I have been reading and studying this road on angels, ascended masters, and our space familes for decades.  When I first heard of the Ashtar Command, I wanted to learn all I can.  I traveled to Canada to a lady that channeled Ashtar.  When he came thru, he said "Question all channeled information you get and seek confirmation, even my own info that I'm giving you right now!"  That brings me to Greg Giles posts.  I not only question his posts, but I challenge them.  Because over the decades that I've studied, they do not resonate from the light, not to mention common sense for advanced, enlightened beings.  And here is it - why do an advance fleet of races have to go on our "online social networks" to pick which people to choose for their projects instead of seeing that in our hearts, and why do we have to "post online statements" to contact them when they have said that they are only "a thought away"?  Here is the reason why Greg Giles, for the past several weeks, have been gearing us with GFL posts about projects they need us to get done, gifts of free energy devices, "our only assignment" is to go out tell our neighbors, family and friends, go on our "online social networks" and when there is a "sufficient number of people, we'll begin (we'll tell you how you'll receive these things at a later date, don't worry about it, for now).  Go to Greg's latest post.  If you haven't yet, here's the link:


Now scroll down until you reach the link to his blog.  Click on the link to the blog.  You'll see that it goes to his blog but also some box appears saying "You earned 100 points! Learn more"  The box will quickly disappear.  Now, look at the right side and you'll see a red tag that says "Rewards".  Click it and a page will pop up over the site - "Earn points and get prizes!  It's that easy!  1.  Stop by and earn points.  2.  Earn more by sharing.  3.  Virtual Points = Real Prizes!  Get Awesome Stuff!  Click on the "Log in with Facebook" button and wala - PunchTab Rewards Program - Loyalty and Incentives programs for websites, blogs and businesses!  How does it work?  Let's take a tour - You get points everyday when you visit their page.  You also get points when someone tweets, like, leaves a comment and more. 20+ different actions!  Exchange points for prizes is a snap!  Just reach the points needed and receive the gifts -$5 ebay gift card, $150 gift card from Apple, or a Nook Color Reading Tablet, many gifts to choose from.  That's right, folks.  Our beloved Greg Giles has been conning us to spread HIS MESSAGE so he can accquire gifts all in the good name of the Galactic Federation of Light!  No wonder he's not going to tell us how to receive these gifts, the gifts he's talking about are for himself!  Now there are good people and bad people, good cops and bad cops, there are good channelers that bring light and truth from the higher realms, I have met them and work with them and there are bad channelers that are deceivers and workers of the dark.  Do not give Greg Giles any power from this moment on!  By posting what we want to hear, we are giving him our power (Thank you, Greg, yes, this post resonates with me), giving him our confidence, so he can manipulate us later.  Beware of his posts that talk about goodness and noble works just to regain his following and then tell you to do things without question, like this latest post says.  Don't worry, we are all here and we'll see this thur.  Have faith in God, Archangels, Ascended masters and our space family.  They are here with us, you only need to ask or think and they are there and they certainly DON'T NEED ANY ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORK TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!  You are stronger than you realize, otherwise you would not be here.  

Blessings and Be Strong, Believe in yourself,


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  • Well if you want to look at is as calling you out, so be it. I was just asking you a question, because I wanted to see if you could answer it, because so far, no one else has been able to give a real answer. And you didn't answer...so yes, then I really called you out. But like always,  you don't actually give any real answers, you just say...well I don't have to prove anything to you lol Which tells me...either you're pompous or you don't actually know how to answer it, so you'll say that to try and keep yourself in a power position. Either way...minus 1 for you.

    And no I've read every single one of Greg's messages, I read them everyday, and I never once heard him talking about light chambers. Not once. So, just a bold faced lie right there, or a bold faced mistake. And Greg, neither...talks about the idea of whisking the entire surface off into the Inner Earth, in fact, he's said that there may be some resettlements here and there, but the Earth changes won't be massive enough to effect huge masses of people. And every other channel says that too...except Sheldan.

    Giles says, this transition will be implemented gradually...over the course of years maybe decades...Archangel Metatron once said, it may take 300 plus years to fully complete. And that's more realistic...clearly. I mean obviously. So...you just have your belief, a belief in what Sheldan Nidle says...and superimpose that on everything, and come on peoples blogs here to attack those who disagree, and then whine about being attacked lol I mean..come on man.

  • No shirking of the question.  In 2008 Nidle SAID the belt was on top of us and would be passed in about 18 months, then less than 7 month AFTER he claims the belt isnt even near us.  You cannot see this discrepancy? You cannot see that is backtracking.  Stop calling everyone else fools when you yourself cannot see past the blatant lies that nobody else with even the tiniest shred of discernment can easily see.

  • I am glad I trust my heart and intuition to discern what resonates with me.................................8114214485?profile=original

    • As it should be, Assiya.  Unfortunletly, some people don't follow that formula.


  • @ Peekay

    You only get fooled listening to this if you don't have your ego under control.

    If you immediately think you are better than someone else - that is a messege to your own self that you have things to work on.

    Your point of view of the external depends on what is inside.

  • Well Ed, I'm still waiting for you to address my questions...what's the matter? Are you scared? lol It's easy to just attack people because they don't buy into what you buy into....unless it's someone who actually has real questions that are legitimate, then you run and hide. Pretty typical from someone who believes something without knowing really what he believes in.

  • "Beware the bearers of false gifts and promises." That is all.

    • No truer words has been said.  Thank you.

  • This message from him states that the photon belt is passing us and will be gone within the next 18 months leaving the new earth for us to enjoy.  This message is dated August 26, 2008. 


    NOW lets look at another message from Nidle.  This one states that the wave isn't even touching our galaxy yet and that they have been asking GFL crews in those galaxies to describe the effest and they are very "excited".
      This message is dated March 31, 2009.  So in 7 months the "wave" went from being over us and will be passing, to not even close to us yet.


    Enough with this purposeful deception of people whose hearts are in the right place and being taken advantage of by shills who OBVIOUSLY lie to people to get their $$$$$$$$$$.

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