The Choice

Consider, if you will, the following avenues you might take through life:

  1. Helping other people, potentially at your own personal expense
  2. Helping yourself, potentially at the expense of others

Now, ask yourself: which of these do you feel most accurately describes your priorities?

There are no right or wrong answers. Personally, I would say number one describes me better. But if you’re more inclined towards number two, you are well within your rights to be so. We have the Free Will to choose either path as we see fit.

There is no judgement here.

For anyone who prefers to tread the second path, I wish you well; the rest of this entry is going to be addressed to those who, like me, prefer the first.

* * *

So, my fellow followers of the first path: having considered the options, you have come to the conclusion that you would like to serve the interests of others more than your own.

(May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on what I see as a highly noble decision.)

The path of Service to Others is just as difficult to walk as that of Service to Self. Both have their, shall we say, pros and cons. Be mindful of this; in the long run, no-one finds their chosen trajectory “easy”. As followers of the path of Service to Others, it is important for us to exercise compassion for those with whom we disagree just as much as for those more sympathetic to our chosen calling.

You may find that, inside, you have a latent desire to achieve perfection – to be the ultimately selfless being. This is admirable; but forgive yourself when you inevitably fall short of this ideal. Remember: no-one is perfect. Whilst perfection is our ultimate aim, we all face stumbling-blocks on the road of life. To expect yourself to achieve a level of pure 100% Service to Others is to place on yourself an unreasonable demand, and an unrealistic goal.

Be kind to yourself!

Try to tackle your work in small steps. You might, for example, plan to take at least one consciously selfless action per day. These don’t need to be huge gestures; it could be something as simple as doing the washing up for your Mum without waiting to be asked, because you know it will make her happy. Keep making a conscious effort to perform these little acts of kindness.

After a while, they will come more naturally. When you find this to be the case – when doing these small services for others has become your ‘default setting’, as it were – try to up your game. Think a little bigger. Is there anything you can think of that, whilst it could potentially be a serious inconvenience to yourself, could also seriously benefit the lives of others?

Although you may have a tendency to run yourself down in your line of Service to Others, try at all times to maintain your physical health as best you can; remember, you are less likely to be able to help others if you are unwell.

I would love to write more – message me if you feel I can be of any direct help – but I’ve got to stop. My girlfriend’s back, and she needs a hug.

Namaste x

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  • Patience is undoubtedly something I came here to learn as well! x

  • Good man, that Dalai Lama. I like his work.

  • Avenue 1 , is the path I aim to continue to remain on.


    Great post.

    • And a very fine path it is, sir. Congratulations :)

  • Thanks for your contribution, Kat :)

    You are absolutely right on both counts: firstly, my question was polarising, and self-consciously so; second, in the long run, there is indeed "no difference", for as you quite rightly state, we are all One.

    My question was deliberately polarising because that is the job I am tasked with; I chose to incarnate as a Wanderer into a third density environment to make people aware of the choice, and to provide a catalyst for those who are so-minded to seek the path of Service to Others, such as I have done. Until those in third density have made a choice and dedicated themselves to it, they cannot progress to the fourth.

    Perhaps "expense" wasn't the best word to use; I was merely trying to frame the concept within terminology more easily understood in third density.

    You strike me as someone who doesn't need to listen to me much; I suspect you made your own choice long ago. It comes across! Congratulations. Keep setting a wonderful example x

    • You know, some have been tricked by certain popular/fashionable new age teachings which tell them that duality ends after 3rd density. No one told them the deeper truth, that it only becomes more refined, it doesn't end for a long time yet. And they kinda want to escape into fairytale land, that paints the spiritual path from 3rd density into higher realities, something more akin to a Christian/Islamic heaven than what really happens.

      It can be dangerous to remain in this illusion and I see the effects of it on this website daily.

      Have you noticed other websites that specifically deal with these two concepts (as elucidated by several sources) are naturally more peaceful and in balance than this website, here it's like a microcosm of Earth itself, many in the dark leading others who too are in the dark and a whole lot of drama. In a way, it is the perfect place for you to bring some light. I see others too who choose to remain here, for the benefit of all.

  • Here are my thoughts on the subject

  • While falling asleep last night, I had vivid imagery and sound.  One "scene" of a few: a man, wearing a hat, sitting in a diner, appeared to wipe a tear from his eye.  A female voice yelled at someone.  "Who came first?  You fc'king jerk.  First come, first serve". 

