The Chemtrail Report (I need your data)

I have a gut feeling that the end days of the illuminati are very

very near. I've had it for a while and since yesterday, our skies

in Darwin, Australia have been strewn with an ugly thick criss-cross

fog from chemtrails 24/7.


This is the first time I have EVER seen it like this. If they wanted

to kill off a massive population, Darwin is not the place, since it

is so sparse and it has a very small population for a capital city.

Which leads me to beleive they're doing it in every major city

globally as of now.


To test my theory, if eveyone could be so kind as to check in here

and post any heavy chemtrail dumpings over their areas.


23/9/10 Darwin, Australia:


6 am - 10 pm- Thick fogs of chemtrails,

sun was blotted out most of the day. Evening moon could

only just peirce through it. Most of the stars blocked out.


24/9/10 Darwin, Australia:


6am - 6pm (Time of posting)

Checkerboard pattern noticable in the sky. Trails had been

laid an hour or two earlier, to appear as just clouds when

the population wakes up. Sun rose through ugly green

fog. 4pm this afternoon, caught a plane in the act.

Appeared to be a commercial plane, laying fresh

trail over old ones which had just dispersed.



If you could post any trails in your area, this would

really give me a good idea of what's going on. Thanks. :)


If you were the cabal and you couldn't resort to bombing,

plagues, bio-weaponry and wars, poisoning via chemtrails

seems like it would be the only viable option you had left

to kill masses.


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  • Those pictures were just to much. You know that somethings up and they keep saying nothing. It really blows me away how the gov.can just keep lying. It makes you really wonder how many years they have been planning this and how through tv and God knows how else they have slowly desensitized the population so no one ask or even listens in these days. Just in there own world and don't even see what is happening. Most people don't even look up anymore. I wish all a wonderful week. Maka
    • if you are wondering how long the gov. is doing this ? Watch the movie The Grapes of Wrath and get amazed.
  • I live in a small village in the mountains in N.M. and we have a lot of chemtrails over us almost daily. 3 days ago they were working the skies and now we are suppose to have rain for 5 days as far as the reports have said. I guess we will see. I know when this happens there are always people in this village that get sick. Can you believe that our gov. is doing this to to all living creatures on this planet. All I know is what goes around comes around and 1 day they will answer from the Creator, who ever or what ever he or she may be. There will be no amount of power that will withstand that judgement.
  • I remember I used to wonder, how come all these frikken animal shapes and angel shapes in the sky all of a sudden?
  • Actually in my opinion the Sylphs look like kinda "leftover" chemtrail and to believe in angels in the sky that clean is to me just like believing in a fairytale (or the Eastern bunny or Santa...)
    • AHaahaha, I don't think anybody believes in the "Eastern Bunny," lol.
    • I felt the same way... but eventually my mind changed.

      I have watched chemtrails and what seem to be "sylphs" for two years now, and both have distinct patterns of operation. You don't have to believe me, but that's just what I have found. Usually they come more abundantly if you are sincerely broadcasting a need for help. The defined animal and human shapes are a little creepy when you really start to look for them.
  • Thank dear Sylphs
    The sky you make blue
    Such wonderful beings
    Your nature so true

    All wispy and white
    You sparkle with love
    I know you arise
    From heaven above

    Oh Prime Creator
    Send us your light
    I pray for the dark
    To fade into night

    Return the dark souls
    Whence that they came
    Fill them with love
    There's know one to blame

    Please show them the light
    Teach them to feel
    Fill them with joy
    Let their hearts heal

    We forgive them Dear Lord
    For all they have done
    Its time they remembered

    Fear not dear friends these are the last kicks of a dying horse
    Keep your vibrations high don't fall prey to the scare tactics
    I send out my loving light to you all
    Light key
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