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I love the science behind the idea that the brain does not actually hold information and is only a hyper-dimensional processor. Where as it is the body DNA that acts as the hard-drive, and the chakra system controls the mood temperament of the frequency, for the brain to process in a 3-dimensional field. This is supported by the 100th monkey 1,000th rat phenomenon (Biomorphic fields, ESP, etc) Why transplant recipients can often recall the memories or skills of the donor. An even that of having 20,000 rat brain cells (obviously no hippocampus) arranged on a circuit board and able to fly a flight simulator-kinda thing. The only stimuli offered is when it would crash, the program would cut the circuit and restart. The cells were eventually able to keep the thing stable. Its a no brainier..! And there is so much more. Unfortunately this theory never made it way into main-stream science because DNA does not transmit a DC current. Bogus though because Alternating Current is much more efficient than Direct Current in transmitting any frequency including that of quasi/scaler ELF brain waves, and the lower still "Biomorphic chakra sorta schumann-resonance-wave-frequencyl" And thats just contemporary current as we understand it, sorta.

-My point was going to be about the implied relationship with the pineal gland (3rd eye) for producing imagery, as the brain is unable too. The pineal gland also has "cones and rods" like the eye and the optic nerve. It receives hyper-dimensional (outside of electromagnetism), frequency and transmits nervous impulse packages as far as your imagination can go, to the brain for processing. Like ESP imagery, and dreams.

Now that is thought projection, via the DNA hard-drive, chakra current, brain processing system, of sorts...

Astro Psychology/holistic psychology is becoming very popular these days, as an evolution in consciousness needs an evolution in psychology.

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  • The video was just some nonsense MSM piece done on what they are trying to pass on as thought projection. Hook this contraptions to your head and measure brain waves for a computer to process. Its garbage science with a pre-programmed static algorithm, that masquerades as dynamic brain/DNA, functions.


    Most interesting for me is a special place that where "core" philosophy is synonymous with "core" science, in the same way that DNA is synonymous with all Matter. "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" I feel is a silly question. DNA is a wave-length and environment acts on gene selection as gene selection acts on environment. They are synonymous, where as "junk" DNA has not yet met the environmental conditions for self expression and vice-versa. Artificial environmental modification of all things, including consciousness, is nothing new. Spontaneous DNA activation is well documented in microbes, the metamorphosis of a butterfly and the allegorical 'flower of life'




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