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Hello all my fellow brothers and sisters,

I have an issue that just came to my attention tonight. I am a photographer and 2D/3D artist. I sell my art on and have for many years now. to my dismay some of my art has been removed because of what they are claiming as copyright infringement. I am so confused on this because I took the photos myself and created the 3D art myself. One of the images they claim is actually a picture of my son playing a guitar. I had used a software program to manipulate the colors and place it for sale as a poster. This was created over 5 years ago. I have been really working hard to keep my vibrations up especially right now with all that's going on in the world. But this is different. I feel like they have stole my creativity. they have stole my heart for this is what I do. this is who I am. I have always been an artist. I have always used my art as My way to remove myself from this 3D.I really don't know what to do, other then let these images go. I no longer have the originals and I I feel as though they are trying to hit me in the only place that matters to me. My Art.They know that I have released my attachments to the world. The only thing that I have ever really enjoyed doing is creating. I need to know if anyone else has had this type of experience. To be honest I really don't know what I can do about it. and I really don't think I need to do anything about it. Other than maybe create something new. This is something I created today I though I would share it with the world before it taken too. Peace and love my dear family.

This image is named Essential Freedom By Me.

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wishing you moments of creativity.

beautifull picture with a nice radience. Very terrible what have with your blue prints, but take some time for mourning Keep it in mind as a hard lesson also it is not your fault and suddenly create new thinks dont stop. Very good you shared it Chellea. I sent you my love to cheer you up.

Hi folks, hi chella lea, very beautiful image and thanks for sharing freely.

Take note of the phrase sharing freely, for it is important, if one truly wishes to rise above the separation dimensional experience.

Let me try and give an analogy.

If one enters a baseball game with their baseball glove on, you are then declaring you are part of and a willing participant of the game called, baseball.

All the rules "made up" around that game will then be applied to all players, even though in the story you are sharing, it is obvious, the playing field is not level.

And the playing field will never be level, when a thing called money is used, (which was the whole reason it was though up in the first place) that is not freely and abundantly availabe to all, like the sun, as an example.

The idea of money was thought up to create imbalance, for imbalance is separation, it means one aspect of something (humanity) is lacking something to be whole or balanced with itself.

Let it go and keep doing what brings you joy, even if that means sitting on your duff, doing absolutely nothing, no-thing except to be you.

Am completely aware that many think money in all it guises, is needed or somehow relevant to survival, it is not and never has been.

The simple proof is, take it away and can most people survive.

This is clear proof, though it acts to self reinforce itself in the minds of many human beings, what they generally do not give much thought to, is the fact that small groups of influential humans have engineered human cultures, so that it is much more difficult to live comfortably or survive without it.

What this really means is, it is 100% proof, that money was never needed, it was only ever needed to gain control of the masses by the few.

If we would all just let go of fear, money, survival, etc., this world would change in the blink of an eye.

Just this ones perspective and suggestions.

peace love light

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I do agree that this lesson that I have learned is about giving freely. This is my only source of income so I was distraught at first. I do understand that Money is  of the dark and the way they, have things set up, it is very hard to survive unless you are to be homeless at this point. I understand things are changing But it seems to not be changing fast enough. To be homeless and hungry could be quite Humbling and maybe frightening to some.Personally I would be OK. I could find a Place in the woods and be happy. I was raised in a very Humble environment. I didn't even have indoor plumbing until I was 13. so going back to that wouldn't be that hard. But I look to other out there that are experiencing this same issue. and I get ache in my heart for them. For I feel there fear and their frustration. Even ones who wish to be of the Light. they are enduring much more suffering Then I wish was given. I do understand that every soul is on there own path and must endure whatever these path bring. But that still don't stop us from feeling for them for they are still our brothers and sisters. I thank you all again for your amazing Love and I send it back Ten Times fold.

This image I am Sharing is called Peaceful Shores

My all feel Love, Peace and Joy


Greetings Chelle my Sister of Light, you are so truly blessed. Even though they stole your artwork, they can never take your God given talent away. I would take it as a message that something is coming your way. Sometimes things are taken for a reason. I'm sure things will be revealed to you, in the manner which you'll understand. And I agree with Kat that your own site may be better, I like that idea. Your Artwork is amazing Chelle, thank you for blessing Us with your beautiful artwork. 

Some homeless people are more happy than... some that live in mansions with expensive artwork. At least the homeless are free and I see them as Angels in disguise.  

Stay blessed and never let anyone steal your joy.

Rainbow Hugs

very nice..we want more!

Hi folks, hi chella lea, just want to comment on a few of the remarks made some here.

The idea of any life form being homeless, is a lie, the earth is our home, for now.

It's like saying, oh my, look at all those homeless dolphins and fish, it makes no sense whatsoever, or, look at all those homeless squirrels.

