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im hopeing someone can help me. there have been several times when i have touched someonr thst pillars gigantic triangle stone pillars with a man looks like ancient men carved and the same pillars between them with roman numeral 3 carved. im always in the middle because these figures all stand in a circle and the ancient men are looking down on me. the number three has always been a prominate number to me. one night i dreamt i was in my house but it wasnt my house i live in. it was the most brilliant white and it was one room downstairs with a locked door and one room up the top of the steps that had one small window for me to look out of.  all i would see is bright light and shadowy figures moveing around out there.well the dream progressed there was a knock on the door and 3 people would stand there i would tell them they could come in but never go out. this happened 3 times in the dream  they knock i answer 3 would come in but never leave it was a total of 9 people and i didnt recognize or know them but they would not look away from me they always watched me i made number 10. every move i made they watched they never would go up to the top room only i would go. they stayed down in the bottom room and watched and listened to me never saying a word themselves these rooms were so bright with light beautiful.  each one had a triangle on their shirt with the roman numeral 3 in the middle so does anyone know what this may be


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Wow....I would be interested to see what others say.....
Have you done research around these dreams. I am not sure but would say you are being visited by beings. now who or what is another story. Are you related to ancient roman times? The number three is good. I have dreams like that to where there are people but each is a different number and it gets bigger. Like groups of does the dream feel to you? Do you notice the dream showing up in your waking is saying that the number 3 signifies life, completion, trinity. I am noticing that more and more in my life....dream it boom shows up, but piecing it together can take some thought...

the room downstairs was empty bright white like a light the only thing in it was the people the room upstairs had nothing in it just the lil window and it was bright white too and i was the only one that could go in it btw thank you so verry much for the reply

these kinda dreams happened since i was a child. then i would have dreams and a week later they come true and then of course i always had a ton of deja vous i think im thrying to be told something showed something just gotta find out what that something is

Haha last love it . I wrote this dream on here remember how I told you I ran across the site mikiel one of my first dearest friends answered me. I told you other similar dream to this and I'm doing as you recommend me to go with it let it open to you . the other night I had the three pillar guys one came to life wow handsome dark hair he had a beard I don t like beards but it suit him he knew me but wouldn't tell me his name . but the other than hung is I don't let many touch me a lot n order to just not know lol

I understood that's all that matters yes three means the trinity to me also. Drekx calling you that is willy because I didn't think grown people called each other names ignore that.



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