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Main Stream Media Defects; IT'S THE END FOR ILLARY! -Almost Falls Into Van-Something Falls Out of Pant leg-Will It Be Kaine(who?) Or Crazy Uncle Joe?

The mainstream media is now showing her ground zero fainting spell in prime time-GOODBYE HILLARY!!! something metallic falls out of her pant leg; she'll be gone soon and 4 guys, at least this year, died for nothing as they tried to expose her email scandal!!! Evil people behind her campaign!!!

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awesome marching music-McQueen was a US Marine-did a lot of his own stunts on the bikes and in cars

Bridge Over The River Kwai-great film-wars are insane, should always try and take steps to avoid them

Yes well although I never speak ill of the sick or of the dead, about the only thing I can think of to say about this latest Hillary health scare, is that she is reaping what she has sown, if, that is, she is responsible for a lot of people dying, or getting them taken out over the years as we hear about the Clinton death pool etc. I wonder whats going through her mind, as she comes to terms with Parkinsons, or Pneumonia or whatever she has. If Hillary was involved in the deaths of a lot of people, then its her karma, isnt it? I see Parkinsons in there, her body movements mirror it exactly. Parkinsons is no laughing matter and it can kill you but I have no sympathy for Hillary at all. Shes a psycho anyway, but shes on the way to meet her maker, and when she gets there, she might just realise what life is really all about. That is, if she was involved in having people snuffed out while she was alive. Maybe all that is dawning upon her slowly, while she is still alive.


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