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Don't know who wrote this article in Russian, (I translated roughly to English),  it brought so much nostalgia and a good laugh to me anyway. The good old days and bizarre life in Russia, you got to live it to understand it.


But If you were a child in the 60's, 70's or 80's, looking back, it's hard to believe that we managed to survived till today regardless the country.

Russian childhood life ... and things

As a child, we drove cars without belts and airbags.

Our cribs were painted with bright colors with a high content of lead. There were no secret covers on the medicine bottles, the doors were often not locked, and the lockers were never locked.

We drank water from the column at the corner, and not from plastic bottles. No one could have thought of riding a bicycle with the helmet. Terrible. For hours we made trolleys and scooters from boards and bearings from the landfill, and when we  rushed from the top of the hill down, suddenly remembered that we forgot to attach the brakes. After we drove into the prickly bushes several times, we dealt with this problem.

We left the house in the morning and played all day, returning when the street lights were on, where they were.

The whole day no one  knew where we were. There were no cell phones! It is hard to imagine. We cut our arms and legs, broke bones and beat our teeth, and no one sued anyone. Only we and nobody else were to blame. We fought to the blood and bruises, getting used to not paying attention to it.Our actions were our own. We were ready for the consequences. There was no where to hide.

We ate cakes, ice cream, drank lemonade, but none of us got fat, because we were always outside playing. A few people drank from one bottle, and none of them died. We did not have video game consoles, computers,  satellite TV channels, compact discs, cell phones, the Internet, we flew to watch the cartoon with the whole gang to the nearest house, because there were no videos!

But we had friends. We left the house and found them. We ride on the bikes,  sat on a bench, on a fence or in the schoolyard and chatted about whatever we wanted. When we needed someone, we knocked at the door, ring the bell or just went in and saw them. Remember? Without permission or asking! Alone! What a cruel and dangerous world! Without protection! How did we survive?

We came up with games with sticks and cans, we stole apples in the gardens and ate cherries with the seeds, and the seeds did not germinate in our stomach ... The tooth powder - cleans both the teeth and silver ...  , a see through bag with meat hanging outside the window … that was classic … or public machines with soda water and lemonade. There was only one glass – one for all everyone drank from that glass ... It's was normal! .  Soda was 1 kopeyka, and lemonade 3. Today, no one will ever drink from a common glass! (Plus it will be stolen in five seconds after the machine is installed, exactly three seconds before the machine itself is dragged out ...) And in fact nobody was afraid to catch any infection ... By the way, these glasses were used by local drunkards. And, imagine, you just imagine this - they RETURNED the glass into place in the morning! Can you believe it!

Everyone at least once signed up for football, hockey or volleyball, but not everyone was in the team. Those who did not get in, learned to cope with disappointment. Some students were not as smart as the rest, so they stayed for a second year. Control and examinations were not divided into 10 levels, and the scores included 5 points theoretically, and 3 points actually.


The notion that it is possible to pay off cops or skip the army, almost did not exist. The parents of those years usually took the side of the law, can you imagine !?
This generation has generated a huge number of people who can take risks, solve problems. We had freedom of choice, the right to risk and failure, responsibility, and we somehow just learned to use all this.

If you are one of this generation, I congratulate you. We were lucky that our childhood and youth ended before the cynics bought freedom from young people in return for the videos, mobile phones, a factory of stars and class crunches ... With their common consent ... For their own good ...

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Can so relate to this even if its not in my country many things are/ were similar,thanks for sharing it... it can be added to also, like people over here used to leave their houses unlocked,windows open,cars with their keys still in the ignition,boats & trailers un-chained.. anything the kids were playing with on the frount lawn the night previous was bound to still be there the next morning,your belongings were just as you left them in your house,now you cant even go next door for a cup of coffee without making your home into a Fort Knox first,including home security alarms & CTV camera's turned on if you have them...even they go un-responded to if they are going off during the day..people just dont care about them anymore..though they are a deterant..

You certainly cant leave anything unlocked or not put away overnight..your not even safe in your home even if you do lock yourself inside,and you dare not go to hang the washing out the back lawn and leave your frount door unlocked,you'll come back and find you've been robbed & dont hear a thing...

You had decent deep conversations with everyone without their faces in a darn cell phone,you could get assistance from anyone on the street without being looked at like your a moron for even opening your mouth to ask anything..

You could guarantee your neighbour would be watching your home without being a nosey poke if you even stepped out the door. Kids always had food in their lunch box's when going to school & it was hardly witnessed any walking to school with no shoes on their feet or jacket on a windy or wet day.and in fact many cant even walk to school without adult supervision these days without the fear of some creepy dude following you in a car or trying to grab you,parents have a nightmare day in day out for their kids safety..and that's just to name a few more to the list of many more changes in our human existence today..sad really..

No I dont think its got anything to do with cultures nor roles in perception, its just a sign of the times & how people have changed over the years, not opposite either it's just how people are in general,everyone is in a state of grab what you can who cares who you are mindsets, technology,unemployment & poverty has a lot to do with it too & peoples standards of living etc..people in general have changed in their mindsets .

vlada m  Yes, I remember when everybody KNEW their neighbors!

the change is good, but when change is based on fear - that is just awful. It is said to remember and protect the inner child with the eyes wide open to the wonder.

I remember my Mom's 'punishment' was me staying home and watch tv ... lol ... the tears i shed ... lol ...

my home was the street - full of adventure, the house was just a shelter ( food, bed, roof, homework) ...

I can relate to that also,cos I was one who never stayed at home to watch TV,that was boring to me, I was often outside in nature and gone for half the day if I wasn't at school that is,then after school after homework I was out again building huts in trees,making my own fun things/inventions,playing with bugs connecting to mother Gaia,fossicking for gem stones,making mud pies etc..normal things for kids over here in New Zealand,not so much now unless you happen to live in the country that is..

sounds so familiar ... lol ... creativity certainly did not have any boundaries ... ;))

vlada m  Yes, kids played OUTSIDE, not on their Internet!

valda m:  And the neighborhood mothers kept all the kids in line!

Yes that's truth,now every kid has either a PC,Tablet or a cell phone too.. some even as young as 6yrs old..and that cell phone is a safety net for parents to know where their kids are at..

so i found the 'public soda/lemonade machine' ... lol ... with the line up ... omg ...

Woah thats cool..

Yeah ..and I think they had those machines all over Britain also..on the seaside resorts mostly..



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