Our galaxy has been muddle long time ago, because dispute of influence, fight to employ planets, star clusters, so that there are 1st, 2nd and last 3rd galaxy wars, create mourning and pain, also make this Earth be penetrated, employed, invaded by the dark, make many skin pot cook flesh, it is not only make painful human, impossible for liberation from reincarnation, but also this reincarnated soul can’t escape reincarnation wheel or improve their evolution.

However now is different: All dark ET entity, low evolution stars … have gone, old social political system will be adjusted to meet and appropriate to new evolution of Earth - about new vibration of Earth’s realm density and evolution of soul respectively. Concurrently, Galaxy Council firmly change the position of earth administrator; simultaneously, Earth and other planets must travel to peaceful arc, setup the new peace era in entire Milky Way and Solar system. So that, muddle era now is finished. Unordered free era will end. All shall travel to one united particular way. Unification firstly are about the formal expression of spiritual evolution. In that, its manifestation is spiritual evolution’s methodology and spiritual science which truly lead the new human being advancing to universe. To do that, we should unite all religions, at least, we unite the knowledge of Truth principle – it is the eternity universe theorem.

You can’t evolve to higher in the Universe, if you do not acknowledge existence of God in this time. You can’t establish new religion, although it is very creative, majesty virtue, lightly honest, high religion and respecting virtue… If you do not have the permission from Galaxy Council in Vo Vi (asaṃkṛta_ nirvana) status, and in Huu Vi (samskrta /this life) status- that is human society. Why? The freedom era of Galaxy anarchy is ended! You will learn the lesson that: absolute freedom is freedom in the framework, which means that you must respect Law and Permission. If not, you will not be freedom, although you equate freedom implied that you do anything you want, create anything you want, experiment what you can…

It is good as you worship your own God, just knowing that he love you when you respect, other smaller God, that is your fellow human, you see that is rag, that is because to fight him, create war, dispute religion, people, killing, or invasion, lightly than, its fight, and dispute the right with them. That you are extremely ennoble and purity, even holy, vegetarian diet, type gong, chanting, or standing in front of thousands, even billions of fellow religions, but you do not understand who you are, what you are doing to the world the most peaceful and at the discretion of God…

Of course, you still do not have occult abilities, to know that who you are, where you are from, you are the soul projection of original soul, that is have Celestial Hierarchy mission, then you are followed group of unfree shades, they happily drag you in haunting and power mind, it is ridiculous to the level of God, or very big religion lord… And even, if you have occult abilities, haunting still follow you, so you think that you are very talented and skilled, higher than other masters, other religion lords, and you see that you are One in this world… that is illusion of the low evolving soul. If you are the high level soul, descend to this earth to work for Celestial Hierarchy, then every other high level soul entities having occult abilities will know that who you are, what you do, and what mission you do; and they are talented and skilled, their virtue can be not higher than yours – does not take to account original descending soul intentionally or ostracized to darker destiny than you – but, they have mission, duty – like the underground intelligence. They are difference than you. And at the time they follow Celestial Hierarchy order, they return their owned position. So, in divine book 1935 of Caodaism, God has clearly specified it.

Of course, I remind my children, from this time goes beyond, muddle time is finished. This mess earth market will not accommodate incurable souls. There are no unmanaged resistance, for Noble Masters, they have lawed Celestial Hierarchy’s decrees, Celestial Stamp and lawed occult abilities. New people new time, will open eyes in Universe level and they should know what to do to enter the Universe, under the huge love of God, unconditional love in the righteous chain. A united chain will not be dividable the human kind. That is, The unitary is decide by God about spiritual- religion-social united, then any power wanted position disguised manifestation, try to counteract Me until that soul melting in my hand…

In the consequences you will know, that souls, high hat and long gown, important moral ambition, but do not have Heart (Compassion)– all to be the bubble if do not understand my word. Even though who they are, leader of what religion, or what president and prime minister, to monk Taoist hermit, lords innocently present free dramas. That is the Heart in high level of human kind when your heart truly love people. When loving human kind, then we choose the best way for human kind travel; when seeing the good people, good way then select the way for good people going first. When we see we less talent than, then we should not struggle and dispute with the higher one. When we see our religion can’t lead any one to the arc of universe, then we give way to others to pick up souls to the place’s God are waiting…
That really is important moral ambition, noble.

I do not need you respect soon, or compliment, praise... all of you should evolve, study to be deserve a God, that is God by yourself, become God by your characteristics, self God, then praise me after. If you curse me, but listen to me for unitary human kind, as I said, I am voluntary rags to clean your feet for you advance to Universe, God.

The time I held sovereignty, no one can talk about dirty or clean, dark or bright, demon or devil, evil spirit or virtue spirit; let talk and see that is benefit or not, work or not, follow my mind or not. Even though dark like ash fertilize and sand to cultivate the Holiness tree, it is better than noble jewels, which is just dressing. That is divine master voluntary descend to Earth, sacrifice their vibration, actively bare enter, in order to head sandy soils, wade mud, to good harvest crop – just archive meritorious deeds.

Therefore, please do not seeing dirty, smelly, dark then hurry cursing, despising!
There are guys also voluntary to sacrifice, but they earnestly dispute each other, to recruit students, develop confusion illusive hope, that they do not know my words is the truth, let they think that they are important one, while their legs are at wrong place, don’t talk about how freedom, the earth is big, human is generous, do what they want, improve personal career at their best this life, ignore the Celestial mind, despite of existence of God, still birth this and that theorem, this religion, that sectarian, then Christian heads with Jew, Islam fights Christian, official kick unofficial …continuously, there are 22.000 different religions and disciplines until now, just having little conflict leads to dispute, then generate country disorder, to world disorder, just because of their umbilical want to tear human beings out.

As consequences, they will know I say the truth, they will see the real God- when I throw them into God- that is, throwing them into Central Celestial, great sun arc Universe – when they are not diligent cultivate their heart yet, their astral body and soul heavily and dark vibrated, then I throw them in to happily place which they used to sing praise of, next they will be burned, writhed, paint, tore out separately, separated to low atom seed, burned out separately…like a start which is threw into dark hole, when they are not become quark stars, neutron stars yet… That is supreme truth principle! What level they feel great fear, when I compel them to see the God! That time, ask them who want to be president, prime minister, minister that greedy bribes, want war, dispute, despise spiritual, or religion lords, head of religion discipline bluff about God or not…

When they actually see Me, huge and great covering the Universe, united with God, exhilarating extraordinary energy, can crush star, or create a lot of soul…That time, who want to kill my world body or want to scramble my throne.
So, must listen to me, seeing I use my law and permission, learning what I teach, you will be tremendously contented …

Pls see more at GREAT HOLINESS SOCIETY - CELESTIAL WAY: http://greatholiness.org

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