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  • That was beautiful!!

  • Hi there light key how are you doing? did you hear of dearest Devi's passing, very sad. I don"t have any details.

  • 8108612901?profile=original

    Great to see you here!  Sending you lots of love my friend!


  • hey how do i get that picture on my page
  • boy dejavu again . As I am leaving your page i am noticing the DNA focus group. And you probably know but the has mind boggling truths on dna
  • Light Key, Thank you so much for sending the invite. I look forward to sharing and learning; Thank you and Blessings Maka
  • Hello Light Key nice to make your acquaintance. I welcome you as a star brother returning to home and who you are. You more you allow your heart to sing uniting your electrons and protons together in harmony the more at peace and transformed you will be because you are returning to oneness and the wholeness which is you. I talk this way because I am plumbing my own depths of soul to bring you this greeting and message. To light your fire so to speak. Uniting the electrons is acknowledging with a deep consuming love your feminine partner within. Let your heart bubble as a never ending champagne glass. Once you are in balance within with your soul you will naturally balance your current relationship with new affection and understanding or send out a call to the partner who is rightly for you. Lots of life and love. Kingjeff
  • thank you for the invite my friend
  • oh you dear friend!
    sending you so much lovng rays and light from my soul..
    let us be one and do great recieivng work at 10-10-10~!
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Bronx, NY


December 2

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I am here to assist all souls on the path of ascension. My mission is to spread truth

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Dec 9, 2020
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Nov 21, 2016
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"I will see you in my dreams my dearest friend the love you shared will continue to grow and blossom everywhere I will miss you my love we all will Go play in the stars we are all ready there"
Nov 9, 2016
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Dec 3, 2015

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 'very rare' -lol
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"#6: This one is going to sound kind of silly. In the aftermath of the global evacuation, would humans be allowed to immigrate to other ET civilizations?
I think you've watched too much Str Wars and takenHollywood seriouly as wel as the old way of…"
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"#5: Where will the surviving humans be taken to once the ships leave the planet's surface? To another world for us to rebuild on in peace? Or some other place we don't know about?
Val: Now this is a man that thinks as I do.  Where will we take you?…"
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"RL-RE; UFO Docs
could be getting ready to spring info about interdimensionals on us-human collective consciousness could be sliding towards 4th density"
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"Picking up where we left off earlier, I have Cmdr Val startng with fourth quetion
4: In the aftermath of the Tevacuation, will ET races continue to interact with and guide us in person? And to help rebuild our civilization with our shadow…"
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