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The Virgin Mary Pub...The First Non Alcohol Pub .. Culture Shift Is Happening Slowly

The first non alcohol Pub as people can have a good time without alchocol...and all the damage it does to your health, wealth, relationship and karma.


The rest of the world need to follow this shift till alcohol is phased out from Planet Earth 

Be Wise Choose Non-Alcohol Drinks 

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The kingdom of God is within you...Christ is within you ...Your body is a sacred temple ...SO CUT OUT THE BOOZE healthy, wealthy and wise.

I hope this pub is also all vegetarian/ vegan if not should be and more should be opened around the world alcohol free and meat free 

Hi! I'am a non-alcohol drinker myself I think its a great idea for people who drink Pepsi soda like me to have somewhere to gather at hopefully it will become a trend for the whole planet goodbye.

Pretty cool, but I wish that they had opium dens.

There are plenty of places in this world that serve non-alcoholic beverages, that's nothing new. But this is an Irish pub, so that's pretty novel :) 

I know it's named after a tomato juice drink but sounds a little blasphemous to be plastered onto a sign over a pub-like those churches that have become nightclubs -moslems are poring into the West and mosgues are going up and garbage like omar the mutilated from somalia are getting elected to OUR congress!!!

Here's the future?


Image result for crazy pics of omar

Stanley Kubrick added this image to the futuristic Clockwork Orange

Image result for clockwork orange jesus statue

I know what you mean ...first thing is to phase out Halal meat from Planet Earth 

Pakastani and Arab muslims use stealth tactics buying politicians, targeting an area an when population is high enough run for offic, build mosques everywhere , promote muslim lifestyle as the only way,etc.this muslim march into the west is being done to us from the 'elites' who are the scum of the Earth

Very true ...but the righteous always win in the end...a day will come when the Muslims will fight each other and that will be there end ...quote Srila Prabhupada founder of Hare Krishna Movement 



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