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Today I was given the honor of sharing with you some incredible news. The Elohim informed me that within a months time they will be finally showing themselves! They want you to know this now so you can prepare and be in joy. I have no more knowledge than anyone else but I do have faith that this is the truth. Showing themselves will not be overt at first. They will not be showing up on your door (at least not write away) :) You have to admit that after everything that has been happening in Japan we need them and they know this. Please accept this information in the manner it was given, with faith and love for all.



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Thats a pretty big call you are making without any substantial backing or detailed explanation from the Elihom themselves. Surely they would have some kind of detailed message for you that you could pass onto us.

I guess we can but wait and watch. We've seen plenty of channels such as yourself saying aliens were coming down "so soon" and of course it never does. Why? Because they (the aliens) want an offical invitation from our so called "governments" before they can come down. trouble is, our "goverments"(*cough, laugh*) are controled by an insideously  and dispicably evil banking/corporate/military industrail complex cable who would never let anything happen that would jeapordise their dictiorial and repressive grip on this world, its finances, media, governments, oil, drug trade,  and corporations in general. so we're pretty much f*&$%d either way. With no permission, they cant land, but with the cable in control, they will never get permission, yet we really need alien help to get rid of this cable, because they only way people will realise what is happening to them is if they were told the undeniable truth backed by hard evidence. So how can we get rid of them if they control every conceivable major channel of information flow, finance and government. Its like a recurring nightmare; please wake me up now.

  1. ok.. we all know they are already among us ... but UFOs in the sky.. 2000 mile long UFOs in the skys everywhere... complete unveiling ... we have been promised that we will see enormous UFOs that look like enormous cities... many of which are 2000 miles long and 2000 miles wide ... that will appear over the entire world for all to see... I am just tired and bored when people say stuff like that and then when it dosent happen they tell you something like the timeline wasn't ready... or some rubbish like that ... give me a break ! ... I'm also bored with people who claim to have contact with certain beings on a personal level... who give them regular updates.. f*** off.

Listen.. I didn't come down in the last shower ok. 


To anyone who makes a big claim about any cosmic event... and Ascendarra... I will say this.. I hope for your own sake.. that you are not the next Blossom Goodchild... no disrespect to you whatsoever or to Blossom either.


Finally someone with common since. 
Since the question Always remains, to be or not to be, I sense a cosmic shift.

Hmm, i wonder. Maybe they shown themself for those which have faith!

But i will say: They are here now!..

Wait... T Mois'eye said he was Jesus.  So that means Jesus is part of the Elohim?

And what's the Elohim?

He has never said he was Jesus to me?? It really doesn't matter... =) The message is as Rae says.. we have to save ourselves, all of us, together.. and its not all roses... alot of us won't make it... and that is fine for me as life goes on =)
LOL, i am going to be soo happy when everyone else sees them.. But I feel pretty special coz i already see them and can everynight!! Do you ever sit outside fort a few hours and will them lovingly to show themselves.. it works for me?!

Errm, he said he was the "Lion of Judah" in his last profile -- did you notice that?  Could be making a false claim.  Like that guy in Mexico who has this big church now because he said he was the next incarnation of Jesus.

Heck, I've never seen a being that is worshipped down here... no Seth-tan or nothing.  Just a few random people.

Rae,whens the last time you had a diaper change?6 months ago? No wonder why things smell funny around here! And what does funny smell like?
I'd look them up, it's too complicated to post here... and we are ALL Jesus, he is part of us; we are Christed beings.  I should warn you that there are conflicting stories on the Elohim... and two different but similar types of beings... one good and one not so good...

Hmmm okay, won't argue with you on these points, there are many fallacies... but who am I to judge?  The Annunaki are our allies now so I am not going to stir the pot.

But I will state that the Seven Sisters reside in the Pleiades, they are the galactic source of the Shekina- divine feminine energy... and the Seven Brothers are in the Ursa Major, that is the source of the Divine Male energy and the home of the Arcturians.  Astrologically speaking it all works...



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