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UFO sighting I had 9 years ago in Utah followed up by military aircraft, questioning by NORAD and a fake news report

I added a lot of entries years ago but they were erased when the website went through changes so I am going to try and remember the important things I want to share.

The first important thing was a ufo sighting I had in the Canyon Lands in the Utah desert.  I saw the ufo when i was 18.  I'm 27 now.

I was sent away to programs when I was 17 for smoking weed. The second program I went to was called wilderness quest and it was designed to mock the Anazi way of life.  I was 18 when I went to this one.  There were no flashlights, WWII wool clothing, no modern tents but tarps and ropes instead, no backpacks because we used are tarps as backbacks, no lighters because we learned how to carve fire sets out of Sage and make fire using the materials of nature.  It was hardcore and we were out there in the middle of nowhere.

So it was a night before a night hike which is a 25 mile hike alone at night from dusk until dawn.  The group was sitting around a fire and talking about the nigh thike when I noticed a light in the sky.  I thought I was the only one watching it when one of the guides said "does anyone else see that light moving all over the place?"  To my surprise everyone answered yes and the conversation soon shifted to the light in the sky.

We all watched the light zig zag across the sky up down, left right, everywhere.  Then it looked as though it was flying to the earths surface and it made a huge bright flash probably when it entered our atmosphere.

We were all getting exited when we saw a large light heading our way fast.  I seriously thought it was the ufo when all of a sudden a gigantic all black radar plane flew right over our heads and scared the crap out of us.  Soon to follow were 16 fighter jets and 8 stealth bombers flying in formation.  When the armada of planes got to the scene they dispersed and began flying around randomly for 15 mintes and vanished.

The night hike was cancelled and the next day a new guide joined our group.  The new guide seemed very out of place and reminded me somewhat of Bill Gates glasses and all.  He said he used to work for NORAD and was exploring new carrer options.  I thought it was weird he chose to be a youth drug consular.  He then said "So i heard you guys saw a ufo last night?" We all burst out with the stories and told him everything we saw.  He asked us what it looked like, what it did, if we believed in ufo's and so on.  The next day he was gone which was weird because he said he was a new guide.

After the 2 month trip ended me and some group members checked out the news and found a news report about a crashed satellite in the Utah desert the same night we saw what we saw.  Weird.

That's my ufo story.

Lately I have been seeing a streak of light in the same place around the same time at night in Los Angeles on 3 separate occasions.

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I can almost guarantee with 100% validity that what you saw was not a UFO but rather one of our weaponsystems going through flight tests. You see, Area 51 hasn't been used for exotic testing in decades. Roughly 15 years ago most of that kind of research was moved to the Badlands in Utah. There is a DUMB there where most of the "other worldly" tests are performed and conducted with very little knowledge of its existence by the general public. If memory serves, the name of this research facility is Red Rock, though that may have just been another pet name, much like Area 51's "other" names like Groom Lake, Dream Lake, Mirage, Dreamland, etc.



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