Click for video. I still don't believe that people are this stupid, but I briefly lived in San Diego, and anything is possible down there.


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  • Malcolm she is not stupid she is a cabal mole and has to DO HER part. Actually the lost singers and actors are so far down the chain. They sell them selves out for fame. So when her Draco Rat bosses say do this then she follows like the good little dog she is. Sorry for sounding harsh but we all have choices to be apart of the good guys or there evil ways

    • EVOLVED: I understand what you are saying. I am only horrified that regular people are responding to the mainstream media with responses that reveal absolute stupidity beyond acceptable norms.  I was a 1980's punk, and now I feel I am older and "one of them." And no, I don't need antidepressants for my issues.

      "The times they are a changing" - Bob Dylan (AND I NEVER DREAMED I'D QUOTE HIM!)

  • A MESSAGE TO ALL VIEWING THIS POST: kill your television. Your IQ will actually increase.

    • Good idea.

  • The stupidity of Americans is UN-ENDING.

  • Thats what true Liberty mean, freadom of every sort. This include freedom for someone to put himself in chains and henceforth lack more freedom!
  • screw her and the rest of the fascists-freedom of speech!!!

This reply was deleted.

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"need to arrest these deep state cabal members this has gone on long enough"
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"it has gotten much worse."
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