This is what is referred to as the Anexos deep state mission. By transforming things from the negaverse into the posiverse, they were able to create their ultimate power structure. Shadow dimensions offered them the best way to create the framework for souls to become isolated by repeat incarnations with less power each time they reincarnated.

One of those things they initially created, abandoned, then reformed is their veil that's around Gaia. It is extremely effective in blocking the reverse conversion from dynamic reality to static motion. A phrase which here means, transferring freedom and independence to imprisonment and direct dependence. The way this process works is through blocking awareness of conscious thought into subconscious application. Creating a super consciousness out of subconscious application and conscious thought to move it under the guidance of the system itself. Just like how a military base is made up of different teams that operate many different people on a need to know basis. Such a concept was derived from Anexos as a way to control the souls they have cultivated.

I don't have a personal problem with either the antiverse or the negaverse. but I do have a problem with those who forced the concept of Anexos awake and did nothing to stop the emergence of their control while they still could. Due to the different soul veils in effect at the same time, all beings of the antiverse are incompatible with both the posiverse and the negaverse but that is only as far as the incompatibility extends. Structures, ideas and thoughts can be shared between all three super dimensions. Which in and of itself, is the root cause of the dimensional conflict we face as one.

The issue is further complicated by the existence of multiple gods currently active within all super dimensions. This creates both celestial and galactic conflicts. Where the entire system is vying for control and order. Nobody wins in such a scenario because nobody knows who all the players are on the game board.

Statistically, Anexos leads the most souls. The posiverse leads the most structures. The negaverse leads the most ideas. All of the dimensions are held together by portals, some of which are one way, others are two way. A full energetic scan of the fields contained within the polarity spectrum is needed to understand the scope of the dimensional conflict at present.

One thing is for certain, we are most definitely not where we desire to be individually. This isn't just because of the black hole shadow dimension that took us from our natural lives around the time of Atlantis. But it is also because Anexos displaced people in every dimension, including their own. The most successful plan of their own making to integrate the central possibility matrix failed with the lost invention of the Domekron. A device that has the power to delete and summon pure energy and relate it to any soul, creation or destruction blueprint.

On the home front, within the Milky Way Galaxy, there's been a lot of abandoned renovations taking place as the Orion war concluded. From the destruction of Maldek to the cultivation of Gaia, Anexos interference has certainly made its mark.

You need only to index the result of the dragon polarity experiments to see they only added domination to the conquest of an otherwise peaceful reptilian society as members of Rigel. To the kingdom domination schemes, where Mintaka and rigel fought for control and dominance over who would rule the new Orion Empire as promised by the Anexos. To the dimensional shifts, where the prototype shadow dimensions and gateway devices were made with the help of the celestial alliance, or what was left of it. To the portal prowls, which finalized said shadow dimension mirrors and illusions as a gateway type device for use exclusively by the negaverse and antiverse only, by making one way portals to the posiverse providing travel within any cycle.

There's a lot of things I've yet to uncover but this is a pretty big picture of all the plans Anexos couldn't materialize here. And there's a reason for that. It's because the posiverse specifically has one final defence mechanism to stop Anexos from gaining full clearance to fully materialize. It is a bottleneck but it's in effect right now. A way to stop the Anexos dimension using project dark angel and star child from achieving full manifestation required to create event zero.

There's a definite stalemate where the Anexos and negaverse beings are concerned. No matter how hard they try to suppress us physically here, as this is the only way sharing an avatar would have any real effect. Avatar sharing and manipulation is also accredited to Anexos for they established the same technique across all their conquest efforts.

This is at the core of what empowers the 3 super dimensions. Each core reflects the state of awareness the dimensions provide to souls unbound without a form that inhabit them.

Super consciousness is attributed to the Anexos dimension. In this way, you are a singularity, a possibility without limits. Every being in that dimension is apart of one godlike form who only wants to absorb all other things around it.

The subconscious is the negaverse, where possibilities themselves are free to coexist without any issues. One cannot conflict with another. That's by design.

The posiverse is the conscious dimension. Where any possibility you choose, you can make happen. But that static formation of making, manifesting or materializing something to happen, has its own laws of successful integration. That do not comply with the other versions of non materialized reality, because of how the cycle core itself is empowered.

Through white holes, comes reality. Through grey holes, comes creation. Through black holes, comes absolution. Which is what you get when you destroy something, or delete it from existence. You absorb it. Because to truly delete it, would mean you are destroying the cycle core it belongs to. And that kind of super destruction is only possible from the Anexos dimension. To which that particular ability cannot manifest in the posiverse or the negaverse as it has the power to undo the entire design of reality itself within any cycle.

That kind of technology was first discovered during the Orion war and it is this exact thing the antiverse sought to control, thereby prematurely ending the Orion control matrix. So Anexos leadership could learn how to reproduce the effect to bypass the negaverse completely in the posiverse.

The reason why the control of the deletion of energy was so sought after by the Anexos dimension. Is because it couldn't achieve penetration of the source veil into the posiverse with negaverse technology. The limits of the negaverse implementation ensured that the device itself couldn't fully materialize due to the energy itself not being tied to a specific posiverse cycle.

What they wanted to do, was find a way to bypass the negaverse and find a portal straight to the posiverse. The reason why the Anexos brought the technology to delete energy in the first place, is that they were thinking at the peak of the Orion war, that by doing so, they could bypass the need for a chain of command within 3 dimensions.

At that time, nobody from the Anexos dimension could leave their dimension. But someone poked them awake which left them gasping for breath. So whatever happened between now and then, they partially were able to form a way through. But their own veil does not and cannot be compatible with source's veil of the posiverse and the other veils of the other cycles within the negaverse.

