From the discussions I read on this website, I feel that some dear souls are lost and have forgotten the divine plan that they are supposed to be part of. Some are lost in conspiracy mentality and others in their limited understanding of spirituality. It is sad to see the struggle and confusion. I am guided to share my perspective here for those who resonate with it.

Lost in conspiracy mentality  To wake up from the lies and see the truth is only the first step. It is not in itself a solution. It is the wake up call to find the solution. However, many are obsessed with this and cannot look beyond. They take an attitude that if you are part of current system and you have relationship with the “dark” ones or rich ones, then you are bad. And if you are an elected president, you are surly part of the dark empire. From this point of view, they cannot see any solution other than that some saviours outside this world come and help to crash the dark empire. And this is the very reason so many obsessed with channelled messages which tell them “when” something will happen and “we” will help you to get out of the situation. We will arrest some people and change the system so You can live in a better world.  Regardless how the massages are written, this is how they interpret these messages. Then when nothing happened, they are full of disappointment and resentment. Why? Because they denied the possibility that the system could be changed from the inside and they can be part of that. They denied their own power to change and this is the power that Obama called for – the power of the people. “First contact” and “Disclosure” are their only hope and that hope has been dashed again and again.

Why not give yourself a chance to look beyond and see from a higher perspective? If you were the soul making the plan to save humanity, what would you do? You know you cannot change its manifestation without changing the collective consciousness itself. You cannot invade other souls’ free will by sending a fleet on 3D earth to force the contact.  You will make the changes from within and you send ground crew. Just like many light workers being born in this “dark” planet, some are born within or interact with its very core-the dark empire.  If you believe you are a light worker on a dark planet, you should not label everyone associated with dark empire being bad.

 I mentioned this in my last blog and I want to repeat it.  Revolution is based on separation consciousness, with one side overcomes the other.  It can never bring oneness and harmony because the level of consciousness decides its manifestation. Evolution means a peaceful transition. It is the manifestation of an ascending consciousness.  Do not let Hollywood “mantra” to fool you: achieving justice through violence; achieving peace through destruction. “Arrests” will happen when we have an enlightened system; not the other way around: “arrest” has to happen so we can have an enlightened system.  I recommend a movie called “I AM”. It shows how consciousness gradually evolves and changes the world.

 If war or chaos occurs, what will happen to ascension? Bloodshed and pain will cause so much negativity that the vibration level of the collective consciousness will drop.  At the same time high frequency comic light is coming to earth (this is a cosmic events and will not stop or wait for earth to adjust).  Imaging what is going to happen to pour boiling water to icy cold glass. You get the picture.  The only solution then is to shield the earth to some degree. However, there would be a lot of souls losing their chance of awakening and ascension because of the lower vibration level of the collective consciousness and less light coming in to activate their DNA.

Between the two candidates, who wants to start wars and who wants to stop them, if possible? Who is trying to change the system and who want to keep the old ways? Look for answers.

Lost in “spirituality”.  There are some dear friends who believe being spiritual is to detach from the lower vibrations of mundane issues such as politics, social movement, etc.   And sometimes it is their vibrations that repel these topics. However, as light workers we come at this pivotal time to change the 3D world and that is why we take on physical form.  I want to share an interesting story called  “God will save me”(see  for detailed story ) just briefly:

There was a man who had strong faith in God. One day there was a warning from local officials that the riverbanks would soon overflow and flood the nearby homes. They ordered everyone in the town to evacuate immediately.

 The man ignored the warning and believed God would send a divine miracle to save him if he was in danger. He refused a few helps offered to him and end up drowned. When in Heaven, the man stood before God and asked, “I put all of my faith in You. Why didn’t You come and save me?”

And God said, “Son, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a motorboat. I sent you a helicopter. What more were you looking for?”

Is it funny? But I can see many people have same mentality. They wish for “miracles”: a fleet of UFO landing in the middle of Olympic field; three days without sun followed by a brand new world. They cannot see divine in ordinary or “mundane” things and they failed to recognise the divine plan or remember it. Politics is too dirty and politicians are filthy.

They have forgotten that the creation is one but with different layers expressed with different frequencies. They are interwoven and are connected. So called “Physical” or “spiritual” is only the perception from a 3D point of view.  In reality, they are all energies and divine consciousness with different intensity. You can lift up “filthy physical” to “divine spiritual” by changing its vibrational level.


