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The internet seemed to be a boon for seekers with so many enlightening stuff he could get from the net.But now self styled gurus and channellers are filling the internet with contradictory information. on alien life,prophesies general spirituality and metaphysics.Its really hard to trust someone who is telling the truth.Some of the teachers I have found genuine are:

Ipsita Roy Chakraverty-India

Robert Bruce-Australia

Robert Monroe-USA

Sri Sri Ravishankar-India

The Abbotts-Australia

Which teacher do you think is genuine in your experience?Whats your list?Help starseeds find true gurus instead of blood thirsty money hungry people looting young seekers for their own gain.

Love and light


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do you know where the truth lies ? it is in your heart , in your gut feeling and in intuative 3rd eye you are about to open. The rest  such as teachers , internet , prophets and charlatans , only open the doors in search for truth..............

I agree, Michael.

You said it soo well, the 'truth' LIE from the heart. The person that can fool you in the easiest way is yourself!!

I like Magenta Pixie.

Mooji is good, too...



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