    Service to others, service to Humanity. 

    I made a comment about this very thing, just yesterday.  My point was this:  Give, Receive and *take*.  Not all people agree that "take" is so wrong.  Give and take?  I think we need to understand more about what it is to receive.

    If one is "in service" to others, what can be said about those who are on the receiving end - those who are being "served"?

  • Lol . I started out as option 1. But after a clash with the cabal I were forced to become option 2 to be able to survive any further in this world. :)

    But the people paying for me now are people who don't even believe in the cabal, so I don't really feel bad about "ripping them off" since it's their ignorance that made it possible for the cabal to force me to become option 2 in the first place.. ;)

    I expect to become VERY useful to society in the next world tho. I'm not designed for the dark ages (our current age), I'm designed to be useful during the transition between the dark age and the golden age. Up until this old world falls, I'll probably remain useless to society :)

  • Well, in the overall soul journey, including this density and the next 2, the STS path is much, much harder, takes longer as well. It's a freaking struggle to survive once you are in 4th density negative. Most of the time you spend as someone's slave, or as cannon fodder. Takes much, much violence and ruthlessness on your part to get on top in the hierarchy that STS societies produce there. Basically you are always looking over your shoulder, who will off you next and take your place.

    The STS energies are everything us spiritual people are trying to transmute on this planet, both within and without.

    Most with the general public are trying to make the STO polarized choices in their daily lives, even under the heavy influence of our society, whether consciously or unconsciously. You'll notice that those who have no intellectual understanding of this are beautifully naive and only want to love all, do well for all and have peace between all. On planet Earth the STO path is really hard - it's the spiritual path, the humanitarian path, the path of considerable suffering and higher learning. However the opposite is true for STS, it's much easier - the entire world society is built on it after all, it's made to produce STS people, to uphold the system. Only sacred spiritual places/orders are exempt from this.

    For the past 300 000 years Earth has been ever more becoming a 3rd density STS planet. That's why it's such a great school for all souls. But esp when the reptilians came in and changed our DNA structure, that's when it become one of the hardest universities to get through.... and one of the most "rewarding".... :)

    STO path mirrors the nature of Prime Creator, completely benevolent.

    STS path mirrors the ego separation from self (soul) and an attachment to a certain level of understanding, beyond which these entities do not want to see anything else - either because of strong belief structures (esp as attachment to knowledge and a lack of compassion toward others) or experiences that entrench limitation as mode of survival. Love is turned inward only towards self and it expresses as "I must win/others must lose".

    Due to the perceived separation, others are seen as unworthy, non-living, weak, expandable and useful to one's own gains.

    All STS entities end up the same way, there comes a time when they are directly confronted with events in their life that change them forever. This takes the shape of infinite number of events that may happen in order to jar them awake. And they start questioning their understanding of reality. One of the most powerful ways to awaken an STS soul is for them to meet their Twin Flame incarnated into another species or race. Esp one that the STS entity has been oppressing/trying to oppress. Another would be to come to a deeper realization of the nature of reality, through wisdom gained in their life, followed by experiences of that which they had been so longing for, love of another. It may be any being.

    STS seeks to control what it does not understand.

    STO seeks to understand what is does not control.

    It is quite interesting that while the STO entity begins to love others more than self (expressed here on Earth as sacrifice), the STS entity loves self more than others. And in this the anti-dote to this imbalance is to seek the other polarity. The STO entity needs to find the balance in love of others by applying wisdom/light (which is really the knowledge of self/and all) while the STS needs to balance wisdom, by applying love for others. (considering that wisdom STS entities have is usually of a limited nature, but wisdom nonetheless and important nonetheless).

    In mid-6th density when the STO and STS paths unite, our higher selves exist. So if you asked your higher self which does it serve, you might be surprised to hear, both. And of course that is just as it should be.

    Achilles, I too could keep on going, but that'll do for now. Yeah STO is a hard challenge here on Earth, it's a true test, a true service to all at the end of the day. But I know that our STO service on this planet is a true inspiration to a myriad of civilizations out there, both our own experiences and their observation/learning from us will go on to inspire this universe for all time to come. What is happening right now here will resonate forever. We should all be jubilant to be a part of it.

This reply was deleted.

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