Pope Francis I is also known as Jorge Bergoglio. He is the first pope born in Argentina. Below is the pope drinking his favorite drink, which is mate'. It is a popular Argentinian drink. 


The birth certificate of Jorge Bergoglio reveals a birth time of 9:00 pm, December 17, 1936, at Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Basic Astrology



Pope Francis I was born with the Sun and North Node conjunct the galactic center, and this is what my notes say about this point:

Galactic Centre
Galactic  Core

   Vast supermassive Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy,  discovered 1932; source of energy, motivation, aspiration;  alien  consciousness; crisis of faith;  travel; education;  philosophy; spiritual urges; single-minded dedication

27° Sag 00


 A radio source
 black hole at centre
 Milky Way galaxy

It is my opinion as an astrologer that Pope Francis I is not only aware of the strong possibility of extraterrestrial life forms and energy forms from other worlds or other dimensions, but he may have actually witnessed the presence of such life and energy forms. I also have the Galactic Center at a very important point in my horoscope, and I will state that I have had such experiences of witnessing the presence of both of these entity forms described from a ceremonial magic perspective and from a non-magic perspective.

Pope Francis Talks About Aliens; Says He Would Welcome Martians to Receive Baptism

  • Pope Francis Easter
    Pope Francis waves as he arrives to deliver the Urbi et Orbi (to the city and the world) benediction at the end of the Easter Mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican April 20, 2014.

By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter
May 13, 2014|12:50 pm

Pope Francis spent some time during Mass at the Vatican on Monday talking about alien life forms, and suggested that Martians, should they ever visit Earth, would be welcome to be baptized as well.

"If – for example – tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here ... Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them ... And one says, 'But I want to be baptized!' What would happen?" the Roman Catholic Church leader theorized, as reported by Vatican Radio.

In his speech focused on the question "Who are we to close the doors to the Holy Spirit?"

NOTE: the horoscope of the Ashtar Command Crew website has Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center as well, and Pluto rules transformation. This website is (interestingly) transforming people who visit the website about the way they view extraterrestrial life forms, as well as energy forms from other dimensions. With a little help from their friends.

The pope has the star of Alzirr rising, or Alzirr conjunct the Ascendant (As). The Ascendant defines the environment of the individual, and this is what my notes say about that star:


  Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace,  sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees

11° Can 21


   Mercury/    Venus/  Jupiter

This may indicate a history of much conflict or competition in the environment (especially in early years), and may represent life situations of "kill or be killed" in worst case scenarios.

Possible Great Tension In Regards To Relationships Or With Relations With Others??

The pope also has Mercury Opposition Ascendant, with Mercury in the 7th house and very close to the Descendant (which is exactly opposite the Ascendant). The Descendant is "the area of open enemies," and Mercury rules writing, short distance travel, young people, and communication. With Mercury in the sign of Capricorn (which rules government authorities and older people) and placed in the 7th house (which rules relations with others and legal involvement), this placement of Mercury in "the area of open enemies" strongly indicates that the pope's communications may anger certain people involved in government and law, and he also may anger older people with his communications as well (IF HE IS NOT CAREFUL).

I worked with an artist with the Hare Krishna movement (ISKCON) who had this exact same 7th house placement of Mercury near the Descendant. She would eventually be kicked out of the ISKCON movement for her attacks on certain groups within the movement, as well as attacks on the main authority of ISKCON with what she called "the guru business" that she claimed ISKCON was creating during the time I worked for her. This doesn't mean that the pope is going to be defrocked, but he may create enemies within the organization (and also with his followers) based on his communications that regard the mission of the organization.  

The pope has a strong trine between Jupiter in the 6th house and Uranus in the 10th house (circled in green). Uranus rules surprises, and Jupiter rules philosophy and legal viewpoint. The trine between these two planets strongly indicates that he is a liberal in terms of his philosophy, legal viewpoints, and political leanings (Jupiter) and possibly in a shocking way (Uranus). And yes, the conservative end of the Catholic Church reportedly does not like his political and social views. 

