The Darks Got Me

THe darks got me at he tiny shop with old things and nobody buiys,So maybe this is my last donce3.I didnt get any job/ too old ? and however I took any small jobs I didnt managed to pay the bills and in result they cut me off electricity,gas and told me to move fropm the flat.I even borrow some little money and opened tiny shop but nobody who has money buys them.I donyt know what to do,I asked for help the Light Entities but also no result..I maybe write the lst timemthe battery is diying.I am very sadf because I hope I survive to the disclosure

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  • deciphering this post I get that it is full of contradicting ideas and small bit of chaos..................

    Light~entities care less about materialistic items..................

    When one ask for help from Higher Dimentions , the answers never come in one takes devotion and self worth.

    As far as surviving anything , please take care of self ; everything else will fall upon your lap, sort of speak .......................

    • I think you are right,thank you so I will do....

  • Thank you Sue,I am reallz moved by your advices.To have so manz carring friends from the LIght Side is the most precious.I feel,with your help I w i ll survive!! I love the idea of organic farms and to live outside the sity is great.First,however I must gather some monez.We have programs of organic farms aid but first you must buz land and start the farm,later they give you money back.I think about it but later when I and mz friends will be able to get the money.Now I must find any way to earn money.

  • No we havent Salvation Army and social services are...rubbish.You should spend a lot of hours in gov.offices,they treat you as a thief and after many weeks you get...25 dollars per month.It isnt any help for anybody.I want to help me myself.Before I havent any problems to find the job.But when I got 50 my "good luck" .It isnt the country" for old people".We are in UE but the conditions are of "another planet".I cant move into the village because there are even harder condition for those"from the cities".The social relations inside the coutry are very funny.It is very odd country not very friendly for citiziens,especially the older ones.It would be better for the country they die soon rather then later.In hospitals they even dont do some operations for older people,they use to say "what for at such age ".Another case there is if you are old with big money.Then you are the princess...

    That is my reality.

    Family here ...they start to have a busy time when you call and have problems.Some day I will tell you about my only brother.I have just forgiven him but cant forget.

    In short that is my surroundings and background.I must have been crazy to choose such a pl;ace considering the soul contract..

    With Light and Love,thank you my friend for your support

  • Hi Dear,

    We all are there for you send you enegies for your betterment ... I request to pray to your Spiritual guide... and HE surely will help you to come out of this ...

    We are there for you ... sending energy NOW ...............

    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ..............

    • Just...thank you!

    • Thank you very much,now I feel zour Light and Love and I gathered strenght to fight to survive in this funny country!

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thank you for carring.Now I feel much more better and started my last battle.As I told above the social aid in my country is very illusory one.To find a work in the countrz is impossible because here I am too old for any job.For the penssion,on the other hand,I am too young.Welcome to the Oz ! The onlz waz is..I manage to help me bz mzself.Now I feel ,with zour prazers and spiritual help i will m a n a g e,


      • What about the Catholic Church?  By the way, what does the statue mean?

        • Catholic Church has its filles of the believers.I am not at theirs records since my young age.

          Statue is the funny photo I took in Nepal.It was in the lonely area without any houses and nobody knew what it was.But it rang a bell to me so I put it here.I will put my photo but later .I have no techical possibility to load my photo and at the moment is the latest of importance in my list.Later I want to apload my real photo.After the reconstruction of my life,Now,with all your support I try hard..

This reply was deleted.

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