reality she holds the destiny of the rest of the galaxy and universe in her hands. To supplement this data - my GFL Andromedan scientist contact Siron explained it this way: Our sun and planet are nodes, every body in creation is a node, our sun Solaris and our planet Earth are prime nodes. In order for the rest of creation to unite and become fully energised with the unifying will of logos (the supreme creator), earth has to return to a fifth dimensional status...

In essence the evolution of the rest of the galaxy and universe is dependent upon earth returning to the fifth dimension and our returning to our former glory as fully-conscious physical angels, who are then one with creation and are able to fulfill their highest potentials and carry out the divine plan.


Dearest sister Charlotte as I was explaining earlier try not to allow people's negative feedback harm you. The fearful ego creates for itself a world of conflict, because the ego fears oneness. Oneness means annihilation for the ego, thus the ego uses attack as its defense mechanism. This is why we have a world of conflict, because of fearful egos attacking and projecting.

That is why Christ/ Yehsua's teachings on forgiveness were so important. Forgiveness is the fastest path to ascension. It dissolves karmic bonds, it is a time saver... it can literally save the student many, many lifetimes of being victim and victimizer.

Cosmic Hugs,


I'm informed that Charlotte did appologize to our dear brother, Ben-Arion....and that is most welcome news....

I also forgive any engendered conflicts, Charlotte has cultivated upon this website, over the past few days.....She does not believe me when I state that misuse of the status bar, and constant use, can cause the ACC main page to be cluttered with personal banter, rather than what our dear members prefer to see, useful data anent blogs, vids and forums, added for member perusal....


My Sirian space family refuse to contact Charlotte, directly and she has raised this with me as a point of contention, for her (not for us.)  For my part I was asked, by my space kin, to act as liason on their behalf....I have done so, these past few days, but we note that Charlotte has become somewhat emotionally disturbed, by the high energies she is experiencing...We now compassionately step back and allow her to relax and heal....May it be so and may she receive my beloved Master's violet flame, in the spirit of goodwill and compassion for her...


When she is fully recovered, we are open to further discussions, minus the personal issues that vex so many liason teams on Earth.....Let astralisms be put aside, as mature Souls, we are far more detached from the lords of the lunar (and lunatic,) impulses..... We instead feed the service needs of the Solar Angel.........with sanity, wisdom and courage.....;-)

Charlotte, dear....I'll explain this to you and hope it helps.....You need to rest, AS IN SLEEP and it is both mind and body that needs this. The Arcturian healing teams will be of help, if you allow them to be....

You mentioned blood loss and that is something regretable and can lead to some degree of anemia, which enhances lethargy....The remedy is to consume foods high in iron content, such as beetroot, or grapefruit, etc....Maybe iron supplements, although natural foods are best....


Look, when you are fully recovered, we can present to you our drawn up terms for the dissemination of your universal gifts....I won't burden you now, as you are distressed still....I'll wait until you are recovered and place our terms for your consideration.....OK dear one....?? I hope I have been of some use...


..really ? you think that that veggy people will tolerate folks who are directly responsible for pollution of air , water and soil with their destructive practices of animal farming and consumption ? you clearly live in lala land......................

.........thats what happens when you blindly defend a poser , a fake and wannabe with laughable level of ego. 

Yes Michael I wanted her to demonstrate to ACC her whole cycle......Was what she had to offer us of value, or was it just ego.....??

That fact had to be ascertained in a fair and open minded way.......I have allowed all readers to view her "universal offerings" at CLOSE RANGE and under a microscope.......We may now make our own conclusions, in the comfort that at least we tried compassion and open understanding first...

This blog, per se, is far more than Charlotte Erika Stump......It invites that person to match the real deal with what she may have to offer......That never arrived, alas.....

.....that never arrived , however , at least you tried in the most kind and compassionate way to no avail unfortunatelly.....................and folks wonder why , many on ACC take certain people and their crazy claims with grain of salt !..............after all we are not some bunch of rookies and "idiots" and as she had said many times : "you people "..................

and i say it again: i admire your patience, and the way you proceed ... ;))

Hello Ara....Thanks friend and I'd just like to qualify something with you, while the iron is hot, that emotional turmoil you correctly sensed in me yesterday, was not in relation to the person, Charlotte Stump, frustrating though she can be, it actually related to a more sensitive matter and another person and member that you know well, who had re-appeared on the site, briefly, yesterday....I have a current issue about that matter, which I thought you had intuited, thus my reticense and sensitivity, with you about it and attempts to put on a brave face, which mostly backfired and I'm sorry I was angry with you over it...This issue is a private pain for me to bear, if you don't mind....Thanks for your understanding and I do value your opinions, though got sensitive when the matter of my deep hurt was raised on an email...Sorry and all is forgiven....I'm fine today and glad that the Stump op is now completed.....

i know ... and it's ok ...



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