Uranus is close to the Midheaven, and this indicates that his reputation will be one of innovation and will be full of surprises, both good and bad. This also is the sign of a rebel, and combined with the Mercury placement near the Descendant, this Pope may present innovations within the church that may be surprising and also may shock and anger a lot of people.

The midpoint between the conjunction of the Sun and North Node in the 6th house forms a semi-square angle with the conjunction of the midpoint of Moon Conjunction Venus in the 7th house. This indicates "minor tension" (semi-square angle) with "relations of people" (Moon Conjunction Venus) based on "connections with the public" (Sun Conjunction North Node). But thanks to the help of mainstream media, even politicians who blatantly break the law can be made to look like altar boys. This is courtesy of mainstream media reporters that are now banned from the White House unless they show support for the President and his policies.

Saturn Opposition Neptune, With Saturn In The 8th House And  Neptune In The 2nd House: Will Pope Francis I Become Known For Exposure Of Fraud Or For Protection Of Fraud?


The opposition (180 degree aspect) represents "a hard choice" according to astrologer Jayj Jacobs.

The pope has a Saturn Opposition Neptune formation, and it is strong. This formation takes place with restrictive Saturn in the 8th house (sexual activity, secrets, the occult, banking activity, finance, insurance activity) and deceptive Neptune in the 2nd house (liquid assets (in accounting they call this current assets), money in the bank, what one spends money on or does with their money).  

This aspect is found in charts of fervent believers and fervent skeptics, and this "belief" area represented by the opposition is placed under the task of difficult decision-making (a.k.a. "hard choice"). The categories related to the "belief" areas usually concern the two house placements of where the opposition is placed.

In the case of the pope, we are talking about the 8th and 2nd houses. Hence areas of concern for analysis are sex, the occult, secrets, money, what one does with money, and banking or insurance institutions.

Based on analysis of advanced astrology applications, it is my opinion that finance and banking represent these areas of concern, as opposed to sex, the occult, secrets, or the bank account

Pope John Paul I wanted to reform the church's banking system, and I do not see Pope Francis I following the same path as Pope John Paul I (who died the day after becoming pope in the 1980's and after ordering an audit of the Bank of the Vatican (and other financial holdings of the church) for organized crime activity with church funds)).

I view this pope's Saturn Opposition Neptune placement as defining the current pope as a fervent believer in the banking and insurance systems of the Catholic Church, and also as one who is turning his back on illegal financial activity that may be going on within the Catholic Church. He may also be involved in "shoring up" financial reserves with selling of charity activities, such as charity hospitals and charity public works.

This strikes a very bad and dissonant chord with me, as I work for such a charity hospital once owned by the Catholic Church that is about to become history. This is being done so that billionaire Michael Dell can establish a tax-free medical school to protect his fortune made in computers.

This "shoring up" is also due to the $2.5 billion paid out in lawsuits for sexual misconduct by clergy members (which is a drop in the bucket compared to the $100 trillion in real estate holdings that the church has. And yes, a lot of these real estate holdings have historical roots via "forfeiture of property to the church due to practice of witchcraft and refusing to acknowledge Christ").

Because Pope Francis I is urging his followers to help solve the world poverty crisis via their own funds (while the church sells off public works and financially withdraws from activities such as charity hospital work), he is obviously a fervent believer in protecting the church's banking system and real estate holdings, as opposed to playing a role in offering financial assistance to the growing global poverty crisis going on in the 21st century.

Another financial scam this pope may be protecting is the tax on people's carbon dioxide "footprints." Pope Francis I is a fervent believer in his followers paying a tax on the so-called "climate change" crisis (WHICH WAS FORMERLY KNOWN AS "global warming"), which is blamed on excessive world carbon dioxide measurements (which are taken in Mauna Loa, Hawaii, next to an active volcano (and nowhere else)).

The graph below reveals this fraudulent use of CO2 measurement; the Mauna Loa "global CO2" readings are the green graph and actual world readings (temperature-wise) are below it:


Below is another graph of the "projected world co2 readings" based on data taken next to a volcano that we are suppose to feel so guilty about. This pope actually expects his followers to "believe" the information put out by these well-funded bullsh!t specialists is genuine and pay a tax out to his wealthy associates (NOTABLY AL GORE). And yes, carbon dioxide is a gas that is required for plant-growth and which is also measured by the brain to determine our breathing rate (and is also now called a pollutant by Obama's E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency (LOL big time)).

