This report will concern an important discovery made with the horoscope of Jeffrey Epstein, as it may explain for his horrific sexual behavior. The real time of birth of Jeffrey Epstein is unknown, so we will have to use 12:01 pm for January 20, 1953 (and he was born in Brooklyn, New York). The chart below is his horoscope according to these parameters.


Highlighted above in blue is a Grand Water Trine involving one point featuring a Conjunction of Venus & Mars (which defines "sexual activity" and "physical love" according to most astrology interpretations (and yes, "activities involving art" is another interpretation that has a weaker possibility)), Uranus at another point (which is defined by "shocking or unusual activities" and "friends or allies" per most astrology interpretations (and yes, "technology" is another weaker interpretation)), and finally the star of Zuben Algenubi. Below is a very good description of this star from Jamie Partridge of "Astrology King."



Now, let's put together this strong Grand Water Trine into a simple description:

Jeffrey Epstein experienced great harmony (which describes the energy of a Grand Trine) when Epstein was involved with "sexual activity" (i.e. Venus Conjunct Mars) which featured "unusual or shocking activities" (i.e. Uranus) and also with an addition of "violent actions, criminal behavior, or miscarriages of justice "  (i.e. Zuben Algenubi) to these acts that he loved to be involved with.

Hence, Jeffrey Epstein really liked unusual sexual activity (i.e. pedophilia) of a violent and illegal nature (i.e. rape, sexual assault, unconsented S & M). Another possible definition with this Grand Water Trine is that Epstein "used blackmail" (possibly represented by Zuben Algenubi) in accordance with "shocking sexual activity involving his friends and allies" (which may be represented by the placements of Uranus and the Venus/Mars Conjunction).

Transits At Time of Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest

8111297285?profile=originalThe Day of Arrest transit of Sun / N. Node (above) Conjuncts Epstein's natal Uranus very hard. This Conjunction appears to kick off a high level public awareness of Epstein's activities like no other; even the shadow-government supporting mainstream media factions of CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times were forced to make Epstein's arrest placed as headline news. But the one transit that really sticks out (above) is the very strong Pluto Quincunx Pluto transit. Any transit of Pluto to the natal position of Pluto usually defines a crisis of some kind, be it health-wise or reputation-wise. Note that Hillary Clinton had this same Pluto Quincunx Pluto transit taking place on her horoscope chart in the summer of 2016 during her run for U.S. President.

Transits at The Time of Jeffrey Epstein's Death


Please look at the aspects circled in pink above. For those of you who have been following my work, you are all probably aware that I have strongly advocated the definitions of "surveillance technology; advanced technology; extraterrestrial involvement or connections" with Chiron (and this is in addition to the traditional definitions of "capability for healing; past wound; a healing or metaphysical talent; how one heals others"). Saturn Conjunction Chiron strongly implicates "a restriction or hindrance of surveillance technology," and with this placement forming an Opposition ("hard choice") aspect with a transit of N. Node Conjunction Uranus ("connections or associations of friends/allies of Jeffrey Epstein"), this strongly implicates that Jeffrey Epstein's friends/allies (who were probably the same "friends/allies" that were named as his partners in crime (i.e. Bill Clinton, Simon Peres, Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz) in the unsealed court report that was opened 14 hours before his death) were probably also the same "friends/allies" that may have been responsible for this turning off of the surveillance cameras shortly before Epstein's time of death. Pluto Conjunction Mercury (drawn in blue above) is very strong, and this defines "a message of death" delivered to Jeffrey Epstein (or "media news of the death of Jeffrey Epstein" as another possibility). I received a phone call informing me that my father was dead during an exact Pluto Square Mercury transit, so I prefer the "message of death" interpretation with this Pluto Conjunct Mercury transit.

Malcolm's Epitaph For Jeffrey Epstein


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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