Just want to point out how ridiculous some of these thought forms really are, the agenda behind them is another story and of course is not meant for our well being.

And again the money thing, money is not found in nature, nature does not provide money on trees or anywhere else in nature, therefore, money in any form is never, ever in a gazillion years, going to serve the good of all.

This notion of money being not good, not bad or neutral does not even apply to the situation.

Unless the money changers wish to just print up millions for each and every last human being for their lifetime, which is doubtful they would ever wish to do, since they play the scarcity game.

Money is only used as a tool to control humanity, by creating scarcity of this tool, this is not neutral, it is bad for the good of all humanities basic needs and it is surely not good for the good of all humanity meeting their basic needs, without being enslaved by those same money changers.

Hope this gives more clarity about the control tool called money and thought forms that were probably created by these same groups.

Thanks again chella for sharing freely your artwork, i love those types of images.

peace love light

keep your focus on the creativity of beautiful art...................................

The dark didn't take your creativity, your being presented a new opportunity to showcase your talent!  Anytime something comes up and blocks me, I just come back stronger.  Start your own website and show the world your gifts!  There are other sites to sell your pics!  Become a member of other artists sites and get feedback and possible tour with other artists.  In Norfolk, Va, they have an annual event where artists set their pics on the streets and people walk up to buy them.  The streets are blocked off for this event.  Every "setback" is an opportunity for us to grow and develop inner strength and character that we wouldn't know we had if the situation never occurred.  Keep pushing and searching and it will appear. 

It is easy to say that money is something that's not needed when you have as much as you need to do whatever you wish in this world. It's also easy to say that all have a home here on this planet. when you have a roof over your own head. Living in the shoes of the ones who are without. is were my concern and compassion Lies. Those individuals are the ones who need our Love. If you claim that homelessness don't exist then it don't in your mind. But try putting your child to sleep living in a cardboard box or under a pile of leaves. The 3D and 4D are still being experienced and that can't be denied. People are still suffering and you can't close you eyes to that. If you do then you are denying those your compassion. As Light workers it's our job to send Love to all. I understand that this is all an illusion but we all are still living that illusion until we ascend fully into the 5D where the illusion disappears. you must show compassion for your fellow man or you as a light worker are not doing your jobs.

If we all would have compassion and lend that helping hand and Take the homeless and the hungry into your own home and feed and house them then maybe we all would reach the 5D a lot faster. I do understand that this is the choice of the individual to chose the light. But as a worker of the Light you are a beacon  and You Must not forget about the others. For we are to allow our lights to shine for them. Not just for our own sake, but for theirs.

May all Feel Love Peace and Joy

Sharing Another image Shipwreck By Me

Hi chella, thanks for reply to my comments.

You misunderstand my words, will comment later today, have to go right now.

peace love light

Hi folks, hi chella, ok to respond to your comments now.

Am trying to give a perspective that sheds light on the causes of "homeless people" and poverty and all the lack of basic needs that exists in this world.

Already am aware of why this is all occurring and have seen with mine own eyes the results.

Compassion is of course a natural response, though at some point, one wishes to truly know the cause and not just tend to the effects, which will never solve the problem.

For example, take a bleeding cut, if one focuses on the blood (suffering humans) and just tries to put a bandaid on it everytime a human gets cut and bleeds from the imbalanced systems humans have been following, (forced to for the most part), then the cause will never be healed.

The cause is thoughtforms that created the idea of a limited system of money based upon debt and the continued thoughtforms that support this idea, because it may be working for them at any particular moment in time.

Claiming it's easy for one to speak about not needing money when they have enough, will also not solve the problem.

That's is like saying a soldier can't in the middle of battle, have a change of heart and stop fighting and turn to others and say, hey, this is harming our world more than it is helping it.

Well, how else would the soldier be able to stop fighting and convey his message to the other soldiers, if he was not right in the middle of it all, participating, to then come to this realization and share it freely.

I hope this makes more clear the fact, that to some extent, we need to be among these societies to be able to function at a level enough to share this kind of information, otherwise, would you rather all the most advanced beings in this world be relegated to boxes, so our message could barely be heard.

That will not solve anything either.

It's my feeling, that if enough people changed their thoughts about these systems of enslavement and realized the trap that the money idea is, then the outer physical systems would change, though looking around and talking to some people, it is still apparent, many cannot think for themselves of any other way of living for whatever reasons.

But I will keep sharing this message until this body expires, that money, or any other limited unnatural system, was never needed, is not needed and never will be.

It is only the thought forms that keep all of this alive and thus, these thoughtforms are what influence most peoples daily choices and actions and if this does not change, will continue to create the limited, scarcity, competition based in division world that is generally seen.

Don't take my word for it, look around, is it working for everyone and not only that, are they truly free whilst operating within these systems.

peace love light



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