Pharma Drugs 

All the above need to be controlled and limited sales ...till finally phased out of planet earth 


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  • No that’s NOT the way forward lol Just what is this. Don’t become a petty tyrant now.

    Look, I don’t drink lol I don’t do drugs, just none of that SHIT lol But, you can’t just ban these things. Like meat, really lol Cigarettes, alcohol. You can’t ban those things, A it won’t work, people will find a way to get them. B, you old folks whine about communist this and that, well wtf is more communist, than the government telling you what you can eat lol

    People are free to do these things, you need to educate people, and people need to find the WILL to live right. To give up addictions, to eat at least less meat. You can’t pass laws forcing people to do that, wtf, are you NUTS.

    Oh we don’t want a communist society. But YOU CAN’T EAT MEAT, ban it from the market lol YOU CAN’T DRINK, ban it lol Look either you believe it freedom. Or you DON’T. And if you don’t, then stop whining about communism, because people like Joe Biden want to force you to wear a frickin mask lol Okay. Or AOC wants free health care, what a socialist FREAK. Trying to control my life. You with the cigarette though. PUT THAT SHIT OUT NOW, or I’m calling the cops lol
    • Such is what I was arguing about sometimes back on ACC wall. Pple should differentiate between 'freedom de-facto' vs 'freedom de-jure'. When pple say, for instance, that 'US is free', it must be understood that freedom in paper is meaningless. US is not a free country in the sense that there is no 'spirit of freedom' amongst its pple. For instance if, de-jure, there is 'freedom of speech' but in work places, you are fired if you speak against such and such party, pple will never be free de-facto, which is what matters!

      But the worst manifestation of ubsence of 'spirit of freedom' is to boast that unlike in Russia, or China, there is 'freedom of expression' in US. However, you also cheer authoritarians or tyrants from other countries when they infringe of other pple's rights, when they crack down on 'expressions' that you don't like them as a person. For instance, you don't like 'hip-hop', or rap music. So you cheer Putin for supposedly cracking down on rap while at the same time boasting that 'unlike Russia we leave in a free country'. It just doesn't make any sense!

      This inconsistency you are noticing it has become very rampant in ACC amongst these so called 'conservatives' who have taken over this site! Unwittingly, they can't make up their minds whether they are proponents of personal freedoms or authoritarianism!!
      • Damn right they have, just wtf, this is supposed to be a SPIRITUAL site lol Yet here these conservative freaks are, espousing their crap. 80% of which isn’t even true lol

        Look either you believe in freedom. Or you don’t. You know. Don’t like rap, don’t listen to it lol But don’t tell ME I can’t listen to it lol You know. Don’t tell ME I can’t do ANYTHING lol Jancar does anything he wants, anytime he wants lol

        I don’t drink lol I don’t like drinking. But I’m not gonna try and force people not to drink lol Like wtf. It’s a free will choice. They got to dig within to get sober and release the alcohols hold.

        I’m for freedom. And people’s right to be who they are. The only exception is if your “freedom” endangers or hurts someone. Other than that, it’s fair game lol You know. You gotta be able to take it.

        I used to post a lot in here, I’ve never ONCE told people to stop lol Or like removed their comments, or tried to ban them lol Freedom is important and either you believe in freedom or you don’t. Freedom. What a concept lol
        • This guys are being plaid by cabals, and they are not realizing it!! They can't see the same snake oil sold in different bottles. So they now think that 'war on cabals' is something some how partisan! Let me draw the analogy even more clearly. A 'Mexican' is analogous to a 'virus'. A 'Mexican' does not force his way to any individual's home, of course. So why is an 'immigrant' an issue? Why shouldn't a government try to 'stop a virus' but should try to 'stop a Mexican'? Why should you think one, and not the other 'infringes on freedom'.

          I can also ask, why denounce a mask so much but also champions 'building a wall across Mexican border'. Can't you see that this is like a 'huge mask' on the 'nose of America'? If you can't discern any similarity, then the cabal will play on you forever!!
          • Or lets exemplify it using the 'international lock down' termed 'tight immigration policy'. Freedom should mean freedom to move, freedom to leave anywhere you want etc etc. So pple who are pro-liberty in the world cannot reasonably also advocates 'immigration policies'.

            Notice that a robin bird does not ask anybody permission to travel from South Africa all the way to Europe !!! This is because Europe does not even belong to human beings in the first place. (Any more than the ears of a dog belongs to the fleas who leave at that particular part of the dog)!😆
            • But we have now a situation where these right wing fanatics, basically want to lock down the whole border lol And have NO immigration. Because of WHAT, is my question. What exactly is going to happen if you let in migrants lol

              I swear these people must think like Attila and the Huns are coming lol Like Vlad the Impaler, the Mongols. Genghis Khan and the Mongols are coming lol To destroy and take over. Just these aren’t just poor people wanting a better life, these aren’t just folks coming to work and live. No, it’s a HORDE of darkness coming over lol Just ugh.

              They’re talking about limiting immigration. Like Trumpy wanted to do lol Limit immigration. Or have a “merit” based immigration system, where only people with “merit” are allowed to come in, whatever the hell that means lol Which btw, is absurd lol That’s not freedom, that’s NOT what America and Canada was founded to be.

              What’s sensible Immigration policy. A secure border, obviously people shouldn’t be able to just walk in. And then, an efficient and speedy immigration system, where wait times are like no more than a year. Max. And that’s it lol You know. Forget politics, forget all this crap, that’s sensible.

              A country is a land, it’s not owned by anybody. It’s not our “home” lol A country isn’t a house lol They’re not invading our home, and oh we have to feed them, shelter them, just that’s NOT what it is.

              People should be free, relatively free, to come and go as they please. That’s freedom. I mean you believe in freedom or not. Oh criminals might come over, yea that’s part of the game lol But guarantee 95%+ of people coming aren’t criminals lol

              White folks just scared what they’ve done all over the world, invade, subjugate and take over other people, will be done to them lol That’s all it is, and guarantee it won’t happen lol
            • That’s basically always been my view. People should be FREE, to travel between countries freely lol Relatively freely.

              We have a situation where you have to basically pay the government, for permission to travel. Via a passport, you need a passport to travel anywhere lol Why should I have to pay the government for permission to travel.

              Immigration policy, well, what about freedom lol You know. People should basically be free to move whereever they want. Without having to wait like 3-5-10-20 years even, to be “allowed” in. Some people have to wait up to 20 YEARS for their citizenship. And you wonder why people come in “illegally”. Nobody wants to wait that long lol
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