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The Light Triumphs: The Republic, Donald Trump, Earth, Final Battle

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Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(Kayry).

In the following article spreading truth and awareness is the intention. We are at a crucial point in our timeline here on Earth. With utmost importance it is that YOU do what you can to shed light on the truth.

Please read the following very carefully with an open mind.

In life there are no accidents, no thing such as a coincidence exists, and most certainly there are no conspiracy theories. There are simply truths and lies. And every accusation ever made against the Deep State, the Ill-uminati, the Zionists, and the Vatican is 100% truth.

They are one and the same, but we’ll call them the Cabal. A blood thirsty, dominance hungry, ruthless clan, that spans back over ten thousand years. Ruling from ancient Sumer(modern Iraq), Babylon, Egypt, Rome, England, Washington D.C. These are the, let’s call them offsprings of the beings that caused the collapse of the continent you know as Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago.

The most deceitful, sadistic, inhumane, soul cringing thing you can think of, the Cabal has done it. From starting unnecessary wars in the name of freedom and terrorism. WW1, WW2, the American Civil War, the Cold War, all wars in the Middle East, and many others. Plots of fake terrorism, killing hundreds of millions of humans for depopulation and pleasure. Human trafficking, eating human infants, kidnapping, “children trade” with negative ET entities for advanced weaponry. Drugging, raping adolescent females and sending them to Hollywood to become “pornstars”. CIA programs to destabilize American families, sexism, to make MAN and WOMAN despise each other. Artificial medicine, poisonous vaccinations, deliberately creating disease to depopulate and profit from the “cure”.

These ruthless entities are the ones that brought slavery to America. They gave you the “theory of evolution”, the idea of race and religion. Creating hate and division between humans based on physical appearance.

They created Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and are the authors of the bloodiest books ever written. The Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran. Which are full of exaggerated claims, false promises, hate filled, fear mongering, ‘end of the world’ predicting texts(to put it in peoples minds in hopes that peoples fear and dark thoughts become reality).

One more Cabal creation that people enjoy, and in my opinion, and anyone with a slight awareness has seen this, one of the most irrelevant things in our world today, “sports”. The sole purpose of it being distraction. Ironically receiving the most attention by the masses.

They are responsible for 9/11, which prevented NESARA from being declared. Chemtrails(poisoning the air), and all the weather modifications programs, from hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more.

One would need to write many books in order to fit the crimes that the Cabal has committed against Humanity and Mother Earth herself, yes she is a living being. They have drained her blood(oil), they have harvested her organs(gold, diamond, and thousands of other minerals) for hundreds of years for power and profit. While at the same time keeping Free Energy devices hidden form the public.

The Cabal has given America all the unconstitutional three letter agencies the country has today. The CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, DHS, NAA, IRS, TSA, and many more, that cost the people trillions of dollars every year. Let’s not forget Federal Reserve, a privately Cabal owned bank that has nothing to do with the Republic of the United States of America.

After everything that has occurred in our world just in the last five hundred years alone, all the suffering, the wrong that has been done, the deceit, the crimes against the innocent, it all ends NOW, the time has finally arrived.

It is essential to understand that the Cabal has always gone after and killed anyone that stood in their way. They are the same entities that killed Abraham Lincoln. They assassinated John F. Kennedy. Why? Because he became aware of the Cabals evil plans and decided to take action.

After all that has happened, there is yet hope, not just for America but the world. We have leaders from many countries that are fully aware of this Cabal and their propaganda.

In America a courageous man has risen. This one that has chosen to stand fearlessly against the Cabal. His name is Donald J. Trump. This is why now all day long on the mainstream media that is 100% Cabal owned, they demonize this man.

They have paid people millions to come forward with false accusations against him, they are doing all they can in hopes of bringing this man down. Yes, they have even made ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS against him, they have failed.

If Donald J. Trump was such a bad human being, an evil one, the Cabal media would be doing the exact opposite of what they are doing to Trump now. They would be praising him, they would want you to LOVE him. But why all the false accusations, why all this hate created against him?

