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Dante Santori, a former special forces sergeant from Europe, translated a secret book about aliens from Russian to English, capturing the minds of many believers in extraterrestrial life in the process. The book is titled, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book."

Dante did all of the translations with his friend Petro, who later sadly lost his life in a car crash. SECRET ALIEN RACES BOOK TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH The book is believed to have been written around 1946-47, with constant additions and revisions over the years. The claim is that it was given to government agents for them to add their information to it. Dante says he and his friend Petro found the book when they started to clear out empty boxes from Petro's father's house. At first, they found lots of old documents, all in The Russian language.

They started to translate it and found it interesting, with some of the information being sensitive, or at least it was sensitive at the time it was written. While going thru the old boxes they discovered the book called, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book." The book looked like a fairly modern copy, but they also found a cover for a version from 1951. Unfortunately, it was only the cover and no other contents. Petro and Dante decided to ask Petro's father about it; he told them that high-ranking Russian political officials always had rumors of alien contact being spoken about. However, nothing solid had been found to suggest real proof of aliens existing.

Petro's father said he received the book from a diplomatic friend of his and had been updating it whenever new information was sent or told to him.

The book, now fully translated by Dante and Petro can be read by English too.

The book contains fascinating information and supporting photos and drawings. Be it fact or fiction it is certainly gripping and worth a read.

“In the 1980's a copy of (edition) of this book was found on a field in Buryatia (east Siberia).   The copy ended up in the hands of a KGB agent with friends in the media.   After the collapse of the USSR some of the information (and images) in the book were leaked (sold?).   Years later the information and some of the images started appearing in TV series and video games.   "Mass effect" being the most well known...   (this information was handwritten on the book)

The ARB (Alien Race Book) has been re-edited (information always being updated in all aspects, from new alien races to new reports and photos or illustrations) at least 12 times. That we know the first edition was printing in 1946 or early 1947. Then new editions were printed: 1951 (I have the cover, just the cover, of that one), 1959, 1968, 1971, 1980., .all the way to (we believe) 2011.”

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"ALIEN" IS A HOSTILE EARTH WORD: WORDS HAVE POWER: "ALIEN" GENERATES NEGATIVITY TOWARDS ETs...If describing offworld people, please use the star, cluster, or planet..."Extraterrestrial" is neutral and factual, "ALIEN" SUGGESTS in 'illegal alien.' This word is used by sensationalist authors to suggest badness and mystery....IGNORANT EARTH PEOPLE USE THIS WORD, TO FILL IN THEIR GAPS OF NOT KNOWING SPACE KIN...

Are you talking to me Drekx, or are you talking about the book?

Ara, it's the book title and certainly not your sweet self...;-] Albeit, there are other ACC members who frequently and habitually describe our space family as "aliens.." I'll place this parallel: Would anyone with relatives, say in America, describe them as "FOREIGNERS?" More likely as American family, relations, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc. In decades/centuries past, during the Empire, my English ancestors used the derogatory and patronising term; "COLONIALS," to describe Americans, even post 1776...Modern English people would never use this word, as offensive to our American friends...Likewise ETs do not like the negative thoughtforms generated by "Aliens...." Drekx x

There is to much of 'political correctness going' ... yes words do have power, but some times 'the storm is just a storm' if you know what i mean ... what's important is the context of the information. When some extraterrestrials call us human (it feels negative towards us and offensive as well - like we are primitive beings, young and not very wise) ... anyway ... i couldn't change the title case its' not my book ... Dante translated as it is ... its' good to know the bad and good.

I certainly would like one day to see our planet to be part of 1 race with inclusive benefits (especially good health plan) ... and much more ;))

This is where the Galactic Hug Squad comes in. 
To hug the bad vibes out and the good vibes in. 

The document was originally written in Russian, so the title was different and "alien" is not a Russian word :) 

Russian to English translation for the book title word; "alien," is imprecise.....Well spotted Ivy....;-] "Not a Russian word."

Huggs 4U.....xo

"ET Hugger" Val's humming a song to you.......

"Let your llight shine!"

Ara, a good job raising this for discussion...You are not in the wrong....We are simply analysing the translator's choice of words....I agree that 'woke PC' surrounding language in general, is fraying many nerves, as the liberal secular orthodoxy try desperately to control minds.....The wokeness culture is ending...
I hope you can see the finer distinctions between my commentary and that of the left..?
Love yoo....;-] Drekx x

Now that you pointed it out, calling off-worlders Alien kinda sounds like a slur in some ways. While I doubt I'll ever meet one, it's good to know just in case. ;u;

So true, D.O. But not everyone understands this negativity, I don't take offence, I just figure its still an unknown for some of the people.  This too will be addressed @ the right time.



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