I'm gonna get intellectual for a bit lol This is gonna be pretty long, but...it's worth the read I think.

I was thinking about how people say there is no ascension.....and I don't understand it really, our ascension path is pretty clear, actually....all you need to do is study history, to see how everything's been leading up to an awakening and evolution into higher states.  And it's not some esoteric, one off thing....this is natural, it's a natural part of evolution. To say there's no ascension process is like saying there's no evolution.

We've been so dark....just think back to the dark ages, after the time of Christ....1000 years of plagues and bloodshed....death and destruction.....not just of people, but of knowledge and culture. Civilization probably took a step back 1000 years because of it. Look, how dark the world got, how you had hordes of darkness, like the Vikings, the Huns, the Mongols, etc.....rampaging across the civilized world....destroying and raping and pillaging....almost a third of humanity was wiped out during that time....it's a miracle we even got through that time.

And people knock it, but for the first 1000 years of its existence, the religions were the great light of the world, the one bastion people could turn to, for God...and goodness...and even knowledge, it was the church that sequestered knowledge up in Ireland, away from the hordes of Europe....and created cathedral schools, which became the first universities. Up until the 13th century, religion was the great light on Earth...despite their dark side. Only with internal power struggles and desire for more outer power and influence, did the religions start turning bad, that was right around the time of the Crusades.

And, contrary to popular belief, most wars have been political wars, not religious wars...even when it was done under the guise of religion, there was always political implications behind it, first and foremost. Wars are fought for the same reasons always, to acquire more wealth, and or power, and or control. It's been the same throughout history, wars are rarely fought over....who's religion is the better religion.

I defend religion, because religions have been a great source of light for humanity, for a long time, and actually aided the ascension process. You had the great teachers....Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, etc....who sourced these religions and who's teachings became the creeds.....yes there was bad teachings mixed in, yes the dark side tried to corrupt it, and did to a large degree.....but by and large, religions have helped humanity to see a better way...a more enlightened way....and to this day, people still rely on religion as an outlet for their inner spiritual yearnings.

On to the 500 year period between the 13th and 18th century....we'll start with the Renaissance, after the 1000 year period of the dark ages, humanity experienced a rebirth...thanks in large part to so many great people, of all walks of life....artists, statesmen, scholars, scientists, inventors...who created a rebirth of culture and knowledge for humanity. I guess you can call this the real beginning of our ascension process. Also, you had the Age of Discovery and colonialism....with great explorers like Magellan and Columbus, Cortes and Cabot....who helped bring the world to a full circle, taking that one next step closer to becoming one world.

During this time, the reign of kings and churches, monarchies and aristocracies, seeking to increase their power and wealth and control....to the detriment of the people....created a yearning for change, a yearning for something different in the hearts and minds of humanity. History will show this as the period when humanity became tired of being ruled over, and the spirit of freedom and independence, equality and justice, and the right of the individual, began to rise. This, to me, is the real beginning of our ascension process....the period starting from the 1600 hundreds and onwards.

People yearned for something better, a better way of life.....and great men like Voltaire, Descartes, Pascal...helped plant these seeds into people. People began to flock away from the old center of world power, Europe...and moved to the newly discovered North America....and create something totally new....a land where each individual was considered important...where each individual had rights...the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness....free of any despotic controller. You had revolutions sweep across Europe too, and kings like the benevolent despots, try to bring some semblance of civilization...and change the old ways.

The formulation of America....a huge milestone in human history and a huge step along the ascension process....inspired by God through the founding fathers....to set up a state, a country, a land....a land never seen before in known history....a land where people controlled their destiny...a land where the governments were set up to serve the people...a land where each individual had rights, given to them not by government, but by God....a land where people of all walks of life, could come, no matter their color, or creed, or religion, or language....and live together as one people...as the United States of America.

America quickly became the great light of the world, showing that far from being a bane....freedom is actually the great engine of evolution. It became the example for everyone else...every other state and peoples....saw what America was, and in turn, what they also could be. It was a great milestone in our ascension process and our history. Great souls incarnated in America, in all walks of life....and by the mid 1900s, with their creativity and ingenuity, America became the center of world power, and world culture.

