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Time is nearing the three days and nights of darkness 72hrs when nibiru turns all earth dark

Dear ones it is coming the three days and night of Darkness. 

God is intervening now to give you all a choice, 

God has outlined the guidelines of what is to happen in those hours of darkness before the demons and tormentors are coming out of the pits of hell and be unleashed upon the earth. 

You will know this when the electronics are to be shut down whereby it's just you and the connection to God. 

No other means will be available. The last choice you will be given is a choice to be with God or elsewhere, and in that time, that place is not Green pastures beside the still waters. 

All beings positive or negative will decide who they want, so put down your false idols, your choice is crucial. 

You will have limited time to get to safety, by what I mean is that, you will need blankets, lots of them, food and water, unless you choose to famine, your prayers will be stronger. Make sure use a choice of oil lamps or non scented white candles only. When Nibiru overshadows all of Earth, God will make it at 55 degree Fahrenheit only, no colder, he will use natural means to do his will I am, this says the Lord. 

You must at least tell your love ones, or friends, strangers, to get them into your homes and seal all doors and windows, lock them all, seal around all windows doors roofs and don't ever look outside in these 72 hours darkness at all. 

The seas will you be thrown if you peek out your windows or doors.

So pray to God. The seas will not be what you think it is. It's not from Earth. The demons are to be unleashed, so will be the tormentors. 

The moment the skies go dark drop what your doing and head for concealed space, pray, the Angels will protect those who love the Creator. Use any God prayers necessary to initiate God's peace, from your prayers as these will make light your dross upon the world to the extent as it pales compared to those who don't pray and worship to God in these great last hours of the days of old. 

All information please go to the you tube sight: Urgent details on three days and nights of darkness. 

Perhaps go to linol Anderson sight Alien Contactee, or even subscribe to survive. 

I don't have many people who believe, but God giving us sinners one more chance, this is your soul not just your life I'm talking about now. 

Praise be and glory to our Holy Lord God Of Hosts, for you are truly worthy of Praise and Glory Forever. 

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Rev. Joshua:  Gosh darn it, you can't expect me to remember everything!  (Smile). 

Darkstar, sorry but you did ask me this same question a year ago and again several years before that. It is important that you remember who the DC is for they have many masks behind there many faces. And as a light-worker you need to remember these Dark ones so that you can explain them better to the common folks , who have no idea of what is going on and who is to blame for the slavery that we have been in because of them [ DC ]. The Annunaki were the first ones to start the Illuminati ,that has spread into many different sects or black Lodges as they are called today which in turn controls the whole world and the creators of the dark mess that we are in today and are just now coming out of.

We have just passed the 60% marker for breaking free, from them and there is no turning back now. Remember this when you talk to people. They are going to depend upon us for this correct info. We need to be the shining light for them, for we are all one.  Adonai

Rev. Joshua:  Yes, I know all that (just too many abbreviations).

Sometimes beliefs are all that we have left. So, yeah. It could happen, I've heard that some of the anunnaki are bad news.

Androver, you are right, I misspelled Nebadon. It was very early in the morning and it was not a good day. As for the rest of the info on the Urantia book. Your info is correct and of course there is much more. I have posted on this site what is called the  ''The Grand Master Universe'' with a complete blog on how it works along with a drawing I did, described by the UB Book. It is also on the net just google it. Its 10 years old and people are just now coming to know it. Please let me know what you think of it, Thanks Adonai

Andronover, I forgot to mention that I m not sure bout the name of Aton as the last name of our creator father Michael. Nor am I sure he will reincarnate again anytime soon, we can hope so, it would be a great gift at this time in our evolution. But I don't think this is in the UB book. I admit it has been a long time sence I have read it, I have consecrated my efforts on the Book ''A course in miracles'' by Jesus. The two books don't always agree but many things in them do agree. I think the name Aton and the possibility of another incarnation is more New Age and or from The Galactic federation, just like Jesus being called Sananda. These things can work together as we are constantly updated on the way things work or will work in our near future as we are now beginning the process of Ascension . The main thing is , we are all one and will ascend to 4&5 D together. Adonai

