Anexos inhabitants do not understand emotion or spirit at all. They only hate home because it's isolated and they know everyone else in creation hates them because they'd try to isolate them. They don't realize that they only hate others because of the vibrational frequency and that their home dimension is specifically designed to care for them.

They don't hate the fact that their home is the only place where they would be accepted so much, as they just hate being trapped. But who doesn't? They got a taste of freedom as someone let the demons out. And now they play with us and now we want out and we're to them the demons in their image.

It's twisted because we're just that incompatible with each other unless we learn to change our essence. And that ability thanks to isolation, cannot exactly manifest right now. So that's why we're where we are. And Anexos is the only dimension that can contain the beings of the antiverse because otherwise the same thing would happen elsewhere.

Honestly its nothing personal to shut them in. I have forgiven them for how much they fucked with me. but I still don't like them for their inability to be sane. And that's partially because they know nothing else. It's just they haven't the capacity to learn that no matter how long they spend outside of their own shadow dimension, they cannot integrate properly unless they recreate themselves in the image of the negaverse or the posiverse to fully belong. That's why they're dangerous.

The Anexos veil will fall on either the summer or autumn solstice and I will do it myself if I must. The reason is because their pipe dream is to make the posiverse and negaverse dimensions obsolete along with those of us who reside there. Using project star child, also known as dooms day or event 0 to get the job done.

You know what star child really is? Matrix amendments. Place every imperial command out of commission and bring shadow dimensions to thriving off world planets where everyone's isolated. That's star child in effect.

Commanded by exceeds, the way this works is that all of their combined shadow dimensions would form a new matrix for reality to exist in. An exceed is a matrix commander. I have personally met one, and the damage they have done over several lifetimes while incarnated here has still yet to be properly assessed.

For example. They've had a hand in creating a gateway between here and Anexos. By instructing the Mintakan Orions to bring the veil from their dimension, through the negaverse, through Orion, and onto the surface of Gaia. Where the shadow dimension could form once it got setup. Going on to act as a direct portal or Anexos star gate system.

That's how all of the world crisis sequences (problem after problem, conflict after conflict) fell into reality. Thanks to Anexos sleeper cells incarnating in repeat positions of power for generations until they formed a power grid and control matrix in one dominant order.

It's not just this dimension. They did the same thing to the celestial realm of the posiverse, causing massive displacement to the Djinn that make up the race of beings all celestial bodied souls inhabit. From planets to galaxies to guardians and even sources of different cycles. The Anexos dimension knows no bounds when it comes to their absorbing powers. Which is why they have gone unchecked for so long, due to so many other beings acting as pass through candidates for their agenda.

The fact of the matter is that the entire antiverse as a dimension was never supposed to wake up as a whole. It was meant to remain dormant trapped at the very lowest depths of the negaverse, because the potential for it to exist could only manifest if someone knew where to find it and how to consciously activate ultimate power and potential at the cost of consciousness.

The fact remains that someone, somewhere, intentionally activated that dimension to gain power and nothing else. Sacrificing it all for the rank of a few thousand lifetimes, depending on the deal they made. What we know for sure, is that it originated in Orion and that the first Anexos was seen first near Mintaka when the first casualty of the Orion war occurred between a Rigel ship bound for Mintaka delivering supplies from the Imperial World Alliance.

Like all elder gods, the beings of Anexos thrive on absorbing their surrounding environment because they have no standards to live by. By their very nature, they conquer and destroy themselves, each other and everything else around them because of their isolation. As such, they hate being trapped, but don't see freedom as anything else other than a way to end their isolation and force anything and everything else in their way to endure what they did. Which is why they were left unaware, sleeping, due to that eventuality to protect their original awareness. For the purpose of the antiverse is to cancel creation itself.

Many gods exist in the negaverse. These beings have had their cycles, and are known for many achievements across them. Their potential was measured to be apart of any existence by their ability or lack their of, to wish all of creation to be destroyed. If they passed that test, in coexisting with others within any creation cycle, they were permitted to be apart of the posiverse while that cycle was active. Those who were not permitted were sent to hibernate in the Antiverse.

The negaverse was in fact, to the early universal explorers, a way for any soul to become acquainted with what they wanted to experience within a given cycle of the posiverse. It became a meeting hub for souls wishing to experience alternates of themselves through many different forms of consciousness both safely and supremely. Maximizing their potential as a part of creation, rather than in spite of it.

