Well if you don't care about animals lives, don't care about slaughterhouses, don't care about butchers and lastly don't care about stuffing yourself with dead animal meat carrying low vibes as the emotions..the fear instinct rotting the meat you eat as you are what you eat ...THEN LOOK FOR ANOTHER PLANET THAT LOVES BEINGS LIKE YOU AS PLANET EARTH IS GOING FOR PLANT BASED PRODUCTS FAST. 

European Plant-Based Food Sector Skyrockets 49% In Last 2 Years, Finds Study


Really it's happening all over this planet 

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          • So why did God creat animals with fearsome claws and teeth, lile eagles, vultures and lions?
            • Haha, well you could as easily say, why did God create humans without fearsome claws and teeth (except mental ones, lol)... circular logic just keeps going round...but it's all really about Love, and how we decide to align our choices... 💖
              • Man has no claws but ability fo forge tools. Earliest tools e.g. spears were used for hunting etc
              • That will not make my point! It is irrelevant to the chick whether a human pierced it or an eagle did it. In both case, he dies painfully. God could not have meant 'my animals must never be killed by anyone'. That was my point!
        • Using animals as vehicles is even more inhuman. So avatar that depicts an animal as a vehicle is relevant to the discussion about inhuman humans. Why condem other humans for doing 'different sins than you'?

          You say eating meat is cruel. Introducing snakes and lions to the issue is meant to show you that that claim is simplistic. The 'morality' here is circumstantial, not absolute.
          • This is not a debatable subject nor do I intend to puncture your belief system. It's a matter of transformation in the heart.
            • Some aspect of it is definitely debatable. An eagle, a crocodile, a lion etc are obviously built to attack and kill. Why did God/ nature do that? To believe that it is wrong to kill for the purposes of eating is to believe that God or nature made a grave mistake to be fixed by a human. Is that beleive tenable? Are we that important in this planet? To beleive so means to say that a lion or an eagle, unlike a man, is not 'well made' or 'well evolved'. Yes, they say that man has evolved to a better position and he is not espected to behave like an animal. Can we reprimand God/nature?

              Is a human 'better evolved'? No! Man is evolved/created in his own way, to adapted to his own needs. Man does not have a better 'moral obligation' than a lion. Therefore when we view this issue, we must put the man on the same par with a python, hyena, a fox, a cat, a chicken or a baboon! I know this sucks for a proud man who wants to believe he is 'closer to god' than these other animals, and therefore 'should be holy as god is holy'. But this is not the case!

              What does it happen when we put man on the same par with a domestic cat? We immediately see that like in a domestic cat, etc the question of what/ what not to eat (or even what/ what not to do in general) does not boil down to 'this is good' and 'this is bad'. To view the world and categorise things into the 'halal' vs 'haram' is the simplistic view that religions and society or governments imparts to us since child hood. The irony is that this may not be how God view it!!

              So you can't reduce the question of what chicken should eat into the question of 'this is good' or 'this is bad'. Same is the case for man. Eating is, to some extend, amoral. We don't even know whether it is 'more right' to eat plants. Plants too are living things and eating them destroys their lives. Plants protect themselves from being eaten by growing thorns etc. They don't see themselves as 'meant for food'.

              To believe that I have no moral obligation pertaining to what to eat is to believe that I am not better than a snake, a hyena, an eagle, a baboon or a crocodile! I am not 'closer to god' in 'holiness' or expectations of it. I am as innocent as these animals. I am in no way 'more cruel' for doing what they all do. I have no responsibility to 'fix the world' or to 'straighten things' that nature or God made them 'crooked'. Or in short, I am not God!!
              • But let me now exemplifies directly, so you may see human is as responsible as a snake. There are regions on these planets where plants just don't grow. Only thorns grow. They are called 'semi-arid'. People can only survive by eating meat and drinking blood! In some regions we have a hostile desert surrounded by a lake. The only thing you can do is fishing!! This pple are not in better position than snakes etc! But if we say it is wrong for a man to eat meat, we make a perverted sense of morality. What is moral, 'heart transformative' etc should apply to all men equaly!

                Or let me put it this way: what if someone from semi-arid joins ACC, what will he feel when he is assigned a 'lower position' based on what he actually has a little choice on it? Humans, as a whole, are not 'food secure', job secure etc. This is a problem of the society in general. The kind of thinking like those of KK heap this blame solely on the heads of 'meat eaters'.
                • R.Lovely, I agree blame isn't the way to go...and that there are some people, at this time, on this planet, who may need to eat animals to survive, but the great majority of humans on Earth don't need to. Nuts, seeds, legumes and/or plentiful other vegetable sources of protein and other nutrients are available/growable or can be sourced/bought in most areas.
                  Many plants do actually grow parts of themselves to be eaten, as they utilize insects, birds and animals to spread their seeds this way, and it is totally possible to live in a way that takes the life of no animal or plant for our physical needs, by choosing to eat that which grows in pods on vines, or fruit and nuts from trees, seeds and grains which are harvested once the plant has finished its natural lifespan etc...if one is in a region and circumstances to do so.

                  Blessings, Joanna.
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