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They’re Anonymous for a Reason

August 30, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Suzanne Maresca

Once again, an anonymous poster on the Chans has offered a compelling dissertation on the state of affairs gripping this planet. We may not achieve consensus on every point made, but it’s a message of both fierce determination and encouragement.

The very last thing the cabal wants is for us to be uniting and sharing information and good news, so for anyone questioning the need for anonymity, just follow the trail of folks mysteriously and suddenly expiring.

For ease of reading, we offer it here in text form. The original post can be found at the end.

The Polish at the end of the original translates to “For our freedom and yours.”

Anonymous 8/29/18 (Wed) 03:48:38 ID: ed941f (1) No.2781334

I think we all feel it. The change is in the air. The change we’ve so desperately craved for so many years. Momentum is building up, slowly but surely. We all feel it. I have chills running though my spine. Goosebumps were rising when I read the latest Q posts and happenings. I know, it’s been said so many times with little to no payoff, but this time… This time, dear Patriots:

It’s happening.

Almost a year since this began, [all the while] staving off all the disheartened pessimism, the shilling, the ridicule. Sacrificing our previous, “comfortable” lives to hang on to this single hope that this time, this time it’s for real. After all these years of promises without payoff, after all these years of hopes only for them to be dashed again and again by the puppet show that was put in front of us. Witnessing how the world was descending into madness, feeling it in our very bones that humanity couldn’t be this self-destructive, this immoral, this stupid…

And as it turns out, we were right, because it wasn’t humanity’s collective fault that the status quo was descending, that the poor were becoming poorer while the rich were becoming richer, that the middle class was shrinking, that “ordinary folk”, no matter their wealth, were getting so [little] – between the craziness and poverty.

It was a concerted effort by pure evil – evil that infected, that spread, that tried to mold us into monsters and the world into its image. Man against man, nation against nation, religion against religion, endless dividing and separating.

We knew this wasn’t how the world was supposed to be. We were looking for answers for so long in so many places. Doggedly chasing the TRUTH that was hidden from us. Lies upon lies, built on charlatanry and demagoguery. MORE lies presented as a solution to the problems created by lies in the first place. We were picking up scraps of truth wherever we could build a complete picture – a picture that was so terrible that few dared to name it.

We were slaves for who knows how long. Slaves to those who thought themselves better than us throughout history, traded between masters until we were finally sold to the ultimate evil. Slaves trusting our new masters each time to loosen the cuffs a bit, when they were busy ever-tightening them until we’d kill each other just to survive. How long has this slavery been going on? We don’t know. Over time it became more subtle, more … hidden.

We were given the illusion of freedom, a playground to spend our “money” in. Slave gardens. Keeping us just healthy enough for us to work for their benefit. Forever. However, that is about to end.

We will be slaves no longer.

This is the moment when we get our fates back. This is the moment when we rise above our chains, and thanks to Patriots all over the world, regain FREEDOM. No longer slaves to the system which sought only to protect and enrich itself. No longer slaves to work, to money, to ideas.

We will return to what we were supposed to be all along – PEOPLE, TOGETHER, STRONG, STANDING IN UNITY AND PRIDE, working towards a better world! All equal, all free, all able to live life as it was meant to be. No man [or woman] above another. Each pulling his [or her] weight and working on his own terms, of his own accord, to make this world the best it can be for all of us.

The United States of America is leading the way. The ideas set forth by the Founding Fathers, protected by the Constitution and every Patriot willing to defend it. If people are unwilling to defend their freedom, they will lose it, as has happened time and time again throughout history. We have become complacent in our shackles, cherishing the illusion that was given to us, the Matrix that was pulled before our eyes.

No more.

This stops now. We will forever record the events happening now. We will remember the lessons. We will defend our freedom. We will FIGHT. Why?


Once again, thank you, Q, for waking us up. Thank you, POTUS, for sacrificing your peace to free us. Thank you, US Military, for being the arm that will break the chains. Thank you, Patriots all over the world, for fighting, for sacrificing so much to keep the dream of freedom alive. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for making this dream come true.

Where We Go One, We Go All. For God and Country.

We will win.

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spy in the sky grid has been closed down to the dark spooks [manic panic time] lol ;-]

yes, Hal Turner has posted an update about that (, aaand, he is refering to posts from Q ;) wwg1wga

and here is the Alliance from today:

All Cabal networks and communications were shut down.

All Cabal surveillance and spy satellites have been terminated.

This occurrence was confirmed by Q.

Q Post 2012


Q Post 2016


Q Post 2018


Q Post 2020

GCHQ Bude sent DISTRESS SIG 8:09 Est.

Q Post 2021

'Main frequency band TERMINATED.

Securing or cutting off means of communications prior to an invasion is a legitimate military strategy.

The Cabal's ability to coordinate assets and retaliate has been severed.

Like a ship dead in the water or a chicken running around with its head cut off.

Retaliation is futile.

Final security measures are being prepared for major announcements.

All mainstream media outlets will be forced to concede and cover the major announcements.

The new quantum financial system is ready to take over.

Thus, the RV is expected to begin at any moment.




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