The answer is simple and clear for those who wish to understand. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Cabals plans for world domination. He has prevented them from starting World War 3. His goal is to bring about Extraterrestrial Disclosure. To end the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all the other corrupted so called government agencies that operate on American soil illegally, and to finally declare NESARA as law of the land.

Friends, we are in the final push of this battle. To free Earth and Humanity from the parasites that have been running uncontrollably for millennia, and now their demise has come.

My final words in this piece are; Let us unite as the spiritual beings that we are, for that is what we are. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Love is in our DNA, love is what holds the Universe together, love is what will restore our beautiful Mother Earth to her original pristine state. Through love we will unite and create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. Through love we will enter the new world of the 5th Dimensional Earth Reality.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj(Kayry).

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Good post!-I think 3rd density and 4th density are going to blend more but 5th density has to be earned through divine service, your spirit's vibe altered to live there-apparently  a spirit from 5th D has to 'lower' it's vibe to return to the lower densities for a service contract

This book lays it all out-How we got to where we are today-from over 120 years ago when the modern nwo was put into motion- all the players starting with Cecil Rhodes the pedophile and his secret societies-hundreds of sources listed after every chapter

The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America
Book by Paul L. Williams and Rodney Howard-Browne
Image result for the killing of uncle sam

another pro cabal post to praise Trump bs and his followers to be deep inside rabbithole.............good read thou. full of info and easy read  for open minded......................

Michal:  "Trump and his bs" - soon you will have EGG ON YOUR FACE.

I'm confused. we now have the most aggressive pro-zionist and pro saudi foreign policy in modern history.  are they good zionists or what? are they part of the cabal or no? what does the cabal think of apartheid states in general?

thank u kejraj(kayry)

KEJRAJ KAYRY: Barack Obama ran for president with the best intentions for peace ever offered. He turned out to be the most anti-Israel U.S. President in history, he dragged the U.S. into several armed conflicts, and he gave nuclear technology to Iran, a country not so different when compared to Israel or Saudi Arabia.

Trump isn't perfect; I disagreed with Trump's Supreme Court pick of Kavanaugh (due to Kavanuagh's ideology of weakening the 4th Amendment of the Constitution). And yes, I definitely disagree with Trump's huge support of Israel. Israel's government works in a manner similar to Godfather Don Corleone's family (complete with "button men" who will "push a button" on someone when instructed to do so, and without remorse regarding whether or not the person is an actual threat to Israel versus someone who makes jokes about Israel that the "capo regimes" (a.k.a. MOSSAD) of Israel do not like).

However, unlike most people in politics (ESPECIALLY IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY), Trump is a business man and not a lawyer. And business men are forced by tradition to be transparent and open with their intentions with others, because if you are a business man who lies or deceives, you will not make money and you will lose clients. Likewise, if you are a lawyer who does not bend the truth on behalf of one's clients, you will not make money or attract clientele.

Hence, Trump is a devil. But the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.

fake news cnn's jim acosta loses whitehouse press access. muhaaahaaaaahaaa...;-0

liberal 'justice;' ruth bader ginsberg, needs to be replaced on scotus, by a new trump appointee judge.

Hello Drekx,
I read in the article below that the SC is not going to hear arguments till Nov. 26th. Now my question is, are we going to wait till that date, or till a new judge is appointed? Or should we focus on FISA and POTUS?

Alyssa Milano Offers Ruth Bader Ginsberg Her Ribs, ‘Kidney and a Lung’

fisa declas takes priority, at this phase 2 stage......

thank you drekx

This sounds like a CIA created message for me.

95% truth , and some lies that makes you passive , like Nesara , that has been cancelled since many years.

This world isn´t near the maturity needed to handle Nesara/Gesara.

Instead a true message calls a spade a spade.

Those who runs the dark show on this planet is the Khazars i.e the jews.

Plain and simple nonfiltered from me.

I agree androver that this 3 density/4 density is lorded over by really evil inhumane gangs based in 4 density hell realms-aquiring black magic power by influencing 3 and 4 density people to do evil against each other-how they capture the horror and store it is a metaphysical mystery-anyway if the khazars and other have jewish bloodlines that doesn't mean all jews are evil-



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