You are here to evolve and eating dead animal flesh means  you are an animal as you are what you eat 

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  • You never learn, do you...?? Again you have an anti-meat eating agenda, disguised by a warning anent chicken infected by salmonella..
    Does your "reason" suppose that you can conflate the two....?? Indeed, warning people not to eat contaminated meat in the title, along with inevitable Daily Mail link, is rational.....BUT AS USUAL....The spin of your hateful agenda against meat eating, is plain to observe...

    Again, the snappy title, followed by a one liner, with the inevitable Daily Mail link......Laughable....

    Heheh....!! 🤣

    You seem determined to shame meat-eating, yet are winning over zero support........
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  • A human being is a god conscious being while dead animal flesh eaters are not humans but animals
    • As far as 'consciousness' is concerned, what is the difference between weevils, cut worms and other plant parasites and human when a human too becomes a solely plant parasite?
      • He is one of the most irrational members, Roaring.....Good to see your response to him here....And since he claims to eat what he is, has he now got green chlorophyll blood, rather than the usual blood plasma with red corpuscles...??

        Funnily enough, I probably consume more salads and vegetables than most vegans, or vegetarians, who consume grains as a vast proportion....I cut our grains/carbs, totally...

        Since we are what we eat, as he says, does that mean that his high consumption of pitta bread dough, in various carb meals, makes his brain turn to dough....? Or does he jump, when he eats Mexican jumping beans...?? Truly laughable...🤣

        Or does his nature become sweeter, when he eats candy...?? I think not...He just gets high blood sugars and insulin spikes....
        4 Reasons Why Becoming A Vegetarian Is A Fucking Stupid Idea - FitMole
        Note: This post is not meant to target those who are vegetarians for religious reasons or those who are vegetarians because they have some chronic ..…
        • Plants don't have brains. So if you are what you eat, and chose to eat plants, then you will soon lose brain.

          By 'you are what you eat' it seemed meant to mean 'if you eat animals then you are an animal'. But when applied consistently then 'if you eat plants then you are a plant'.

          I would chose to be an animal!😆
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