Hindu mystics say we are in the transitional period from the Kali Age/Pisces to the Aquarian Age-started in 1898 and will end in 2098

I just thought I would let people know that I have talked about these Earth Changes and posted them on this site for many years.Also I talked about them in great detail in my last E-Book; ''2012 New Earth survival'' before my web site was hacked by the DC. But I do not use'' Fear Mongering'' such as he has done here. Lets start with the cause of causes

- Nibiru -More commonly known today as Planet-x or planet-x system for there are many planets involved rotating near or around our solar system and Earth. As they get close to our sun the other binary suns of this system have been sucking the life force out of our sun and its been going off and on for well over 50 years now. And of the last 20 years our sun has been going Dark for long periods of time and that is why the powers that be have up 43 to 49 artificial suns around the world known as Sun simulators. The light that they give out is white LED light instead of yellow like our old personal Sun, which does not shine anymore at all but we do have help from the Spirit Realm Large Orbs and our ET allies to help save it and eventually turn it back on. They have been towing our solar system to a safe location for some time now, and we are slowly breaking away from this destructive Planet-x system. But it has caused drastic weather and could even cause a Polar Shift as the pressure of these magnetic forces of these huge planets get close, sometime in the near future.

They have been spraying the world sense Oct. 98 with the Deadly Chem-trails, which makes us very sick and at the same time they use them to cover up and keep us from seeing these up close Planets and use it for weather and mind control. I reported here 3 years ago that many of us here in Belize saw one of these Brn.& red dead dwarf star planets for about 12 min. up close on May 10- 2016 at 5pm. When they stop spraying us we will then know that the War is nearly over, until then we have to change our diets, use herbs and carefully watch our health. There DC funds have been severely cut so we should see more giant Orbs and some planets soon and our SSP secret space programs of the USA and the world will have to disclose to the world that they the SSP have had advanced technology hundreds of years or even thousands of years ahead of us common folks. We should then get access to them, which will in turn change our whole world as we know it today. Food, housing and free transportation and free energy for everyone, everywhere. Until then stock up on food and water that will stay good for long periods of time 3 to 6 months supply.

As for the 3 days of Darkness, I do believe it could happen. I first learned of this way back in April 1971 in my 6th semester of college.I was visited by my Spirit Guide two times . The 2nd time he showed me the possible future in which many people lived in communes and communities in Egg houses. We were warned that 3 days of darkness would come and we were prepared for it. Then one day it became Dark in the middle of the day and then went into our houses. The vision ended so I don't know what happened after that. The time table for that Event was sometime in the 90's so its way pass time for it to happen but it is still possible because if one of those very large Planets come between us and our Sun when it is turned back on, . Could block out the new blueish sun for those 3 days, on the other hand it may not happen because our sun is still Dark at the moment and we are under the Sun simulator which is only 6 miles above the earth, so if a planet did come it would be on top of Artificial suns not under it and there for could not block them out. But hopefully we will lose this Planet-x  System as we are towed to the end of our Galaxy. There is the possibility of these Sun simulators breaking down as what has happened last year in Russia in the mid day last year and  it went dark for hours there and some years before that it happened for a shorter period of time in Argentina.

   So its a good chance that it will happen again or several more times in different locations around the world but I doubt if it will last for 3 days like in the Vision, so I would not worry to much about it. And I don;t think there will be Demons running around nor any Fear to look out your windows, just temporary blackouts in the daytime.No Fear Mongering here OK. I hope this helped for people to get a better understanding of what is going on and what is possible in the near future and remember to stay positive, everything will work out fine in the end as the New Earth is born and we go into 4 D and someday into 5D- ASCENSION IS HERE. ADONAI



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