~*The ViBrAtiON of Creation*~ :D

Creation is a word that like a ball is thrown around

It is not a product of grand intellect, in the heart is where it's found


Anyone can create a tool, a toy, some new distraction

But inspiration for true creation originates from your heart and soul's contraction


For when you allow within yourself God's love to permeate

Manifests the sensation to relax and CO-create.

"CO" due to the COmpany that you have uncovered

A loving partner within yourself that's not from another


The vibration of creation that comes forth through this place

Has unimaginable potential to restore our godly grace


COllectively COercing and nudging the unfolding of our souls

To lay bare our feet so we may confidently cross the coals

That make the smoldering heat that has held us from our start

Whose presence has brought forth fear that pries our

MINDS                 and                     HEARTS              apart


We can simply create structures that bring forth separation

But to re-build the bridge that binds us requires a HIGH vibration


When we recognize ourselves and God in every grain of sand

We will INHERIT our CREATIVE GIFTS and bring PEACE into this land



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  • Very nice,, thank U for sharing that,,,

    all my Love for Valentines and forever,,

    : )

  • Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you!!
  • This is wonderful and flows beautifully..Thank you so much for writing this and sharing this. It is full of truth and upliftment. Feel the love.
  • Beautiful somesayimnot... Thank you for  b e i n g  You.



  • thank you feather!  I write for you and all reflections of God :) 


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