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Trump Just Shut George Soros Down – Jim Stone

Monday, January 30, 2017 23:33
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(Before It's News)


He did it in an incredibly efficient way, without saying a word about Soros. This is how Trump will operate, and this is GOLDEN. Trump announced he is going to run for President in 2020. What does that mean? It means that he’s now a candidate for 2020, which is something that has never been done before – no incumbent President has ever announced candidacy this early before, EVER. What did this accomplish? SOROS, who does everything with NGO’s has been shut up, because it is illegal for any NGO or foundation to speak or act against a candidate because that is interference with an election. So they can only do it against a president, who is not a candidate. If he’d done this before the marches that took place, Soros would be toast even now.
So by stating he’s a candidate this early, he has shut up Soros for 4 full years! HA HA HA, that’s a good one! The details are HERE and keep in mind, this also badly stifles a lawsuit Soros is trying to push through with one of his foundations, which claims Trump should be impeached because he is receiving money from foreigners via rents paid on properties he owns. That is an obvious mis-application of the law, which now cannot be done with a foundation, Soros has to do it directly.

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my dear and beloved friends and those under the latest spell of Amerikan politics and lies of hope for your pathetic lives being changed by another rich man , there is another path; path of faith in creator , the one who created you in his image , the energy that is the true salvation from imaginary promises. those promises enslaved humanity for 1000,s of yrs . we need to go deep inside ourselfs , search our true mission and stray away from dumb idiots giving speaches on tv promising you any change. Change is in your own life , your words and consciousness , your thoughts . Maybe we could trust something that is in our hearts and not in other mans words of hope. Hope is inside us....................

.........................this the final countdown , last moments this humanity has in peace . Talk of war is on the agenda with new idiot at the healm , wars are still waging on international and individual level. humans dividing themselves is at the highest step on the ladder we have seen since 1936. lack of compassion is at its lowest lever since inquisition and Europeans landing on the shores of new promised land of amerika. Women are degraded again , folks of color and different language are under attack again and segeratory laws are being implemented with the blessings of certain folk. Nature has us at its throat , ravaging our lands and sea,s . Our human brethren is suffering , hungry , cold at times , on the move forced to do so with men with guns , our neighborhoods are full of young man with guns shooting anyone who moves. Our taxes are higher , our food is expensive , our every day commodities are almost out of reach financially ; and you think another Trump gonna fix it for you ? .....rude awakening my friends is in need . we must unite and now ..........not in republican nor democrat , left and right or light and darkness , we must do that as one humanity , brothers and sisters of all colors and tongs . Time is now............................ words needed................

Trump and his Republican friends are, we hear, deeply concerned about illegal behavior. That's why they want to deport millions of people in this country who are undocumented - the vast majority of whom are honest, hardworking people who came to America in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

But, interestingly, these very same Republicans seem not concerned about the illegal behavior of Wall Street and other major corporate interests. When the CEOs on ...Wall Street, through their greed, recklessness and illegal behavior, caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, their homes and their life savings, they got bailed out by taxpayers. When Goldman Sachs paid a $5 billion dollar fine to the federal government for their illegal behavior, no top executive was prosecuted. Quite the contrary. PThe former president of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn, after leaving that bank with a $285 million payout, is now Donald Trump's major financial adviser.

In other words, if you are poor, enter this country illegally and work hard for years to improve life for your family, you could be prosecuted and deported. If you are rich and powerful, commit illegal behavior which hurts millions of people, you get promoted to the president's cabinet. There's something very wrong with that situation.

  1. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but it looks like Trump is actually making America great again. Just look at the made since the election:
    1. Unprecedented levels of ongoing civic engagement.
    2. Millions of Americans now know who their state and federal representatives are without having to google.
    3. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They're holding signs and marching every week.
    4. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone's forgotten he's kind of a jerk.
    5. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns.
    6. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of anti-depressants.
    7. Millions of Americans now know how to call their elected officials and know exactly what to say to be effective.
    8. Footage of town hall meetings is now entertaining.
    9. Tens of millions of people are now correctly spelling words like emoluments, narcissist, fascist, misogynist, holocaust and cognitive dissonance.
    10. Everyone knows more about the rise of Hitler than they did last year.
    11. Everyone knows more about legislation, branches of power and how checks and balances work.
    12. Marginalized groups are experiencing a surge in white allies.
    13. White people in record numbers have just learned that racism is not dead. (See #6)
    14. White people in record numbers also finally understand that Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act.
    15. Stephen Colbert's "Late Night" finally gained the elusive #1 spot in late night talk shows, and Seth Meyers is finding his footing as today's Jon Stewart.
    16. "Mike Pence" has donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood since Nov. 9th.
    17. Melissa FREAKING McCarthy.
    18. Travel ban protesters put $24 million into ACLU coffers in just 48 hours, enabling them to hire 200 more attorneys. Lawyers are now heroes.
    19. As people seek veracity in their news sources, respected news outlets are happily reporting a substantial increase in subscriptions, a boon to a struggling industry vital to our democracy.
    20. Live streaming court cases and congressional sessions are now as popular as the Kardashians.
    21. Massive cleanup of facebook friend lists.
    22. People are reading classic literature again. Sales of George Orwell's "1984" increased by 10,000% after the inauguration. (Yes, that is true. 10,000%. 9th grade Lit teachers all over the country are now rock stars.)
    23. More than ever before, Americans are aware that education is important. Like, super important.
    24. Now, more than anytime in history, everyone believes that anyone can be President. Seriously, anyone



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