I started thinking today about Keshe foundation, I remember reading very promising announcements for this year 2014 and now when we're almost in June I wanted to see if there was any updates.

The problem is I couldn't access Keshes official website: www.keshefoundation.org/

It could be a temporary maintenance of some sort, but I am eager to locate the forums and see what the latest news are.

I have lately had serious doubts about this organization after all the obvious signs of a fraud due to all delayed promises and not yet a single video of a manufactured and working free energy device that people have allready pre-paid.

If anyone knows anything that has been said after about February this year I would be glad to hear if there's anything I've missed. The only other links I can see related to searching for Keshe foundation on Google is people saying it's a hoax. Links like: 




There's just so much out there that adds to my skepticism of this being actual the real deal. I haven't accessed any information over the years that has added to my faith in that the Keshe foundation can actually stand up for their claims. At first glance and with an absence of skepticism I can see why so many have put their faith in this. Who doesn't want free energy? But the sad truth is that when you start to magnify this foundation and dig a little deeper all you will find is a hollow shell that has very little to support it's might facade it's portraying to newcomers.

I am glad if you can contribute anything new that I might have missed. And let me add that I am very sad and not happy this more and more is turning out to be a scam, everything that seemed to be at the forefront of positive change in 2012 has just been turning out to be nothing but hollow words. The world really needs change and I find it so distasteful that there are people knowing this, saying they work for humanity, yet still have the guts to try to profit of these good-willed people that only want positive change.

I want something that can prove me that Keshe foundation will help humanity this year as they have stated.

Give me your opinions and thoughts to all this. Let's have a nice discussion about the Keshe foundation that has been up for discussion here many times earlier on Ashtar command.

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  • https://www.google.com/search?q=keshe+foundation&rlz=1C1CHFX_en...

    keshe foundation - Google Search
    • Pathetic

      We don't need help googling two words, for effing out loud!

  • Here's an easy to use and already assembled version of it. :)


  • I second that! :D haha. I only picture the joy I would get from innocently turning off my parents TV when the "news" are rolling. "It must have broke, how unfortunate!"

  • It works fine for me.  perhaps a short term attack or something. 

  • "Free Energy" has been available on the internet for a long time.  Many people have developed free energy way before Mr. Keshe.  One has to do their "Due Diligence" and start doing some research.  Here's a link to one such site:  Tools for Freedom.com


    Here is the Free Energy page:


    If what Happy Person posted is true, Mr. Keshe did not have to put his life and family at risk since this info is already available for anyone to see and purchase.  On the other hand, the people that purchased the home generators could have done a bit more searching and found some info.

    I'm not saying that he is a crook or not, since I don't have enough proof, but if I was an inventor, I would have prototypes already made, done thousands of tests and have models ready for purchase BEFORE I started advertising to the whole world run by the cabal whose goal is total slavery of the human race!  Sheesh, I mean, come on, man!  You can't be that oblivious to the world and not know that!  And he could have done it on a low profile level as not to draw attention to himself and still be in business.  Just looking back at the people that made free energy devices and what happened afterwards should have told him how to conduct his operations.

    • Yeah that's exactly the reasons why people feel it's a scam. Why would you want pre-payments for something that does not exist and work? The only thing that I can think of is an easy way to rob gullible and hopeful people of their money.

      But I'm like you, I'm not saying anything yet. I have too little proof yet. But there is more to find out there that suggests KF is a scam rather than weigh it up with credible evidence that anything of these inventions have been manufactured and put to work. It shouldn't be all this mystery about something as free-energy devices. I mean he's talking about space-ships when we haven't yet heard of someone that have recieved an operating 5kW plasma reactor delivered to their homes after 2-3 years of waiting? It smells sour to me.

  • I don't know where you got this idea that Mr.Keshe is intenting to cheat on people that ordered this household power generator, but that is obviously a lie. Here is newest announcement from him saying that: 


    • If this announcement is true and I understood it correctly, we won't have to wait long for a public demonstration of a free energy device that has been manufactured in Italy?

      The same old waiting game ;) when will the ice break? How many delayed promises will people tolerate in this case considering the history? You cannot turn a blind eye to the fact of all the failed deliveries from many years ago, what makes this last announcement any different and trustworthy?

      I'm sorry if I sound hardcore skeptic, but my gut feeling insists on this one :P.

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