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  • LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! This raises your vibes ,we judge ourselves and others and this blocks the flow we tune into the collective consiousness that feeds on fear when we come from fear not love, We are love in our truth tune into YOUR light it is in us all , go within at least 10min a day, gently stop the mind and know YOUR knowing be the peace you want to see in this world, they are of a high vibration and they are answering our call for assistance and when you empower yourself you align with them, you align with higher aspects of you, you are a spirit having a human experience, the collective has just gotten unbalanced that is why more feminine energy is poring onto this planet to bring balance,light and gratitude
    Government Admits to Aliens Being Real (HQ)

    • I honor you truth my friend and it would be good if we could simply lift the vibrations ouselves, this is what I thought would happen, however we need to have assitence as time is running out, and yes sadley people will harm themselves when this happens, it is soul choice and it is for us to accept that this is what will happen and not to think that death is the end, I can not in one post tell you how I know this and it is not for me to do that, all i ask of you is that you consider the possibility that this is to happen soon and be at peace when it does and assist those around you that will be in fear and who will listen to those lost in control who say that these beings are here to take over.Namaste

  • how can one raise their vibrations high enough to communicate with them?
  • you will know that knowing!
  • Im confused. Are you saying that the 'aliens'/FOL are currently on/in/above the planet and these pictures are demonstrating that?
    • Yes it wont be long now we are expecting declocking before the years end
      • so now would be the time to contact them telepathically with more ease?
        • It isn't about the closeness it is about the frequency it depends on what is going on within oneself, this is why we need to have our vibrations high so as to connect with them they are sending love all the time we need to be able to receive, if our vibration is low we would be unable to tune in, they lower their vibration in order to meet ours.
  • I just got this from a member of my site

    Ok, 6 hrs after your first post about Google Earth, now the shape is right between east coast of South America and the western coast of Africa, it reaches almost all the way from the North Pole to very close to the South Pole, by Google Earth measurement it is 10,000 plus miles long!! (not over Australia anymore; it's moving! And hasn't it been on Google Earth most of this past week?) Is this a gigantic Ship??? Exciting!!
    • It is so exciting. my measurements were the same. keep up the love and light. have a great weekend.
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"Judith. Alkaline diet will kill any cancer. Research alkaline foods. Drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda once per day"
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