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I just felt a blast of emotion to the face, lol.
be patient sungod-singer the dark forces time is running out they will be defeated soon
Wow! So now we know what they were shooting at with the missile they didn't fire.
Followed up with a "Oh no you didn't see what we did and we didn't do it and you can't prove we did it `cause we're denying we did it" Bart Simpson kind of crap. I'd really be laughing if it wasn't so sad.
Dan -- that was a perfect bit of their twisted logic. Had to read that twice to get it -- Lol!

I’m no expert, but this footage feels genuine to me. I think this missile (and the one in Phoenix) was our black ops in action. If the military brass and the Pentagon knew about it, they definitely would have had their typical BS statement prepared when asked by the media. But they didn't, and they actually look quite stupid not knowing what's going on. So this incident has definitely raised some major red flags, which is actually a really good thing.

It IS frustrating and sad that the black ops continue to be ignorant and arrogant enough to think they can take down these crafts when it’s proven that our galactic friends can neutralize nuclear capabilities. But footage like this is just great because the story (not showing the ufo) was featured on mainstream news and has generated a lot of interest. When the time comes for full Disclosure, this incident will be a beautiful example of exactly who is the primitive aggressor intent on keeping our world eternally at war.


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