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Dante Santori, a former special forces sergeant from Europe, translated a secret book about aliens from Russian to English, capturing the minds of many believers in extraterrestrial life in the process. The book is titled, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book."

Dante did all of the translations with his friend Petro, who later sadly lost his life in a car crash. SECRET ALIEN RACES BOOK TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH The book is believed to have been written around 1946-47, with constant additions and revisions over the years. The claim is that it was given to government agents for them to add their information to it. Dante says he and his friend Petro found the book when they started to clear out empty boxes from Petro's father's house. At first, they found lots of old documents, all in The Russian language.

They started to translate it and found it interesting, with some of the information being sensitive, or at least it was sensitive at the time it was written. While going thru the old boxes they discovered the book called, "Introduction to the Alien Races Book." The book looked like a fairly modern copy, but they also found a cover for a version from 1951. Unfortunately, it was only the cover and no other contents. Petro and Dante decided to ask Petro's father about it; he told them that high-ranking Russian political officials always had rumors of alien contact being spoken about. However, nothing solid had been found to suggest real proof of aliens existing.

Petro's father said he received the book from a diplomatic friend of his and had been updating it whenever new information was sent or told to him.

The book, now fully translated by Dante and Petro can be read by English too.

The book contains fascinating information and supporting photos and drawings. Be it fact or fiction it is certainly gripping and worth a read.

“In the 1980's a copy of (edition) of this book was found on a field in Buryatia (east Siberia).   The copy ended up in the hands of a KGB agent with friends in the media.   After the collapse of the USSR some of the information (and images) in the book were leaked (sold?).   Years later the information and some of the images started appearing in TV series and video games.   "Mass effect" being the most well known...   (this information was handwritten on the book)

The ARB (Alien Race Book) has been re-edited (information always being updated in all aspects, from new alien races to new reports and photos or illustrations) at least 12 times. That we know the first edition was printing in 1946 or early 1947. Then new editions were printed: 1951 (I have the cover, just the cover, of that one), 1959, 1968, 1971, 1980., .all the way to (we believe) 2011.”

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Valana-here's an orb in the night sky-

Alan, you got to learn us... they used to call us the George Burns and Gracie Allen team resureced… they were to top comedy couple of the 40's and Val and I are comedians...we like to keep my people laughing on my site and old mailing lists especially.. we ae always cuting up you have to take us with a grain of salt..I'll tell you more about Val back on my group I don't want to take up someone else's space on their post...w were just jokikng nothing serious...LOL

Thanks Rock,

i will check it out. Yes you could see more of them lately .... make sure you have a steady hand so the pics are not blurry ... case they always are ... ;))

There were 4 this past summer-I have a tripod but this new camera doesnt really focus that close (got it on sale, If I spent another $300 I wouldn't be complaining-) and Youtube doesn't have zoom but Firefox has some type of vid zoom-I'll look for that real good

Just waiting for a clear night-I'll go down to the beach , set up on the boardwalk

nice video Rock, thanks, so i did check the book that you mentioned, .... interesting information.

Ara-So this was from a couple weeks ago and is a little shaky-I need a camera with more magnification -anyway I

focused on it and weirdly it focused further out at the end-from my telescope it looks like amoebas squirming in a petri dish and then crazy bugs dancing in front of it-might be some type of hologram

Yes, I have seen something similar, too. Are they being seen a lot of places or where?  Just in America? Are there many videos of them?

Back in late 90's I went to Ufollogy Convention at Sedona and went out with Dr. Greer's group to vector in a ship.  He had groups all over the country that did that, they tried to grfoup telepath and also he had something he called, if I remember correctly, a Lazer Light? Ever hearf of that? I may have the name was about the sizxe of a big tgruck tire aand foot or so high and was a would make that type cirfcle in the airf and he'd put a picgtufre of little UFO on it and it would look like a ship up there moving fast and making those kind of movements... I rfead he had vectored in some and talked witgh them but we didn't get any that nighgt.

That was long time ago and Arizona nights are cold ujp on tghe plateaus and I wasn't dresed forf it and shaking so I wasn't that attentive.  That was wken I thought all ETs were sweet little cute things!  I saw a jet circling us and thought I would warn any ships to stay clear as I had in mind the jet was going to pounce on it so I tried telepathing any ships in the area to stay clear... and suddenly, as I was standing there listening to this woman talk 90 miles a minute I was talem I[ astrally, felt like I enter through the bottom of a ship about half way and a group of little Greys were circled around me. 

I thought, just to be safe, I'd better do some name dropping so I said Cmdr Thor sent me to warn you stay away it may be a trap not sure...and they picked me up, seemed frfiendly and felt unconditional love frfom them in thank you and then was back in body and the woman never missed my attengtion… I don'tg know today what she was talking about but I just said 'yeah I agree!'...

So I'm wondering, could some have these same kind of lights and be trying to vector in some ships orf could the gov be doing that so a lot wpi;d be videoing it and talking about it..then they come out tell you it was one of those lights....that's what I think they have in mind doing, and end any interest in finding gthe real truth...sounds like a plan... with those Yahoo files going and yes yahoo would delete them for a price, that's all the proof of adbudctions we have, no one person could do it, ikt would take thousands of files to convince a Congrfess something was amiss... and so many videos can be dismissed as fake, I have known someone claimed her son made one people thought real… wasn't my son...someone else told looked real... they can discount all sightings but some of us know they are real...did you read my post about how MUFON told the woman if it was negative to take a report even if from an insance asylum and approve it but if positive from a university professor, discount it as hallucination? MUFON told a woman that one time... this was back in early 1990's I was told that by the woman herself...that was going to work for them.

That's the word Greer used...hologram!  And Lazer light, and it appeared shaky like that, went all around fast, wasn' steady in one spot, what I saw.

No it's steady -that's me I didnt have a tripod at the time-they do move slightly

Alan, the "Britannic" was sister ship to the "Titanic." Both ocean liners built at Harland and Wolff shipyard, England....

Cheers Alan.....;-]
Also, it was RMS Lusitania that was sunk in 1915...German torpedo

Pet Rock I want Val to comment, it will be awhile...I have never seen anything like it long have you been seeing them?  



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