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Wild horses pose a threat to cattle according to U.S. government: This is how they deal with it.

The number of wild horses, along with burros, roaming the wilds of America has sharply declined over the years. However, the Bureau of Land Management insists they remain a threat to cattle. Photographs have captured the way the U.S government deals with the issue; the evidence shows the tactics are brutal.

Helicopters Are Used to Brutally Round-up Wild Horses

Horse Mustang Helicopter
The BLM still undertake roundups of the wild horses. Instead of the old-fashioned roundup undertaken from horseback, the government uses helicopters to round up the horses. They take the herds to holding facilities where they are left for indefinite periods. Many of these beautiful free-roaming creatures end up at auction where they are sold on for meat over the U.S border.

This cruelty is due to the big cattle ranchers in the U.S complaining about livestock being at risk. However, the cattle ranchers encroach into the territory of the wild horses. In reality, there is no issue between horses and the cattle belonging to the farmers. Both interact with each other peacefully as they meet at watering holes.

Photos of Recent Roundup Sparked Outrage

A roundup recently took place on August 6, 2018, in Southern Utah in the Bible Springs Complex and Sulphur Herd Management Area. A person who is on the side of the wild horses managed to capture photos taken of the roundup. The photos have shocked animal lovers the world over, along with sparking outrage at the cruel treatment.

Photos show horses being chased along the land up to fences of barbed wire with the horses fleeing in panic as the helicopter gets very close to them, causing them to crash into barbed wire.

Horse Mustang Stallion
Horses and Foals Separated Leaving them in Panic

Often the horses have foals with them; helicopters chase them over a huge distance for a long time, leaving foals separated from their mothers.


Horse Mustang Stallion
The helicopters chase horses suffering injuries, some of which are blind, chasing them for many miles. Horses are even roped then guided into traps.

Horse Mustang Wild
Barbaric Tactics Used in Roundup

The AWHC wrote a letter to Ed Roberson, the BLM Utah State Director. The letter stated all the barbaric tactics being used to round up the horses and how they are in violation of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy.

Suzanne Roy, the AWHC Executive Director, said:

“We call on the BLM to suspend the roundup underway currently in Utah by grounding the helicopters while an investigation is undertaken of the animal welfare violations documented by our observer. There is a way to manage wild horses, but this is not it. Nearly hitting wild horses with helicopters, repeatedly causing them to crash into barbed wire, and stampeding horses in a manner that leaves foals behind is unconscionable.”

Treatment of Horses is Inhumane along with in Violation of Welfare Policies

Onegreenplanet. org pointed out that the wild horses along with burros are being attacked aggressively with the money of the taxpayer being used to do so. Roy went on to say:

“Polls show that 80 percent of Americans want wild horses and burros protected, not destroyed. The way these horses are being treated during this roundup is unnecessary along with being flat-out inhumane, as well as a serious violation of BLM’s own animal welfare policies.”

The American Wild Horse Campaign is one organization that fights to conserve and protect the wild horses. They ask people to spread the news about the seriousness of the roundups. They pointed out that a herd of 78 wild horses was recently saved from government culling thanks to pressure from the public. They ask people to spread the word to make a difference.

All Image Source: American Wild Horse Campaign

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