But paired with this great surge in light...also came...unfortunately...the darkest period of our history....the great world wars. With the advent of technology, the destructive power of wars was greater than has ever been known. This led to a 40 year period...with more death and destruction...and downright evil...than perhaps have ever been known. I guess it took this level of carnage, and destruction...for humanity to see once and for all....that these things should not happen....and all steps must be taken to make sure something like this never happens again.

It was a hard but important step in our ascension. For thousands of years, we've lived by the sword....and warriorship was considered the way of the world, and the way a man should be....with this, we learned the depths of mans inhumanity to man.....and we realized this is not the way we want to be. From then on, the spirit of war in mankind dwindled....people clamored for a world of peace.

Higher knowledge and ascension knowledge started being channeled through higher dimensions at around this time....by the likes of Alice Bailey...and by Blavatsky and others before her. The seeds of ascension and higher consciousness were being planted...and started blossoming around the 1960s. Aided by great men like Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin Luther King...who showed humanity an example of how to be...a more enlightened way to be. Flower children started popping up everywhere...people desired to have a world of peace...and unity..and brotherhood and love.

Sadly though there were still too many old timers stuck in old ways, the mass consciousness was still ripe with prejudice and division. Gods plan for that, clearly....was the influx of children of higher consciousness and being.....what we call indigo and crystal children....to offset the imbalance in the mass consciousness. Around the 70s and 80s, these children started incarnating at massive rates....and would pave the way for the next step in human civilization, as they would grow to become leaders and teachers. Most likely you're one of these children, I know I am.

Slowly, the mass consciousness has been changing....prejudices and bigotry has dwindled....slowly a spirit of unity has been rising. These lighted children, in all walks of life...helped be an example, and helped advance human civilization, in all aspects...culture, science, technology. Humanity was ready for the next step. On came advances in technology...in communications and transportation....economies became intertwined as nations traded and shared.....and as people learn more and experience other cultures, our inherent humanity becomes apparent...we really are the same, no matter who we are, we all want the same things....slowly the world has become integrated....we are slowly becoming one world...

And, finally, probably one of the most important milestones in history also...the invention of the internet. This great transmitter of information....made it easy to access knowledge from across the globe, and spread knowledge across spread across the globe....easily, for anyone with a computer. This paved the way for many truth speakers could get their knowledge out to masses of people. We started learning about the NWO, the truth about the people behind it, the people in positions of power...and also about ascension and esoteric knowledge...galactic and spiritual truths....it's really been on the of the great milestones in history....and a great tool for learning, and something integral in the rise of human consciousness.

Slowly, human consciousness has been on the rise. Slowly, people are becoming more intelligent...more knowledgeable....more travelled....more cultured...more creative, more deep....it's been happening. It's a process, but it's happening....and  there's so many people to thank, great way showers in all walks of life, who've come here and helped progress the human story along....and helped us grow, as a civilization.....spiritually, intellectually...culturally...and technologically.

Our path has been clear....from division and ignorance...fear and hatred....war and oppression, selfishness and closed heartedness.....our world has moved forward...to become a more united world...a more integrated world...a world where people treat each other better....a world where we just want to get along, and live a good happy life, and do good work. A world where we accept others for who they are, regardless of who they are....a world where we live together, as one race...as one people....who understand, that together, we can create anything...we can traverse the stars, cure all diseases, create technology that borders on miraculous...create works of art and expression that give us a glimpse into the magic and divinity of life. It's all in our reach...if we just work together and cooperate.

It's happening....it's a slow process but it's happening, I have great hope in humanity, there's so much to look forward to....I know we have a bright future, and I know...I know in my heart...that Gods plan for us, is to have this bright future. We've been in the depths of darkness and division...the lowest of the low....and Gods plan for us, is to reach the highest of heights. I know our destiny is to be one of Gods greatest creations, and the human story to be one of the greatest stories ever told.

