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 Behind the scenes and covert operation going on in Current affairs

It is no use preempting dates in this volatile climate,

It is futile and to be honest, even if I did provide earlier than normal indications of something in the offing, what good would it do and who on earth would pay attention to it?

So for the purpose of the records I am a transmitter of information and therefore just the messenger and would like to draw all these alternative conclusions and table them for your own thoughts and make of it what you will. Thus alleviating any panic, as this is mere hear say : That does not say that this is by no means interesting, On the contrary it is unusual to have so many saying the same things.

Earthquakes predictions for the next 2 weeks :

Firstly see the 3 minute news from Suspicious observers here :

Just before we delve deeper into this, please bear in mind these hard facts on current affairs,

1) The Olympics and weird developments in and around the stadiums regarding security, roof top weaponization and unending military build ups.

2) Huge Military Build up of US and foreign troops on US soil especially near Burbank  and all over CA

3) The 2 Black ops killings whose purpose was knee jerk against The Libor scandal (Holmes family implicated) and Steve Greers Film Director’s father killed in Wisconsin attack as a warning on releasing the new disclosure film Sirius, plus also the fact that there has been more multiple shooting sprees on Obama’s watch than any other president.

4) Wild weather, fires, drought, heat records and tornadoes and now it’s hurricane season in US

5) Police brutality and TSA molesting at all time high on underprivileged and defenseless persons throughout US.

6) Financial kaos globally and the LIBOR scandal

7) B.R.I.C.S. breakaway nations introducing new financial system and the G20 failure of the Cabal in Brazil earlier this year

8) The never heard of before court proceedings on The Queen and The Vatican in Canada, Belgium, Holland, Ireland,  Spain ( to mention a few) and the Liens and cease and desist orders served to all central banks BIS and All Federal Reserve Branches.

9) Several ridiculous Executive orders over a 6 month period signed with out congress approval.

10) Banker defections globally and mass arrests and house cleaning in China Korea Iceland & Ireland and the Audit of the Federal Reserve and all strange gold talk “Where is it all” ? From Fort Knox to 9/11 to China and The Philippines and Venezuela.

11) Strange moves in certain areas of the stock exchange regarding insurance companies in particular Westfield’s and Pool Re the insureres of the Olympics.

12) Crop-circles are setting dates and UFO’s are seen globally at an all time high as the planet awakens from a deep deep coma and more and more disclosure on mainstream media shows a massive hike for the light.

13) The massive and widespread destruction of the central USA due to weather anomalies and nuclear fuel plants damaged or under danger warnings Dangerous Electric grid which cuts out in a small downpour ( or is purposefully switched off)

Now lets take a look at Nibiru from Australia and some comments and you can see it in the day too>

With all this and now these articles it is hardly surprising that some one would be suspicious of something big that could happen on coasts from California to Australia in the pacific, but yes , there is genuine concern and some interesting proof of something in the air.

Here is a concerned chappie in Oz ,sounds a little unprofessional but again he has some strange coincidences and soem knowledge of man-made disasters, and HAARP and says it is really bad these days and much military activity.

This has no reflection on best estimates at to whether it will happen or not,  they are  just facts that these anomalies are just and worthy of notice and passed to others for further scrutiny:

Now here is what DutchSinse Thinks too, on his Earthquake watch :

For full article and more short clips and conclusion which may surprise you ; go here :

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  • What about the Earthquakes in Iran that just happened?? and its the the Meteor showers related to a big solar system/planet coming our way soon ? some australian psychic who predicted the Japan Earth quake said that in about a week we would have another tsunami  wich would affert Australia and a the West coast of America... and aparently  9.4 earthquakes in Sydney (where i live !) and California ..hope he doesnt get it right  this time !



  • all the speculation, is what they want.. people just give it more power

  • Thanks for the information.  I think we will alright.

  • Heard most of this but not all.  Thanks for posting, lightworkersxm

  • i was checking out the google sky co-ordinates and it has been deliberately classified and kept away from the masses.

This reply was deleted.

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