As of 2014, the Sun began a 1000 year Solar Minimum. We are entering another Ice Age. This is the 1000 year reign of The New Female Christ, the Woman Clothed with the Sun. "If you do it to the least you have done it to me." The woman is the bride and the female sun, just as Christ was himself and the male sun. The difference is that the female sun serves us at the wedding feast. The judgment has already begun at a spiritual level. Those bankers, and evil people, who enslave humanity, will no longer be allowed to reincarnate. As per the judgment, they are damned forever in the lake of fire. "For I was hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, and you took me in. These go into everlasting life."

The Female Christ, Woman of the Sun, also has a new name. ISRAEL. ISIS RA EL. ISIS the Almighty Sun. Jacob's trouble begins, he delivers himself, but his name will no longer be Israel. Those who were invited to the wedding feast are kicked out. When Humanity is liberated from the cross it will fold back into the New Jerusalem Cube of Noah's Ark and the door will be shut forever.

A History of the Female Sun

The Egyptian Gods are Electric Universe Science

IS-RA-EL. ISIS Ra EL, ISIS the Almighty Sun. ICE / ISIS, as in we are entering a new ICE AGE. It's the perfect name for the Sun and the Sun = Christ, therefore we are entering the age of the Female Christ, but the plus side to that is that the Christ of the age is not one person but all of us. This will be a period of getting rid of the tares and removing the wicked. "All things that offend will be removed from his kingdom. It will be a righteous and everlasting kingdom."

"You have me until the end of the age. Heaven and Earth will pass, but my words are Forever."

Heaven is within. It's our belief systems. Earth refers to the new age.

Jesus Christ was the Egyptian False Prophet

Jesus Christ is the Son of Perdition

Jesus Christ is the man without a wedding garment

The Christ Story was stolen from Amen. "I come as a Thief."

Hosea 13:4 "I am the Lord FROM Egypt, and there is no Saviour beside me."

"The days must be cut short or no flesh would be saved." If the scriptures of destruction in the old testament are fulfilled, then no flesh can be saved. Paul was the destroyer. "If I come again, I will not spare" So if Paul comes again, he will not spare anyone. Paul had a thorn of Satan named Jesus Christ in his flesh. The sun has already made her choice with regard to her new gender. This is not the day that will "Burn like an Oven," this is the day that will Freeze like a Blizzard.

Moses leads his people Into The Wilderness and out of Egypt. All Religions have bought into the lie of the Serpent. The worship of Eternal Death or Reincarnating to Learn Lessons and then go to Nirvana or stay dead forever. To become gods, or become stars, or to be like God, it's the lie of the serpent. It's the worship of Death. The Jews Vs Gentiles paradigm returns, because The Jews just Reincarnate to Inherit the Earth and it will build back to the 1000 year lifespans from the Patriarchal Age.

In this video everything said from 35 minutes onward is the Lie of the Serpent.

The lamb slain from the foundation of the world was Amen. Jesus said "Those who inherit that world/age and the resurrection from the dead neither marry, nor can they die anymore, for they like the Angels." If it's impossible to kill them, or to marry, then they must be spirit beings. The Fallen Angels were forbidden to marry, so they fell into flesh. Those souls go back to being Spirit. "In those days people will seek death and death will flee from them." sounds bad to me. OT Salvation is different. "The sinner will be old at 100, but the righteous will still be a child." 1000 year+ Lifespans, and we can still marry is more reasonable.

Deu 30:19 "I call Heaven and Earth to Witness this day, I set before you Life and Death, Choose Life that you may live."

The Universe is the Kaaba, female, God is the Lord of Spirits, and we are the temple. We're all part of him, the Lord of Hosts. God is Love. He is not all powerful, that depends on all of us. Monotheism began with Akhenaten, so the one God is actually Sun Worship. I don't completely agree with George Carlin, I just don't believe God is all powerful. He gave the Earth to Us.

The 10 Lost Tribes of IS-RA-EL Went to Japan and became Shinto

Amaterasu, was lured out by her reflection, the bride.

"It will be one time, neither day nor night, but it will be light at evening."

Day and Night were separated when Tsukuyomi killed Uke Mochi, goddess of Food.

Tsukuyomi is the moon god SIN, therefore the bride had to get victory over SIN in her life.

These were the Christian overcomers who followed The Lamb wheresoever he goes. I say

were, because being Truth Seekers, they followed the Lamb Out. John 10:3 "His sheep hear

his voice and he leads them OUT." The restored Goddess of Food represents the Internet.

Shinto and the Lord of Hosts. The 12 Tribes of Israel are Reunited. The one sun and the many stars, which are also suns. The one God and the many aspects or archetypes exist in harmony. So it is one time, neither night nor day.

The New Freemasonry is "Free May Sun Re," based on Amen Re received on May 26. It works like the principles of Japanese Carpentry. Working with Nature and Truth. The World must become more environmentally focused. "Destroy those who destroy the Earth." Agenda 21 and depopulation are unacceptable. Those who do that are damned in the Lake of Fire.

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The Horse: How will we get to the farthest stars?

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The concept 'presence' is generalized so that 'spatio-temporal presence' is but one of them, or even not the…

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