CO2 Trend for Mauna Loa

If his "holiness" is reading this, I advice he open his mind and become a little skeptical of the high-level criminals he is associating with and receiving advice from. There is no honor among thieves.


In Summary Of Saturn Opposition Neptune

This current pope is a "fervent believer" in the Catholic Church system. This is unlike a "fervent skeptical" Pope John Paul I, who is regarded by many as the only pope who ever had any sense of decency and honesty regarding how money was earned and used by the church. He obviously wanted to do something about the corruption involved with the financial areas of the Catholic Church, and was immediately murdered after announcing such intentions.

T-Square Formation Of Saturn Opposition Neptune With Chiron In The 12th House: High Level Technology Involved In Financial Fraud (Or Prevention Of Fraud)

Chiron rules high level or "other-worldly" technology, and is in the pope's 12th house. Because this pope was a Jesuit, I view this as Pope Francis I being involved with surveillance technology behind the scenes that is highly advanced and possibly very secretive. And yes, it is obviously related to the banking and financial areas that are involved with the Saturn Opposition Neptune placement, and may be related to espionage uses that involve security and protection of church functions (as well as spying and eavesdropping of non-church functions).

Advanced Astrology


Below is the tree breakdown of the placement of the Sun:



"The individual will be involved with much international travel with an organization that may be involved in questionable financial practices. The organization concerns a service that is made up of secretive areas of religious and legal groups, and the education involved by the individual may be based on false pretenses or ideas that is meant to transform others via the use of deception."

Here's the Moon, with interpretation below it:



"The people involved in the person's life will be involved with government and technology. There will be much involvement with the public and there will also be some lack of international support over such involvement due to a very mean act that involves deception."

Zero Degree Aries Chart




"What the world holds for the individual is involvement with spirituality and propaganda, as well as diplomacy and success with powerful wealth. There may also be connections with organizations involved in occult activities, as well as involvement with powers of government and the state that are involved in high-level deception and fraud, and may also be involved with drugs and poisons (both medicinal and illegal)."

The Day Jorge Bergoglio Became Pope Francis I: Success with Becoming A High Level Criminal?????

Below is the chart when white smoke came out of the Sistine Chapel's fireplace. The time was reported to be to 7:00 pm, March 13, 2013, Vatican City, Vatican. Note that the pope's natal Jupiter placement equals the Midheaven of this event chart ("reputation") and also equals Hades / Kronos ("the high level criminal").

Who says that crime doesn't pay? 


Below are some Type-3 planetary pictures that I found very interesting with the pope's advanced astrology chart. The formulas should be self-explanatory.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • Great read Malcom! I found it really interesting to see it read with another form of Astrology that I have not been introduce to . I went through Pope Francis I astrology about 6 months ago... out of my own personal curiosity. I also saw all the negatives in his Chart. When you look at his N.N. with lesser degrees than his Sun... that means Tyranny in Sagittarius the house of Religion and Philosophy. And Jupiter sitting within that 6th house as well. Makes him such a pompous Tyrannt who kills People for his philosophical ideas and that is exactly what he did Argentina. He killed thousands of people and sent them to concentration camps. It is so sad that such a person could be sitting at Rome as the Pope but he has the right DNA to be Pope.

    By the way, did you here about his speech in the U.S. when he visited in September? He proclaimed Jesus' death on the cross was a failure. My mouth dropped when I heard that. I believed Jesus to be an AVATAR who knew what he was doing and that he did rise again and made his way to some place in India.

    Yes, I too was a very conservative Catholic. Even sang with the Graz Dome Choir a few meters away from Pope Benedict XVI at the Mariazell, Austria 2007. It was raining and we were soaking wet.

