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The Keshe foundation gone? Was it all a scam that has now been revealed?

I started thinking today about Keshe foundation, I remember reading very promising announcements for this year 2014 and now when we're almost in June I wanted to see if there was any updates.

The problem is I couldn't access Keshes official website:

It could be a temporary maintenance of some sort, but I am eager to locate the forums and see what the latest news are.

I have lately had serious doubts about this organization after all the obvious signs of a fraud due to all delayed promises and not yet a single video of a manufactured and working free energy device that people have allready pre-paid.

If anyone knows anything that has been said after about February this year I would be glad to hear if there's anything I've missed. The only other links I can see related to searching for Keshe foundation on Google is people saying it's a hoax. Links like:

There's just so much out there that adds to my skepticism of this being actual the real deal. I haven't accessed any information over the years that has added to my faith in that the Keshe foundation can actually stand up for their claims. At first glance and with an absence of skepticism I can see why so many have put their faith in this. Who doesn't want free energy? But the sad truth is that when you start to magnify this foundation and dig a little deeper all you will find is a hollow shell that has very little to support it's might facade it's portraying to newcomers.

I am glad if you can contribute anything new that I might have missed. And let me add that I am very sad and not happy this more and more is turning out to be a scam, everything that seemed to be at the forefront of positive change in 2012 has just been turning out to be nothing but hollow words. The world really needs change and I find it so distasteful that there are people knowing this, saying they work for humanity, yet still have the guts to try to profit of these good-willed people that only want positive change.

I want something that can prove me that Keshe foundation will help humanity this year as they have stated.

Give me your opinions and thoughts to all this. Let's have a nice discussion about the Keshe foundation that has been up for discussion here many times earlier on Ashtar command.

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Only one Google cache the website is to be found.

Think server is ofline.

Keshe on facebook works:

Latest message from foundation is 15 ours ago.

Keshe foundasion had releasd a usb-stick whit data online fild whit pattens.
These pattens have spread wordwide and the first real Quantum Electric Generator is beyin invented.

I dont think this i a hoax.But know that the netneutrality in USA is gone.....
So maby the site is beying hackt.
The keshe foundasion is probaly already bizzy to bring the site back online.

The problem with patents are that they are useless. A patent is just a proof of intellectual property. It says nothing about the actual property and whether it works or not. Patents are only good for one thing, and that is to prevent others from replicating your stuff without paying you for it.

None of his patents got registered though since he never payed the fee for it..

I went through that entire USB-stick and there's nothing on there that can be of any use to anyone except perhaps B-movie SciFi writers. They'll have to work out the technical details themselves though because Keshe won't share them.

All the data can be viewed online/downloaded here:

I do better fictional spaceships... is online here to.

I guess it must've been under maintenance at the unfortunate moment I decided to check it out then ^_^. Thanks for noticing.

We already have 5,000-6,000 suppressed technologies.  The cabal will only let you go so far until you become a threat to their way of control.  Even if they did have what they say, they couldn't be able to market them fully without being attacked.  You have to be very careful.

That's true. There's no reason to be skeptic of the EXISTENCE of free energy technologies that are working. The thing we should be concerned of is if they actually have been allowed to "leak" out into society. That day Oil company and Electric companies will face their first day of defeat. Imagine what they would do to keep that from happening.

It's not harder than to create a simple video demonstrating a working free energy device. For me Keshes current technologies are as nonfunctional to the world as all the suppressed patents are. Until we really get it "out there" for the people to use, or at least SHOW the people it's working, I'm still remaining a skeptic about this foundation.

In defense of Keshe I must say that it actuallly IS very hard to produce a video of a working device since you will need to have an uninterrupted stream for the entire time the generator runs.

There are plenty of so called "momentum"-machines out there which can run for days and days before the energy runs out. This for instance:

It will run for weeks and weeks but it's only slowly excerting the stored kinetic energy you put into the system when you lift the ball up to the top position. When that energy is gone, the system will stop.

Same goes if you put a load on it. Altough that will stop it immediately.

So the only way to do this would be to have an uninterrupted video-stream where he first assemble the machine, loads it and then lets it run for weeks. He'd need several cameras and several streams since a net-failure that breaks the stream will make the entire video feed void.

Yes that might be true regarding only having a short video :) but this kind of kinetic device, will it's energy output be able to be of 5kW as he states or will it only be enough to make it spin alone? ;).

I'm not at all good at this scientific research regarding how free energy deviced work I must say. But there must be a good way to show anyone not so into the subject that a device is powering something up without the need for an input of energy of some kind. That is the principle right? To create energy out of "thin air" so to speak, the ether around us that makes up the Universe?

Can anyone make sense out of these latest video from the Keshe "Spaceship institute" ?

It's so hard to see if these are real free energy devices or powered via some sort of pneumatic way or electricity. It doesn't seem that technolically advanced if you ask me.

I have a hard time finding really practical videos of a FREE energy generator powering up let's say a house or a vehicle, no strings attached. But so far no video has been uploaded from the official Keshe foundation, or that is beyond my eyes.

Regarding Keshe himself here:

He's stating that it's their vision to create a functioning space-craft out of the technology in those videos.

If he are able to create a space-craft then what makes it so hard to produce some sort of demonstration of a house generator? That should be the top priority if you ask me instead of concerning about visiting space when we still haven't been free from oil and electical companies. What about all those people that have put a deposit for a house generator? Have they recieved anything?

There's so many questions, and the more I ask the more I just end up being confused or dissapointed when there seems to be nothing to find to answer my questions...

If he is for real he is going to destroy himself from multitasking anyway. To start building space ships before he have even built and delievered the things people have already payed for is a bit.... well..  STUPID, to say the least. We all know what happens to companies that sell more than they can actually deliver. ;)

It is however, exacly how a con-artist would play it since they need to keep the audience focused and the only way to do that is to present new things in a steady stream.

"What about all those people that have put a deposit for a house generator?"

They are stuck in their homes and will have to stay in that spot no matter what happens to the environment around them or their lives in general since the contract they signed stipulate that it is only valid for the house they are living in. If they move, the contract goes void and the money go poof and there will be no generator for them. I feel sorry for those who payed already in 2008. I wonder how many jobs they have had to decline due to the "non relocation clause" that contract had. ;)


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