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The most common understanding for the meaning of the name BETHLEHEM is the House(Beth) of Bread(Lehem). However in 1915 a German Scholar of Sumerian Cuneiform was able to present research that connected the name Bethlehem with Beth- Lachamu. Lachamu was the name of the Planet Venus. Interestingly Venus is also referred to as the " Star of Bethlehem ". In fact Venus is not only referred to as the Star of Bethlehem but it is the Star of Bethlehem in both the sense that it was the Star used by the MAGI in announcing the birth of our Messiah Jesus Christ and its name, Bethlehem(Bethlachamu) means Venus which was called Lachamu. In addition the Essene Order of which Jesus belonged to had traditions which state that the Essenes themselves originated on the Planet Venus. The 8 Pointed Star is not only the Star of Venus(LACHAMU) but was a representation of the Red Planet Nibiru as well. In my essay:The Planet Nibiru is Mars, I revealed that the Red Planet Nibiru which was supposedly revolving in the orbit track next to Mars was actually the Red Planet Mars seen in an unusual and rare form:

The Red Planet Nibiru was actually the Red Planet Mars. In understanding the fact that the 8 pointed Star represented both Venus(Lachamu) and Mars makes a tremendous amount of sense since both planets were named after the twins Lachmu(Mars) and Lachamu(Venus). Lachmu(Mars) means " Hairy " and thus Mars was known as the " Red " & " Hairy " planet. Mars was known as Nibiru meaning the " Crossover " Planet. Nibiru is the same as the word Hebrew which is also acknowledged to means a Crossover. In Crossing Over from Mars to Earth the Nephillim or " Fallen Ones " became known as the first Hebrews(Nibiru,Ibiru). It was Enlil who supplanted the birthright of his older brother Enki who as Enkidu was known as the " Hairy " one of the fields. Lachamu which was the feminine variant name given to the Planet Venus was the Twin Sister of Lachmu. As the twin of Lachmu(The Red & Hairy One), Lachamu was represented by a women wearing six curls of HAIR on her head and a RED Sash around her waist.

In summary we have Mars known as a " Red " and " Hairy " Planet named(Lachmu)as the "Twin " of Lachamu(Venus). There were two brothers who came from the " Red ", " Hairy " and " Twin " Planet that were struggling for a birthright. The younger brother named Enlil supplanted the Older brother Enki who as Enkidu manifested as the "Hairy " one of the fields. The Samaritans who replaced the Israelites were also known as Cutheans and worshiped Nergal the son of Enlil. The Samaritans wrote the 5 Books of Moses and secretly infused the story of Enlil and Enki into the genealogical account of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob through a mythological twin brother of Jacob named Esau who was now the Red and Hairy Twin who supposedly lost his birthright to Jacob.

This all brings us to the original question: How did Bethlachamu meaning the House of Venus-Mars come to be known as Bethlechem meaning the House of Bread. Since Lachmu and Lachamu referred to the places of the " Fallen Ones " the term later came to be synonymous with Bread as the Israelites were known by the Miracle of Manna which is the Bread that FELL from Heaven. In this regard the word for bread became synonymous with the places from which the Nephillim and Essenes Fell from the Sky. Therefore Lechem as Bread was a transitional or metaphoric derivative from Lachmu /Lachamu

I found this to be amazing and I have now come to the conclusion that in the bible Isaac had two sons, Jacob God loved and Esau he hated!!!  It is a triangle, Earth is the centre point and neutral while venus is positive/good and Mars is negative/evil. I believe the good guys (Jesus etc) are from the planet Venus (or the Essenes) which is the star of Bethlehem and the bad guys are from Mars (or inhabiting Mars). The children of Jacob are the ones that walk in love and positivity while the children of Esau are the ones who walk in hatred and negativity.

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  • Great description of Bethlehem. If you are interested in a more interesting and more modern description of Bethlehem, check out this six minute musical video by Skinny Puppy, a group from Vancouver that I helped set up a stage for at one time. The word "Bethlehem" is mentioned 33 times in the song (at least that is what the singer (who died a few years ago) claims). CRANK THE VOLUME.


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