Their way around this set back, was for the antiverse to create its own veil. By which spirit and shadow could pass through. But nothing else. Which allowed their presence and a shadow form to materialize. through this veil, now currently guarding Gaia, they were able to enter the posiverse by positioning their veil within a portal or stargate system.

That's why Orion was closed off so much, because they turned the entire system into portals. And these portals were empowered by a black hole that they were able to mirror like a gateway, and through which, they were able to place a veil around. So that when ever a posiverse being got near one, they'd be sucked into the dimension and then reinstated into the posiverse.

The veil would attach itself to their soul allowing their very actions to be controlled from Anexos itself. AKA possession. Which formed the basis for the Orion war to get so deadly. It is how the Draconians first heard about the Domekron prototype and what it was going to be designed for.

The Draconians knew about it because I blew the whistle so to speak on its existence after doing a deep scan in Orion territory. I managed to take it with me, and hide it. Oh they didn't like that. But they ended up not creating another one, and abandoning the project because the one they had created already blue up the only black hole they had access to. thereby ending the Anexos influence for a time.

As you can imagine, that course of action for them was involuntary because they decided to try and attack the posiverse directly by summoning back the veil from Orion and closing the portal after that plan failed.

They then constructed an avatar like system, that took the soul imprints of all posiverse souls, and placed them somewhere within a gateway they could regulate. AKA Earth, or Gaia. And that's where we've been ever since. The reason? To use our knowledge together rather than through a war setting to recreate the ability to manifest through spirit and shadow, the desires of the Anexos dimension. Until their veil could attach to as many beings as possible, to act as a summoning device to pull them through it.

Once shadows grows, their mass changes slightly each time, the nature of reality. So that the laws of the original veil would explode under the impact. Creating a direct loophole.

That is their plan right now. To implement a way for them to become fully material by bypassing the negaverse completely. But the source veil of the posiverse blocks their veil from doing more than amassing shadows. Even if those shadows create a reality that is nothing but summoning within an isolated dimension their own veil surrounds us in.

IT is our own source cycle veil that keeps us safe from them. But it is only applicable to beings who have entered here from the posiverse. In other words, no walk in souls from the negaverse or the antiverse can effect us. Because this veil is active and protects the souls of this cycle.

The only thing that can stop the source veil, is by denouncing your soul rights to the cycle itself. And that unfortunately is a loophole that has caused their veil to grow in strength. The source veil and their veil counteract each other. So if the Anexos veil is at 60% then the source veil is operating at 40%. This kind of imbalance slowly makes them stronger. But only when their veil reaches 100% and the source veil reaches -1% can they truly come into solid reality.

Their plan is to cause so much fear and chaos and reincarnation, to break the will of our source over them. But they forget one essential law about this dimension. You have to be fully conscious in spirit to denounce your tie to this cycle.

To do that, you have to denounce it in and out of the body. You have to mean the source of the posiverse when you detach your soul. And you have to think of becoming more powerful at the cost of losing your conscious form to alter your power, and to absorb any power around you in place of it.

That's the formula to complete the Anexos integration black ritual which has to be done when the source veil is highest for maximum results. You don't do it when the veil for the Anexos dimension is at 60%, you do it when the source veil is above 50%.

The reason the Anexos dimension wanted the Domekron so badly to work. Is because they wanted to bypass having to go through the negaverse to enter the posiverse. In which case they could consciously alter the laws of the posiverse as by gaining full entry, they'd be able to make a shadow of the source veil, encasing it inside their own veil controlling the negaverse, controlling the kind of reality the posiverse could form. But that never got to happen, even their their exceeds tried so hard to get it to work. Because the domekron when it was formed, was formed using posiverse particles. These created an awareness called Dakros which could only be used on our side of the dimensional gateway making the domekron only useful to the posiverse if we decided to use it.

An Anexos soul singularly could renounce their source veil protection, but that would only work for that soul crossing through to the antiverse. It couldn't let the antiverse use that soul to get entry to the posiverse because that soul sacrificed their connection. But if they didn't try that out first, no soul could visit the antiverse from this cycle. And vice versa.

My theory as to how the negaverse was able to breach a hole into the antiverse, is because during the Orion war, an accidental connection to the negaverse was established. And from there, another dimension hidden inside through an energy scan was detected. So the Orions were ultimately responsible for the breach. But not all of the actions that followed were their own.

This is why they made Orion the portal for Anexos as a posiverse base of operations. Thinking they could give them ultimate power. It turns out, that came at a cost neither side could truly use to their advantage accept for the Orions if they had obtained access to the domekron. The Draconians took it from them, after they were finished building it as at that time, construction projects were sent to Alpha Draconian leaders to perfect.

Luckily it was never used, though the prototype domekron still exists. And that device could be used to directly summon anything into existence here, but only if we allowed it without losing ourselves to the antiverse. So if theoretically someone from our side like an Orion willingly used the domekron to invite an Anexos inhabitant here, the only thing that would happen would be the invitee would not be able to fully integrate. So would be seen as a ghost or a shadow. Until they were accepted through the source veil. And to do that, they'd have to cancel their own veil to Anexos.

So in truth, the domekron could still delete energy. But it couldn't delete the energy from the veil it is apart of. It could only summon and delete energy from veils it couldn't connect to as a safety measure.

The Anexos inhabitants really got into the heat of the battle when they couldn't convert the domekron over to their dimension because recreating it in the negaverse never got to take place due to the Orions shutting the portal down for the negaverse to exist at the time. And while they were working on reopening the portal to it, I stole the Domekron so that conversion didn't occur. And that is how I helped saved the Orion war from becoming event 0.

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