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GFOL i love you and always has yet their is some things i have to express. the balance between us is a mess you saying your allowed to do this and that but love has no rules have you forgotten that. and now i have to sit on my knees and beg not for a disclosure just to meet you as a friend. you havent live the life i have from heart to heart unconditional love as we said.

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  • Audie, I totally feel the same way.  I do not do blind faith well at all, lol. Guess everyone knows that.  I think with a fact-based mentality.  I do not have the constitution to just believe something just because other people do, and that gets me a bit of hot water here.  I cannot read a channeling and then accept it as fact, I need to see visuals I guess, like the predicted things happening in front of my very eyes, not in some secret place or in a parallel universe or in another dimension.  I just am not good at believing things, especially if something has been said over and over and yet does not come to pass.  I just can't do it.  It is not that I respect those that can deal with blind faith, it is just something I cannot comfortably do.  


    When Blossom Goodchild had that prediction that was a whopper that did not come to pass, I do not know how she could continue to channel the same entities, if that is what they were.  I simply could not have done that.   I would make a lousy martyr too...So I hear you deifinitely and definitely respect what you are saying, sure resonates with me. 

  • "..........thou shall Love One Another......."~with or without GFL ~!~8114213061?profile=original

  •   Just start watching the to them...they can hear you.  Love is natural...even beings that say they do not want love...they are in denial....and the Nile will carry you to the sea of love, the sea of life.  Love conquers all. 

  • I am so sorry you feel that way Jonteman. I highly doubt any God fearing/loving beings would have the intention to make anyone feel uneasy or left out. Perhaps the questions you are asking are not the right ones? and with all due respect, asking our brothers and sisters to do all the work for us is not what will make the victory sweet nor will it help us reach our full potential. I hope and pray that you get your answers but please do not despair, not everyone hears or sees or meets our Galactic friends. If you need any support i am here to help in any capacity i can. 

    Lots of love and hugs.

  • no no. . you got it allll wrong. .

    . . a disco

    • I can see into the future

      • yes, a disco

  • fear not. .

    their is another GFL. .
    and. . :). . I am in the thinking that it may even out perform the GFL. . .     hehe

    though. . . this may mean that humans will have to transform themselves into their true collaborative mega beings, a secret hidden power we have stashed away. . just waiting for the right moment. .   <3<3<3

    or so the legends say. .

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