THE  SURRENDER.....................................

It is convenient to all  

forget the Ascension
the  powers are very strong
It's a needless suffering for all
continue in illusions
ridiculous we become
quit quit quit
Many thanks to those who understand
8110710052?profile=originaltank  you 
for understanding and friendship thanks  grazie  ciao

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  • ...<3....:)....x...

    • ciao  bellissima....


  • Thank you I wanted to ask you read books by: VADIM ZELAND: REALITY TRANSURFING??? It is an excellent live food and key Green! interesting ....


    then look here I CEMENITE
    I built a lot of interest ...
    Hello and thanks a lot  ciao  e  grazie  saluti  dall'italia....


    Cemenite Story 6: How to make cemenite – The Truth Denied Alternative News
  • i see how you mean this feather but when someone is using a material thing often, lets say 1 time on each day they become attachted to it no matter what they do against it...

    if that makes any sense at all :? XD

  • Ascension takes decades and maybe lifetimes-keep studying tried and tested spiritual texts and surrender your ego to the God/Goddess-and don't read the stupid channels-most are fake 

    • true there is little or nothing, the controllers falsify all-

      I don't think most anything even what I see ....

      ciao Pet  grazie   saluti  italiani...

  • 8115017881?profile=original

    I give up at all: renounce the money, women, beautiful, large property the prosperity I renounce everything, I am going to make the poor bum!

  • yerrr..... 2008

  • I only run with the wildest horses

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"The evil demonic 'cabal' directly effects 4th plane worlds- both sides B and A and for some insane reason( I believe the 3d amnesia 'stage' is for spiritual growth) world events and direction are decided in 3d
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I had not known of the recent muon g-factor measurement. But your link did not contain anything. There is an error.

If you follow more on this, you will find that the supposed experiment does not challenge quantum theory (actually the…"
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