    Well, those times have come to an end. Seems that we both have some planets in our 8th house (5 planets to be exact... OUCH!) that make us want to dig really deep to get to the bottom of things. My planets kicked in about 2009 and even more since Saturn transited. Boy I think I went to hell and back the last couple of years while Saturn transited my Scorpion Ascendant (Sagittarius 1st House). My Astrocartography here in Austria makes me Pisces Ascendant/ (1st house Aries) but Scorpio sits in my 8th house. because 7th house is Libra/Virgo. Hopefully that means I finally find a longterm partner this year.

    When Saturn transited my Ascendant it was astrology day in and out hours and hours and hours just studying and meditating. So I must humbly admit I am just a babe in Astrology. But astrology helped me to understand myself and why I was going through the hell I was going through.

    Anyway, nice and honored to see DarkStar here as well. A who is who in Astrology. I love her Website. Trying to make a Website of my own... Saturn has closed all other doors and is pushing me into the world of Astrology and/ or to be independent. A little scary but I hope it will all work out.

    Love and Light,


    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Thanks Cyndi! Also thanks for reading.

  • BE WAREY OF THOSE WHO PREACH AND TEACH "love," JUST AS MUCH AS THOSE WHO PREACH AND TEACH "hate." There are usually (but not always) alterior motives involved when an individual attempts to reconcile, teach, or redefine the two strongest emotions possessed by most human beings.

    It is the common brainwash tool of choice of both organized religions and cults.

    Susan Atkins’ Story of 2 Nights of Murder

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14 – One day a little man came in with a guitar and started singing for a group of us in that place where we were living, in Haight-Asbury in San Francisco.

    Even before I saw him, while I was still in the kitchen, his voice just hypnotized me — mesmerized me. Then when I saw him, I fell absolutely in love with him. I found out later his name was Charles Manson. But he had other names, too, and so would I.

    He gave me nothing but love, complete love, gave me the answers to all the questions I’ve ever had in my mind. This whole world and everybody and everything in it has been God’s game, and that game is just about to come to an end. Judgment Day for every human being on the face of the earth is coming.

    • Malcolm:  I'm going to tell you a really creepy TRUE story.  A girlfriend of mine in 6th grade met a man named Charlie Manson.  The reason I remembered his name was because he was a MAN.  Later on, (the 70's?) I bought a book called Helter Skelter about the Manson "family", and I was looking at the pictures of the "family" and I recognized one of the profiles of one of the women.  I said to myself:  That just looks like (blank)!  I read the name under the picture and it was HER, but she didn't kill anybody.  She was just a member of the "family".  (I will tell you, she was crazy BACK THEN.  She asked me if I ever thought that trees were looking up your skirts, and she said that she had 100 poodles in her basement and a baby horse!) Actually, this gets even crazier YET - she was my best friend in 6th grade!

  • Thank you always for your work, Malcolm.

    • Thanks for reading!

  • GREAT OBSERVATION.  This may also may explain why there are so many catholic organizations or churches next to (or not far from) jewish organizations or synagogues.

    "Birds of the same feather flock together" - William Turner, 1545 

  • Thanks Mikail. I was born and raised a catholic in my younger years. Contrary to what so many people may say about catholic christians being judgmental and violent, they are actually MANY good people of this world born and raised in the catholic environment who know all about the horrific history and actions of the church and condemn such actions (and wish no part of this organization as a result). This is especially true of the use of torture and confiscation of property that the church is legendary for, and now the big problems are rape and pedophilia. And all of these actions have yet to be addressed openly, condemned, and corrected (if such corrections are realistically possible). 

    My own studies of the occult in younger years reveal that many ceremonies of occult origin are incorporated in mass ceremonies of the catholic church, and some of these ceremonies have very sinister roots and feature evil symbolisms deriving from violent activities. And yes, pedophilia is currently a very big problem with this organization, and is still not being addressed or corrected properly. They simply move many of the perpetrators into safe havens (especially if they have a high ranking or have knowledge of important illegal activities), as opposed to turning them over to the authorities.

    I suspect that this pope is a pope of the elite, masquerading as a pope for the masses. And I hope that any good catholics out there will see this and call out this pope for what he is, a person in power who is siding with criminals and con artists of great power.

This reply was deleted.

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