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The world’s first alcohol-free beer opened in London...More To Follow Till Alcohol Is Phased Out

The world’s first alcohol-free beer bar is launching in London

brewdog AF
Photograph: BrewDog

Dry January will be an absolute cinch this year. Not only has the capital got a whole load of pubs rethinking how they cater to sober customers, but completely dry bars keep multiplying too. The latest to jump on the on-the-wagon bandwagon is BrewDog.

The Aberdeenshire brewer is opening a teetotal bar in Shoreditch next week for those off the booze but not keen to forgo the brews. BrewDog AF Bar (as in alcohol-free) will be the world’s first alcohol-free beer bar, with 15 taps pouring low-and-no craft beers. That includes two new alcohol-free options from BrewDog itself – a stout and a New England IPA – as well as the brewery’s already famous Nanny State and Punk AF beers.

The bar will also be running fun events, from hip hop karaoke to booze-free bingo, and will be staying open until 11.30pm at weekends – guaranteeing that your Dry Jan will be anything but dry.

BrewDog AF Bar opened on Mon Jan 6 at 211 Old St, EC1V 9NR.

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Those who drink alcohol are really idiots who need help and should be put in rehabitalitation centres where they must be reeducated that alcohol is bad for your health, wealth  .. mind, body and soul as under the influence of alcohol you create more karma ..more crime, fights and abusive language plus you stink of booze and most alcohol drinkers smoke as well or even take drugs thus behave like zombies

True......a great topic to raise on ACC.....cheers mate [alcohol-free]

To phase out alcohol the first step is to limit its sales by having none in supermarkets and side and corner stores only in a few pubs and later completely phased out replaced with alcohol free drinks  

Agreed....I have even known people to swig from the bottle, as they type comments online, with/to the sober...A veritable spectacle of one-sided discussion, as the drunkard revels in sentiment for lost times past.."Happy times," they regret the loss of. Errors in their memory and logic, abound. Typos in plentiful supply, which ultimately leads to their unabated, drunken hostility, towards the sober, who may fail to appreciate the drunk's views, sentiments, core beliefs [freely exposed,] hangups and identifications; long forged....

Ban alcohol...What some call; the demon bottle, who spake in place of the soul.......;-]

First they start drinking alcohol then the alcohol starts drinking them ...they then end up living in a bottle.

Drinking alcohol does not solve your problems but only multiplies it and then you sink mind, body and soul deeper and deeper...very few manage to get out for good ...some for a short time then back on the wagon to hell 

      Alcohol kills many people every year and it affects many Indigenous people living in remote areas. Poverty is only one the main issues. Homicide is another issue. Racism is another ...etec .   Some people have become addicted to alcohol because of a gene that makes them easily addicted to alcohol. Alcohol fetal syndrome mainly affect great number of Indigenous children. Alcohol is one of the biggest thriving businesses worth millions. Anyone can make alcohol and get recipes on the internet or from products from a pharmacy and alcohol causes liver damage. 

  It does look positive to see some business switch to non - alcohol bars and clubs at least it is good news. 

Those who are under the influence of Alcohol spoil the peace of others as they tend to use a lot of abusive language ...they tend to shout in public and they tend to start fights .. so Alcohol needs to be totally phased out of planet earth and the same applies to smoking and drug taking 



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