There is a plan and you are part of it. It is a plan to help humanity to EVOLVE. Light workers came to earth and some are working within the dark empire. There are people who are rich and powerful but of light and that is a very important part of the plan.  Saint doesn’t descend from the clouds. They walk on earth as ordinary people. As light workers, we recognise each other though our hearts and souls, not outside sources. That is why it is so important to go within.  We mean to work together to raise collective consciousness AND be the pioneer to manifest it.  With a higher level of consciousness, we can set up a system which is fair (as Obama said many times: a system that everyone play under the same rule) and of higher vibration so that it can lift up the rest of the humanity. Political system is the most crucial part and many had the mission to fulfil their soul’s desire – to be part of this unique event.  When the system is changed, the whole “physical” world will express in a very different frequency. It will be ascending in frequency terms and merge into a higher existence – a reality or frequency where our star brothers and sisters reside. That is when we can finally embrace them.

It is our job to raise our consciousness and change the systems in this world because we are the ground crew. You have the power to change so do not leave others to decide your future. Go deep within to feel their energies and try that without prejudice.  There were people labelled Jesus as fake or bad, and many agreed to put him on the cross. But those who could feel him with their hearts knew the truth. Give yourself the opportunity to follow your heart, fulfil your soul’s purpose and be part of the divine plan.

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    Government Regulator Sues Wall Street Banks For Fraud In Subprime Mortgage Deals
    (my comment: So the government has not aligned itself with 1%’s agenda. That is probably why there are so much anger and hatred projected toward him )
    Mike White, Rite-Hite CEO, Warns Employees Of 'Personal Consequences' If Obama re-elected

    (My comment: Are these workers really going to believe they are on the same boat with their boss? Maybe some of them do)
    • It's a mess,  isn't it? With so many lies filling the airwaves and the broadband, how does anyone make an educated, logical decision?  BTW, does anyone remember who it was that channeled about 6 months ago that Obama would be stepping down from the presidency before the Nov 6th election?  I've been trying to relocate that channeling. 

      • :-)

        Yes. There are many lies and misinformation. As a light worker, one must work hard to raise his/her consciousness to be able to see through them.


    how do you end up with TWO evils? ....Do you see through the plot? What is the BIG picture?
  • Many believe that they are doing "good" and "right" when really they are insanely evil.  Because someone possesses powerful charisma merely indicates them as having an attractive energy.  Always leaders who are rotten in their core must appear to be wholesome and sincere.  Always the people are duped, it takes a great deal of effort to see past a perfect fake.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a german who escaped the ghoulish reign of the Nazis bears witness to this in his book "The Cost of Discipleship".  He describes being present at one of Hitler's speeches and telling how it was difficult to keep from being mesmerized by this powerful speaker.  He had to tear his mind away from listening to this madman.  I find it strange that Pres.Obama received his "Peace Prize" (For what?)  standing behind the same podium Hitler used.  No one sees the staged and forced effrontery of creating a puppet that gives us the illusion that all will be well with the world.  Real change comes from people changing from the inside out.  Rolling up their sleeves and confronting what doesn't work in human nature.  Not whitewashing the situation with wonderful words, slogans, and pictures.   Score: Illuminati -2, People -0.

  • Yes. I agree   :-)

    Channelling is basically thought energies being "translated" into 3D form - languages or pictures. A channel's own value system, cultural background, spiritual understanding will affect the messages. Without a neutral or open mind, the messages will be filtered through and distorted. And that is why sometimes channelled messages looks contradicting.

  • About channelling, I personally do not recommend anyone to "learn".  The ability of channelling your higher Self and telepathy can be achieved by raising your consciousness. It will come to you naturally. And Inner talk and self reflection play important parts in developing these abilities.

    The channels who truly serve GF and other beings in higher realms are following their inner calling. It is not an ego-based intention. If someone try to channel for whatever reason other than following the inner calling, there is a risk that they could used to spread misinformation by undesirable entities because ego-based intention will attract beings with lower viberations. That is probably why we have many misleading messages. The channelling should be initiated from higher realms.

  • "If you abuse power power abuses you. If you share with power power shares with you. If you tend to the needs of others the world tends to your needs, freely. Magically. Divinely."

    I absolutely agree!

  • thanks mate, that was a good, fulfilling read :)

  • Thank you Pleiadian light; I agree with all you write. You cite the reasons why I am giving my vote to our President. 

This reply was deleted.

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