I'm sure of it....and I'll do whatever I can....to help that process along. I'll be the Adolf Hitler of it if I have to lol I'll be the one commanding everything below me, to create this future. And we need all hands on deck, all brains in motion, all hearts set....on creating it. We all have skills and abilities to use...and we need to use them. At the end of the day, we're here to  be of service, somehow....and I have my plans, but it'll take a collective effort to get to where we want to be.

One things clear though, our ascension into higher states, into higher culture, higher civilization....is happening.To those who say it isn't....you just don't know history....and aren't in tune with this great drama we're part of, called the human story. Our story will take us to the stars...across the universe....to ascension and back to God....and it's a great thing to be apart of, so tune in to it...and be a part of history....together we'll get it done....

Your friend, John Jancar...signing off....I hope you guys enjoyed it ;)

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  • Before commenting I like me your summary of the history in an alone page, senti melancholy also always me apasiono the history. como sea lol

    You have reason from the beginning of the life we have happened for a series of fights, battles and luchas de alguna manera. Often generated by the egoism, the ambition of power or riquezas. We have been a spiral in the time, with similar events but with different protagonists.

    For generations we have resigned ourselves, and only we were spectators. Some of us were cowards and fearfully to looking mas above. But I believe as humanity we are growing, even if now everything meets very difficult. But I believe in the sum of every event. And we all have one paper now.

    This way since at present there are many people in darkness, we are mas that we want to work for that we believe that there is some kind of mas. And that each one can do.  And I wait that your you do not have to take Hittler's paper lol xD But graces for taking the time and for sharing this.

  • Well thanks everyone...for your comments....even though only like 4 or 5 were actually about the blog lol It's been a nice conversation about age....I just put my opinion out there, sorry if it pushed your buttons...but you guys are in my heart, I hope you know that....we're in this together....and...I guess that's it lol Thanks everyone.

  • Temet Nosce 247

                                                                     ( ( ( ApotheosisRising555 ) ) )

    • Could you repeat this?

  • Well look, if these advanced civilizations, can't understand why people on Earth are the way they are....well that's kind of sad. I mean it's not that hard, let me have a meeting with them, I'll explain it to them very clearly.

    I agree, we should be forming a vision for what we want....and work to create it, that's what this blog was supposed to be about, our path, and where we can go from here, and what we want to be. If we want to be an advanced civilization, united, traversing the stars, creating magical things and doing good work, we can do that, we can put our heads together and make it happen.

    There's alot of things that need to be done though...to get ourselves to a point where we can even begin to create that. It'll take time, it's a process, and it doesn't help either how we've let dark souls take over the reigns of power here.

    I think a huge factor that would unite us, is to know there are extraterrestrial civilizations out there, different than us. If we suddenly realized we weren't alone...it would help us realize, that really, we're on this Earth together....we're part of a human family, in the cosmos with other beings, other races, who aren't quite like us. I think this would help bring us together, so we can see actually how connected we are.

    So I think these guys need to rethink their strategy of just avoiding Earth, us knowing about them could help us out alot, and I don't even think that's what they're doing anyways. Apparently Earth is some sort of star attraction in the universe, with all types of beings here watching our Ascension. That's what a lot of beings say anyways....so...whoever wrote this probably isn't a real ET. The info is good by and large nonetheless.

  • Yea I know that....but you still need to get out there, there's alot of things in the system and the way its set up that needs changing, there's still a whole universe to discover and explore, there's still countless things to learn and create and build....and you cant do that just sitting in your bedroom meditating. I mean I'm getting tired of this, this is common sense, something any half way intelligent person should be able to figure out....why are you guys arguing with me about it.

  • Super! Then I wish you a very blissfull today :-)


  • Dear Devi,

    No one can make you feel bad about your age (or anything else), but you yourself. In this case it isn't John who makes you feel bad -he is just expressing his opinion. Please take a look inside yourself, why this opinion triggers such a reaction within you and work with that. Observe, understand, know and let go. I'm over 40 myself and this blog triggers no negativity whatsoever within me. Age is just a lable, and it's your choice as to how it affects your reactions.

    I wish you much peace.


  • By the way I agree with you lol

  • Thank you sweetie....I don't know what to say really except.....nice job lol I love you <3

This reply was deleted.

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