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Pursued by the Idylwild group.....

10. The Clonemeister — head of world-wide clone programs, under direct command of Hilary Clinton.

9. John Moore — Agent of FEAR.

8. The TERRAL03 — A.I. and Tolec’s counterpart.

7. The TOLEC02 — Illuminati programmed A.I. and disinfo agent.

6. Alestair Crowley, returned from the 1930s, head of US-UK Dark Cabal, most Western World leaders answer to him.

5. Bll Ryan — Draco shapeshifter OverLord, head of Australian and South American operations.

4. The COBRA — Draco and Illuminati operative in Eastern Europe, the Rakmeister’s counterpart.

3. The Minuteman — FBI informant known as Rick Light, Illuminati disinfo agent, Omega Unit 188.

2. The Beserker — final alter of Bobby Joe Fannin, product of MKUltra Omega Program (Unit 197), a clone of the progency of Crowley. Known as “Duncan O’Finioan.”

1. The RAKMEiSTER — foul product of Illuminati programs, West European head of ritual abuse and kidnapping. Known as “Amora” when dressed in drag.

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Where do the family members of Bilderberg come in and the Vatican Mafia team members?

Good question. Why Vatican were not enlisted?

How bizarre.

Illuminati = [il] [lu] [ma] [na] [ti]
IL = continuation, inextricably linked.
Lu = glowing sphere. (Sun)
Ma (i) = motherly.
Na ti = the base.
Total obtain - the descendants of the original sun.

In order to understand the meaning of words, teach ancient Slavic language, it is the basis for most languages.



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