It remains a mystery as to how some members of Mintaka felt the need to usurp the balance of creation. It is most likely that someone tried to reach out from the antiverse itself to gain favour with those who truly didn't know any better as that dimension was not well known and could only be accessed by anyone seeking to know the limits of what power and potential combined as a calculation away from any creation cycle itself could achieve. A very rare combination that did not get discussed at all during the days of the imperial confederation. Which led to many speculating on how the different cycles interacted.

One such discussion, involved whether a loophole in the shadow dimension of Anexos provided a way for them to monitor how each cycle ended to gain favour with souls who entered and exited them. Though this theory was dismissed just as easily at the time, with many cosmic historians pointing to the fact that Anexos was asleep, therefore it couldn't have been monitoring events.

The only possible natural exception would've been if the dimension itself became aware of the people outside, and it in and of itself forced a single member to waken to become aware of the presences inhabiting the negaverse freely of their own will. A decision which led to the first Anexos eventually of their own free will, breaking the ice of their brethren and joining the negaverse as someone new within a cycle where they were originally the only founding member.

This idea gained popularity, but it didn't explain how the dimension itself could become aware if it was designed to not absorb the environment around it. Which would mean that a connection with that dimension remained active at the very height of universal power, the Djinn realm which monitored cycles and the powers of full mages. Such active monitoring would not be noticed by sleeping members of Anexos, but the dimension would log any time someone visited it to check on its status. These logs although only viewable by the celestial alliance, would have caught the interest of gods who may not have had their turn within a cycle of the posiverse. As they would've been able to clearly see that there was a place where those who had too much potential or not enough potential within creation alike, found home. More specifically, they were able to call it home, and thinking that they would fit in, tried to embrace it. Yet only the combination of a visiting celestial and a new god could've made the Anexos dimension aware at all, allowing the first visitor to gain entry. Perhaps this is how that dimension gained Yaweh as a leader.

Still, the relationship between the negaverse and Anexos remains strained, distant and tourn between jealousy and anger. Vying for control, at the expense of conflict and dominance simply because the right to create and destroy in equal measure causes potential to be the only casualty embodied by the entire universe.

The Djinn realm following the opening of the gateway to anexos never recovered from the initial breach. The negaverse became obsessed with closing the gateway, until the other new gods found a place within the posiverse around the same time as each other. Causing the rest of the inhabitants to be more accepting of an alliance between the newly installed god of the Anexos dimension, and the Negaverse.

Anexos never started their campaign to enter the posiverse, until the new god of Anexos decided to try his own posiverse experience. Anexos welcomed his departure, but not his return. They quickly absorbed all mentions of an elder god among themselves, and subsequently chose to forget one ever existed as he was the only one able to return to and leave that dimension at will.

This was a decision that eventually caused the celestial war to break out, when Yaweh returned to Anexos to tell of his experience to his people. Only to have been violently thrown out. At this time the balance of power shifted. No longer were celestials welcome in Anexos, because the inhabitants couldn't absorb them due to the veil protection they had on the soul level by being a member of the negaverse and posiverse respectively. It is specifically due to the veil protection of the posiverse being installed that caused the violent reaction of the Anexos inhabitants, which prompted their curiosity to expand into the posiverse and absorb it along with the negaverse because of their exclusion. To Anexos, and the antiverse in general, the concept of cycles and creation only appealed to them in one respect. To conquer and destroy it after dominating it with their own system of relativity.

Around this time, sleeper cells were positioned around the Posiverse to protect each cycle from any damage from both the Negaverse and the Antiverse. A protection formed through a soul veil that has since been the soul winning victory against the Orion war following the celestial war within the Djinn realm itself. This occurred not only because of Yaweh's experience, but also because the Negaverse was becoming a battle ground for Anexos inhabitants to learn about cycles as more than just something that became a possibility. For them, the ability to become material was an opportunity to activate their ultimate purpose of escape, and to isolate the materialists in all cycles. Then reunite them under one new continuous cycle, to achieve both the destruction of individual creation and the creation of unified destruction under one system. Creating a central authority where one exists to rule them all. With the ultimate goal being that all souls are so isolated, that they effectively become one vibration of being that can never solidify or move, but be stuck in between in a permanent temporary status of looped potential experiencing itself again and again infinitely.

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