The idiot government leaders made shady deals with Malevolent Extraterrestrials although they were warned by the Benevolent Extraterrestrials.

Dont need to say more except...get rid of your corrupt leaders and governments

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  • Well, those idiot leaders are so convinced that the lizardmen (as I like to call them) will benefit them more, and the fact that they've been brainwashed into hating their own species.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the power to get rid of them, unless the GFL decides to use force to remove said people through force.

    I wish we could take all the decent citizens of the globe to be transported off-world, and live elsewhere to be rehabilitated under the federation's guidance.
    • There is a change coming where the dark forces, elites, Illuminati, cabal, reptalions who are doing most of the damage and controlling all the above will get defeated and this will become a interstaller planet ...there are belevolent extraterrestrial working behind the scenes...and will surly succeed.
      • This merely replace 'angels' with 'ET' and 'demons' with 'cabals' and then peddles the same ancient religions. Otherwise explain how ETs work 'behind the scenes' without anyone seeing. What technology do they use? Is it pure magics? Is this just a new age religion that needs its version of demons and angels?
    • Lol! Pple have power to remove all leaders around the world! GFL is not necessary nor is it even desirable!! The thing is that people donnot BELIEVE in the things often said in this site about the governments. If 80% of the pple were to believe that the world is governed by cabals, and that thus democracy is a sham, then in a matter of hours, you will not see any government standing in the world!! All will be flattened to the ground.

      But what do we have? We have nothing but a political smear campaign. If you don't like a certain president, then suddenly 'the electoral bodies are run by cabals', yet the same body was the one that oversaw the election of the president you wanted! Pple are not stupid! That is the reason 'cabals are not beeing removed'. The story of cabals is just a political cheap campaign!
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